Lachlan Brown on Wed, 12 Dec 2001 15:48:06 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Re: Bolders


   I wouldn't worry about it too much, people
tend to browse bold via the web site archive
when there's clearly something going on in
the digest; otherwise people who are
terminally engaged in some ongoing project
tend to consume pretty much all there is in
Nettime bold. Its a good source for news on 
new projects too. But only to be dipped into 
occasionally otherwise you become a
Nettime Bolder Space Cadet First Class, with

   I think the moderators do a good job considering the sheer volume of Nettime 
stuff. They don't catch everything but
do present representitive posts and try
to stop the thing getting in a rut. The
only non-bold posts they do are when they
wheel out ancient hacks like my good friend
Sean 'the Baptist' Cubitt to tell us about 
the good bread he bakes and how '' 
is destined to redefine the globe as we know

   I also happen to know that it was (not 
sure if it still is now that the heat has
gone out of the techbubble) perused avidly 
by commercial and governmental monitors anxious to be au fait with the terms of the 'digital revolution'.

   For this reason I doubt any Nettimers 
will be rounded up in this Coup, even if 
they do write odes to bin Laden. 

Collectively, including all those 
heavyweight lurkers, they are Far Too 
Powerful to mess with. They have startling
insight. They hold Opinion on matters the
rest of the media and communications world
has not yet considered.

Lachlan Brown


As you might have noticed nettime-bold is not taken seriously at all by
the nettime moderators. If you look at the list archives you will see
that many if not most of the mails on nettime have never ever been on
bold. Nettime-bold, which was supposed to be the unmoderated version of
nettime, is simply used as nettime's trashcan. Of course the moderators
never really wanted an unmoderated version of nettime, and it took more
then two years of complaining about the way moderation was handled and
applied before bold was finally created at all. The situation at present
reeks of sabotage to me. My question to you is: do you think it makes
any sense to keep nettime bold if it shows hardly anything of nettime?
There are plenty of other unmoderated lists. Should we protest against
this ungoing stupidification of bold?


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