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<nettime> Happy New Year, Noughties v.3.0

May we all have an interesting new year
to paraphrase the ancient Chinese curse.

 The Noughties got off to a poor start last
year with the 'Wow Factor' and Millennium
Festivities, and this year felt a lot more
like the 'fifties than seemed necessary or
desireable, with more informers per capita
than a sitting of the Senate House Committee
on Un-American activities - and I am only
talking about Torontonians (more about this

Things picked up this year with mass
pre-occupation (silence is complicity) on the
part of the international intellectual
community in the face of the step by step
introduction of remarkable abuses to rights
and freedoms, and then there was the sack and
rape of New York City to mark the end of the
American century and American hegemony. 

History, made a spectacular return, or rather
histories in contest, in unexpected
confluences, refluxes, in ineluctable
patterns and in a way whose contingecy
appeared to be designed to challenge even
Naomi Kleins ability to frame them 'walk
through the cracks' or do not step on the
cracks? Swerve or sinkorswim? 'As if' or
'what if?'

And none of us has an adequate theoretical
model, nor competent aesthetic articulation
to meet the times, events, or the demands of
the culture at Large. That is, none of us has
the faintest idea what's going to happen
next, except that it is going to Happen,
Exciting isn't it? 

A new years gift to online activists
free faxing from email and web browser
via (.int)

Remember, seriously playful, people.
Aesthetics and ethics have decisive
impact and are a lot smarter than anything
in the arsenals of Islamic Fundamenatlist
footware or flybywire drones of the USA.

And, please, a bit more guts and a little
less displacement and cowardice from our
cultural theorists...

If they shoot you for cogent cultural
criticism, well, what a review.

Lachlan Brown
Toronto or Shirksburg USA

C.(416) 826 6739


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