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<nettime> how do i know i am having a poem in cyberspace?

i need help.

i'm studying modes of recognition of poetry.

on the web, how do we recognize words used in language as poetry, how 
do we know we are having a poem? i mean before we start to interpret 
it or process it for meaning/feeling.

in print we see a visual pattern or arrangement, we see line lengths, 
we see indentations from the left margin and we visually recognize it 
as poetry, we see also phonological elements, rhyme, rhythms 
translated from oral culture, we then interpret what we read as 
poetry, or by the special rules of reading a text as belonging to a 
poetic discourse.

in live performance there are visual recognition stimuli; a spotlit 
area; a microphone; chairs arranged in a room pointing towards the 
performance area; a person holding an opened book or papers. There 
are definitely phonological signs we identify also; the poet's 
projected voice (not normal speaking voice); sound patterns (rhyme, 
rhythm, alliteration, assonance) being sounded, which we have learnt 
to recognize as poetry.

in web environments how do i tell if i've come across a poem? is it 
merely the same signs we use to recognize poetry in print and in live 
performance, or are there unique recognition stimuli for 
web/cyber/new/digital/hypermedia poetry?
do we need visual evidence of text or aural presence of text to be 
poetry in this medium?

i would appreciate some thoughts on this

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