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<nettime> Kids pictured Mobile Phone Families in Nokialand, Oulu

"we" (one of our group's umbrellas) organized a drawing contest for 
children under 13, the theme was mobile phone families - the winning and 
other pieces of art are shown at

the texts are in Finnish only so here's a bit of translation:


A Winner found in the Childrens' Drawing Contest!

The drawing contest for children was organized so that children under 13 
years of age could visit and draw their own view during June (in MFO 
ShowRoom, translators note).

The theme was to draw a Mobile Phone Family or a Mobile Phone for each 
member of the own family. The drawings were made by approximately thirty 
little artists. The artworks were all brilliant and cheered up for long 
both the customers and workers in the MFOShowRoom with their eloquency. 
Even the family pets had found Mobile Phones for themselves! As the 
winner, the colourful drawing by Tuukka Fjält was selected.

[picture here]

Here results from the other beginning artists:

[more pics]


so is that - the rest 
is up to you..


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