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   SCANDINAVIAN SITUATIONISM - DIVIDED WE STAND!                                   
     matthew fuller <>                                          

     "Saul Albert" <>                                      

   Major Linux event in Bangalore (India), Dec 10-12, 2001 (fwd)                   
     Patrice Riemens <>                                             

     Mouchette <>                                             

   UNPACKING EUROPE EXHIBITION                                                                                                                

     Nina =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Tempor=E4r?= <>                             

   Fw: ARCHSS Nation/States conference program                                     
     "reality bytes" <>                                          

   Utopian World Championship Report 261101                                        
     "SOC.Stockholm" <>                                                   

   morgen: browserday berlin                                                       
     "transmediale" <>                                           

     Eric Kluitenberg <>                                                

   press release - very cyberfeminist international                                
     Cornelia Sollfrank <>                                          


Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 21:53:53 +0100
From: matthew fuller <>


53a Old Bethnal Green Road London E2 6QA

7th DECEMBER (6.00 -  9.00)


Picking-up from the earlier  archeology of Stewart
Home and Fabian Tompsett, the Infopool project
re-emerges  in London at Clinic to present the
ongoing outcome of its research-drift into
Scandinavian Situationism. With the Debord
industry burgeoning to the detriment  of a wider
appreciation of all facets of a situationistic
movement - its  exclusion zones, its offer of a
non-compliant cultural politics - Infopool have
assembled a website of translated texts drawn from
the much underestimated  Bauhaus Situationniste
and offset these with a selection from
Internationale  Situationniste. To accompany this
web-anthology an introduction - Divided We  Stand
- - will be issued as Infopool No.4. This texcursion
provides an outline of  the activities of the
Bauhaus Situationniste from 1962 to 1974 and pits
their  activities against a discussion of
situationism that adumbrates some of the
movement's unconscious aporias: sovereign power,
individualism and the resultant  ëorganisational

On Friday 7th there will be a launch
party for the website and  for Infopool No.4.
There is an outside chance that we will be able to
show the  situationist film 'So Ein Ding' [Such a
Thing] - a collaborative project made in  Munich
in 1961 by Group Spur, Jacqueline De Jong, Jorgen
Nash and Albert  Mertz.

Clinic will also host a temporary
reference room on  Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th
December. Open between 1.00 and 6.00 visitors will
 be able to browse through some of the
situationist publications that have  sourced the
project and which have been borrowed from
libraries in  Copenhagen.

Over the weekend Infopool No.4, a 48-page
illustrated pamphlet,  will be available for UKP2.00

This can be accessed from 7th December via
the website

Thanks to Nils Norman and the Clinic

Howard Slater/ Jakob Jakobsen/ Hervard Medista

INFOPOOL: 12/11/01

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Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 17:55:11 -0800
From: "Saul Albert" <>
Subject: dorkbotlondon

people doing strange things with electricity

next meeting
7pm, Wednesday 5th December, The Boxing Club

Han-earl Park - io 0.0.1 beta 20 mins
Shiho Fukuhara - tween/hide 20 mins
Lottie Child - Towerblock TV 5 mins
Kim Hawtin - CONSUME 5 mins
Nick Thompson - glambient 5 mins

Plus! Post-talk entertainment in celebration of 12 months of dorkbotnyc:
Dave Green - acoustic cover versions of synth-pop classics

what's dorkbotlondon?
first there was dorkbotnyc, a monthly meeting of electronic artists in new

"dorkbotnyc is a monthly meeting of artists (sound / image / movement /
whatever), designers, engineers, students and other interested parties from
the new york area who are involved in the creation of electronic art (in the
broadest sense of the term.)"

some people realised that their home city of london was in dire need of such
a meeting, and dorkbotlondon was born.

loads of good people turned up to our first one, enjoyed some great talks
and chatter. so we're going to try and make it a monthly event, on the the
first wednesday of each month (same as dorkbotnyc).

mailing lists
we have an announce list and a blabber list. join one at


Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 05:49:09 +0100
From: Patrice Riemens <>
Subject: Major Linux event in Bangalore (India), Dec 10-12, 2001 (fwd)

- ----- Forwarded message from Frederick Noronha <> -----

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 02:18:14 +0530 (IST)
Subject: NEWS: India's Silicon Valley gets ready for ambitious Linux event


By Frederick Noronha

IT'S BEING billed as one of the most ambitious GNU/Linux event of its kind,
and it's being staged in Bangalore, the South Indian city considered the
'Silicon Valley' of this country. Volunteer-organisers of the 'Linux
Bangalore/2001 are already confidently promising that the three-day
conference will cover a very wide canvas on understanding and using Linux.

