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<nettime> Global: Virtual Protests -fyi

Reprinted from 'The Paper'-Nov. 30th - 13 December, 2001, page 7, Melbourne

Global:Virtual Protests

1,076 participants sent 22, 523 messages to the World Trade Organization
during 4 days of their meeting in Qatar. Those organizing the protest argued
that although " the WTO thinks that by meeting in Doha they will be able to
ignore the voices of millions around teh world who are organizing to
say NO to a model of globalization that places corporate profit above the
environment, labour rights, and human rights...we will add our virtual
bodies to the protest on the streets. The WTO's Doha conference lasted from
November 9th to November 16th. Another hacktivist group, The Electro
Hippies, are now in their second phase of their 'online protest action'
against the military action in Afghanistan. the groups have planned a 'cyber
sit-in' of the web sites of the US State Department and teh UK's Foreign
Office. The purpose of this, like a TV 'clapometer', is for the UK and the
US governments to assess the level of opposition to the current war in

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