scotartt on Wed, 12 Dec 2001 20:58:33 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Nettime-Bold and You


That archive is from 1995! So perhaps instead of blaming the moderation
team, you might consider alternative explanations. Which archive are you
even looking at? The one I see at contains none of those

You can check this for yourself here;

The list that you quote is Dec 1995;

I don't normally use the archive for anything as I maintain my own
personal one, so it only took me a few seconds to find the relevant

It would have been nice of you to have sent the message below to me
personally also. As it was I was only aware of the serious disinformation
that was being written because it was forwarded to me my someone else.

And with respect, the fact that I don't get paid to debug your archive
usage is very pertinant to me. It's not even moderation work. Also what I
don't get paid to do, which is to say what I volunteer my labour for, is
to moderate nettime-l; I don't recall nettime-bold being on the brief when
I answered the call. Certainly not wasting my time with what is looks to
me like a disinformation campaign, being waged behind my back (to take the
most uncharitable view possible, which I hope is not the actual case).


DISCLAIMER: I'm speaking personally, not for the rest of the mod team who
may have different perpsectives or views to mine.

Josephine wrote;

> Therefore more than 4 out of 5 messages sent to -l are also found
> on -bold.

from the on line archive december 2001:

     THE REVIVAL OF THE MEDIA UTOPIAS by Richard Barbrook Pit Schultz 
     political media consultants (English) t byfield 
     political media consultants (Deutsch) t byfield 
     (HOL) Big Brother, Inc. Dave Del Torto 
     THE MEDIA LIST 1/2 Pit Schultz 
     THE MEDIA LIST 2/2 Pit Schultz 
     No Subject Geert Lovink 
          <Possible follow-up(s)> 
          No Subject Drazen Pantic 
          No Subject Anonymous 
     DCD2 (Gomma) (by way of Pit
Schultz ) 
     DCD1 (Gomma) (by way of Pit
Schultz ) 
     Kr+cF_interview1.01 Paolo Atzori 
     Kr+cF_interview1.02 Paolo Atzori 
     Postscript on the Societies of Control - Gilles Deleuze Pit Schultz 
     digology Mark Tribe 
     Space Exploration Jed 
     irc /join #nettime 12/27/95 21:00 MEZ Pit Schultz 
     Art in America (Art 'R' Us) t byfield 
     FWD: Attack on Italian Social Center (fwd) Matthew Fuller 
     Emmanuel Levinas Pit Schultz 

Is something wrong with my account that 4 out of 5 of these messages
have been in bold (as you claim) but not in my mailbox?

With all regards, please don't use the 'we are not paid for what we do'
line again. That has nothing to do with it. 


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