To be held from December 10 to 12, 2001, this event is being built into an
'applied technology' conference. It is intended for open source and
free-software developers, administrators, and users. And IT decision makers.

Mahendra M., currently the coordinator of the Bangalore Linux Users' Group
(BLUG) calls this major event one "for the Linux community, by the Linux
community". Recent years have seen a spurt in interest in free software and
open source usage in India, a country which is sometimes considered a
software power-house, but where the lack of affordable Internet access till
the late 'nineties has delayed the expected surge of interest in Linux.

Signs are now coming in, though, that a significant segment of a generation
of college students and programmers in various parts of India are getting
fascinated by this new way of working on software. It is expected that in a
few years time, countries like India could contribute significantly to the
global grassroots drive to build up the 'free' software world.

Said Mahendra, a young engineer: "Linux Bangalore/2001 is a three day
conference on understanding and using Linux technologies. This conference
aims to cover a large number of areas that include core Linux technologies,
Open Source, Embedded Systems and other allied technologies. We are planning
to give 72 talks over a period of three days."

This conference aims to cover a large number of areas that include core
Linux technologies, Open Source, Embedded Systems and other allied

Its primary audience will be the core (or potential) Linux-using community
of developers (who are being appropriately categorized, for this techie
meet, as /dev), system administrators (/adm), users (/usr) and
CxO/managers/decision makers (/cxo).

"Each track will include introductory, technical, how-to and tutorial
sessions, catering to 'newbies' (people new to Linux) to 'gurus' (people who
know Linux in and out)," explained Mahendra.

To make this event accessible to many, entrance is free. This is significant
in a Third World country where the cost factor still looms large, and when
people talk about GNU/Linux being a 'free' operating system, the cost aspect
could be as important as the freedom aspect, for many.

Said the organisers, commenting about what they called the 'entry f(r)ee'
status of the event: "We have decided to make entry free for all. We feel
that it is the present student community that is going to drive the
phenomenal growth of Linux (in India) in the days to come and it would be
doing injustice if they find the event costs prohibitive. At the same time,
we see no need to make employees run to their managers to get budget
approval just so that they can attend this event. As long as you can get an
approval for $ 0 /Rs 0 from your company, you can attend!"

Over one thousand persons registered for the event by end-November,
according to Indian Linux guru Atul Chitnis. This Bangalore-based software
whizz's efforts at promoting Linux through popular Indian computing
magazines like PC-QUEST, in the past, have taken this OS to varied nook and
crannies of this vast country of 1000 million.

"New technologies and their implementation/application under Linux will be
discussed as well, making this a technology conference to remember. In
addition to this, we also intend to provide assistance to new users and more
information to technology enthusiasts," promised the organisers.

During the event, there will be multiple tracks and with six sessions every
day from 10 am to 5 pm, plus Birds-of-Feather (BoF) sessions at the end of
the day. There will be an estimated 70-72 talks. 

In addition, also planned are separate workshops, tutorials, case studies
and demonstrations. Speakers for this event will be drawn from the Indian
Linux community, as well as the IT industry. 

This event is being held at the impressive J.N.Tata Auditorium at the
Bangalore-based Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Incidentally, a team at
the IISc itself is inching its way towards completing what it calls the
'Simputer'. This simple and inexpensive sub-$200 (Rs 9000) computing device
that is expected to make computing affordable to the commonman (and woman).
Not coincidentally perhaps, the Simputer is to work on GNU/Linux.

Exploiting the Net technologies to the optimum, the organisers sought
volunteers to offer talks. This drew in dozens of enthusiastic specialists,
giving a clue of the vast spread and understanding GNU/Linux has gained
across India since the late 'nineties... and in some cases, a little earlier.

Talks range from connecting to the Internet, to setting up an "optimal"
Linux server, and adding a scripting language to your toolkit.

Remote booting disk-less machines, 'bug-safe' Linux, IDS and Forensic
Analysis, IPv6 deployment and usage, 'thin clients', Lotus Domino on Linux,
Linux Intrusion Detection System (LIDS), deploying ATMs on Linux, anti-spam
tools, GRID computing, low-cost ISP (Internet Service Provider) setups, and
bandwidth management using Linux are among the other subjects to be covered.

On the developer track, speakers will explain GNOME development tools and
BONOBO, the Linux kernel itself, Linux device drivers, porting and embedding
Linux, PHP programming, data-driven websites, licenses, Linux databases,
clustering concepts in Linux and a range of other topics.

Some of the names of those tackling these subjects are familiar through the
well-knit Linux networks and communities that exist in cyberspace. Recent
attempts to unearth Indian programming contributions to Linux have shown
that the once-small effort is now fast growing, more than is generally
understood or acknowledged. 

