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<nettime> adam_killer and white_picnic_glitch


computer game conversion

computer game conversion

My history is up for grabs. I will set up trade alliances,
and enter into truces. Or will I just let my Babylonian
Bowmen rain terror down on my enemies' heads. I will
lead a team of specialists into an abyss of vast caverns,
snake-like passageways and luring dead-ends. I will
command squads with precision and power using a GPS,
night-vision, battlefield computers, and modular body
armor. My unique magic system allows me to change
the spells and creatures I bring into battle each time. I
will stay frosty as the world explodes around me and my
mission goals change on the fly. I will customize my
squad into specialized experts in snipercraft, demolitions,
and stealth. I will drive them crazy with impossible
challenges like giant pyramids and microscopic fairways.
I will tread lightly, the depths belong to twisted cults,
mutants, and hideous creatures that were never meant
to exist. I will catch all the rip-roaring action from film-quality
multiple camera angles: cockpit, chase close, chase far,
dash, television camera, sides, front, ground, sliding, and
even skycam views. I will plow through snow packed roads,
bust out from a wall of fog and be blinded by oncoming rain.
All while piloting the most badass 'Mechs ever.


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