Lorenzo Taiuti on Sun, 16 Dec 2001 01:02:24 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> BERLUSCONIMANIA: BLAME IT ON THE MAMBO! (News from Banana Republic)

Following: Forced Entertainment - Tim

Dear Tim, there is even more:

BERLUSCONIMANIA: Blame it on the Mambo!

While Berlusconi's Daughter goes to oustanding "debutant's bal" (sic) in
Paris wearing "a green dress the same green of her eyes" (as coyly
declares national press) and leading the first dance with Turn und Taxis
youngster (is this a sneak preview of future alliances?) the Banana
Kingdom's King seems to be pushing forward all the time.

And right to the target!

Resisting and denying the principle of "international penalty" applied to
financial crimes (guess why...) he opened a new international scandal that
(seemingly) will not be easy to solve, as European Community claims.

But more frightening signals come from common sense and mass feeling
inside country.

Italy, for 40 years the most boiling, riotous, earthquaking of european
countries seems to have acquired a completely different status.

Nothing seems to trigger reactions.

Even the last strikes do not change the balance of power between
teachers-students and the Iron Lady of Ministery of Education.

The (former fascist) party now at governement allows two or three
restaurations of old thirties (fascist) elements included in small town
monuments. A little convention in Trieste deals about a french nazi (still
alive). Little signs of re-styling of the antifascist concepts basic in
italian republic pop up here and there.

The last from IRON/LADY MorattiMinisterOfEducation: defining "Presidents"
to Universities straight from Governements.

That Means controlling Universities.

But blame it on the Mambo!

More to come.........


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