IT managers and decision-makers could also tune in to topics such as Linux
for ISO 9000:2000 Implementations, Linux in the enterprise, Linux in Indian
space science research, Linux as the 'dream OS', and experiments learnt from
the KDE experiment.

Linux users will not be left out either. They can choose from learning more
on Linux on the 'corporate desktop', multimedia under Linux, or 3D images
and animations. 

One area of interest to many would be Linux's potential in VoIP
(voice-over-Internet protocol, or Net telephony). For long banned by the
Indian government, VoIP is expected to be legalised sometime after March 2002.

What is also vitally important to the future of computing in India is the
attempt to offer Indian-language Linux versions, that could be accessible to
the millions who don't understand English.

During the event, Frank Pohlmann is scheduled to speak on the Linux
Documentation Project and Indian languages. other speakers will also present
studies on Indian language computing on Linux and related subjects.

This event is managed by young volunteers of BLUG, the Bangalore Linux
Users' Group. Including Mahendra M (BLUG Coordinator), Jessica Prabhakar, 
Biju Chacko, Syed Khader Vali, Kingsly John, U.K.Jaiswal Manager Support, 
Kalyan Varma Alluri, Vineeth S, Madhu M. Kurup. 

Advisors to this ambitious plan are long-time GNU/Linux gurus Gopi Garge ·
and Atul Chitnis You can reach the team by email: lb2001 at linux-bangalore
dot org. 

Hewlett Packard (India Software Operations) has wholly sponsored Linux
Bangalore/2001, amidst some early fears that the recession and the September
11 attacks in the US might make the task of finding sponsorship impossible.

Updates are at  

In addition, there is also a mailing-list set up to discuss plans for the
event. If you wish to discuss about the event, send a blank email to (ENDS)
- --
Frederick Noronha * Freelance Journalist * Goa * India

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Date: Wed,  5 Dec 2001 12:29:18 +0100 (MET)
From: Mouchette <>
Subject: My_Last_Birthday_Party

Dear Nettime list,

Come to my birthday party. "The last one!"
It's the on 14th of December at De Balie, in Amsterdam.
I will be there, in person, in the flesh, for real, as you've always wanted me, along with all my favourite net artists. For real too!
If you don't believe me, come along anyway and don't forget to call and make a reservation.
- -- 

- -Mouchette

- -Peter Luining

- -Jan-Robert Leegte

- -Candy Factory


- -Hello  (see chapter8)

- -World of Awe

- -Pavu

- -D2B

- -Bakteria

Date:Friday 14th of December 2001
Time: 21:00 (GMT+1)
Place: De Balie (Leidse Plein)
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam, NL
tel:     +31 20 5535100
call for reservation


Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 23:02:50 EST

You are invited to the opening of the international exhibition and 
presentation of a new book about the impact of globalization and immigration 
on European cultural identity,

curators: Salah Hassan and Iftikhar Dadi

on Wednesday, 12 December from 5:30pm - 8pm
at the Museum Boijamans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Artists: Willem Boshoff, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Heri Dono, Coco Fusco, 
Ni Haifeng, Fiona Hall, Isaac Julien, Rashid Koraichi, Ken Lum, Nalini 
Malani, Johannes Phokela, Keith Piper, Anri Sala, Yinka Shonibare, Vivan 
Sundaram, Nasrin Tabatabi, Fred Wilson, Shi Yong

Authos: Leslie A. Adleson, Martin Bernal, Rustom Bharucha, Susan Buck-Morss, 
Dipesh Chakrabarty, Rey Chow, Jimmie Durham, Fatima El-tayeb, Okwui Enwezor, 
Stuart Hall, Fredric Jameson, Ali A. Mazrui, Naltalie Melas, Aki Nawaz, Irit 
Rogoff, Naoki Sakai, Apinan Poshyananda, Ted Swedenburg, Gilane Tawadros, 
Slavoj Zizek

the exhibition runs through February 24, 2002

Museumpark 18-20 
Postbus 2277
3000 CG Rotterdam
The Netherlands


Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 19:07:56 +0100 (MET)
From: Nina =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Tempor=E4r?= <>
Subject: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Hans_Scheirl_&_"Dandy_Dust"_in_M=FCnchen?=

Hiermit möchten wir Sie/Euch herzlich zur nächsten Digital Happy Hour des
Medienforum München einladen:

Teil I: Vortrag von Hans Scheirl (London) 
Sa. 8.12.01, 19:30 
Akademie der Bildenden Künste 
Schellingstr. 33 Rg. Raum 206b 

Der Regisseur und Künstler Hans Scheirl erläutert sein persönliches
von Cyborg-Bodies sowie die von ihm entwickelte
von Videobeispielen. 

Teil II: Filmscreening DANDY DUST 
Sa. 8.12.01, 23:00 
Filmmuseum München
St. Jakobsplatz 1 

Cyborgcinema voller Grenzüberschreitungen: transmedia, transgenre,
(R: Hans Scheirl, GB/A 1998, 94 min.) (weitere Infos s.u.)

Ausführlichere Informationen zu Vortrag, Film und Cyborgthematik unter 
Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe Digital Happy Hour des
Medienforum München in Kooperation mit dem Filmmuseum München und Aufbau Süd.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Medienforum München
Salvatorplatz 1
80333 München
Tel. 089-242284-0

- -- 
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Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 12:43:37 -0800
From: "reality bytes" <>
Subject: Fw: ARCHSS Nation/States conference program

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Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2001 12:29 PM
Subject: Fwd: ARCHSS Nation/States conference program

************************************************************ = wrote on 5/12/2001 =
************************************************************ Program for =
the Adelaide Research Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences =
(Adelaide University) conference on

Nation/States (13 - 16 December)

Rey Chow (Brown University)
Simon During (University of Melbourne)
Fredric Jameson (Duke University)

Other speakers include:
Ian Buchanan, Paul Carter, Tim Flannery, Ken Gelder, Helen Irving, Paul =
Kelly, Joan Kerr, Stuart Macintyre, Stephen Muecke, Fiona Nicoll, =
Mackenzie Wark

registration information follows the program
- --------------------------


from 11am (Gallery Function Room, Art Gallery of South Australia)

12noon (Gallery Function Room, Art Gallery of South Australia)=20
  Welcome: Kaurna People and Adelaide University=20
12.30-1.30 (Gallery Function Room, Art Gallery of South Australia)
Plenary 1:=20
Lester Irabinna-Rigney, Youngerrendi First Nations Centre=20
(Flinders University of South Australia) - "t.b.a."

  Panel 1: Reconciliation and the Australian Nation-State=20
  (Gallery Function Room, Art Gallery of South Australia)

  Robyn Michelle Tucker, Department of English (Adelaide University),=20
  "Irreconcilable Desires: Towards Theory and Nation"

  Angelika Tyrone, Department of Cultural Studies (Flinders University), =

  "The Four Rs - Reconciliation, Racism, Rights and the Rule of Law"

  Stephen Jenkins, Department of Politics (Adelaide University), =
"Indigenous Self-determination"=20
Panel 2: Re-thinking the 'refugee'=20
  (Pacific Gallery, South Australian Museum)

  Angela Mitropoulos (: : x b o r d e r : :),=20
  "The Barbed End of Human Rights"

  Christina Gordan, School of Communication and Cultural Studies (Curtin =
  "The Smooth and the Striated: Reading the refugee crisis in Australia"

  Alexandra English, Department of Political Science (University of =
  "Detain and punish: the nation-state, the society of control, and the =

  Panel 3: Writing Nation/States=20
  (Gallery Auditorium, Art Gallery of South Australia)

  Larissa McLean Davies, English Department (University of Melbourne),=20
  "Mapping Old Ground: reading alternative landscapes in the fiction of =
Elizabeth Jolley"

  Lachlan MacDowall, English and Cultural Studies (University of =
  "The State Jackal"

  Dr Brigitta Olubas, School of English (University of New South Wales), =

  "Immigration and identification: returning to The First Journey"=20
3.00-3.30 COFFEE BREAK (Armoury Lawns, South Australian Museum)

  Panel 4: Migrant Lives=20
  (Pacific Gallery, South Australian Museum)

  Dr Peter Hornsby, Visiting Research Fellow, Psychology Department =
(Adelaide University),=20
  "Attitudes and Expectations of British Migrants coming to Australia in =
the early 1970s - a retrospective"

  Terri-Ann White, Institute for Advanced Studies (University of Western =
  "National Claims"

  Dr Phyll McKillup, Visiting Scholar, Department of Women's Studies =
(Flinders University),=20
  "Discussion of Some Migrant and Australian families, housed in a =
constructed environment - a planned space"

  Panel 5: Empire to Diaspora: Negotiating Identities=20
  (Gallery Auditorium, Art Gallery of South Australia)

  Dr Margaret Allen, Department of Social Inquiry (Adelaide University), =

  "A 'Hindoo' Christian visits colonial Australia"

  Edith Miguda, Department of Social Inquiry (Adelaide University),=20
  "Diasporic Engagements and the Making of a Host Nation: Examining =
Identities - Africans in Australia"

  Robin Secomb, Department of History (University of Adelaide),=20
  "Knowing one's place: Laura Fowler Hope and issues of identity in the =
British Empire"

  Panel 6: Indigenous narratives and the nation-state=20
  (Gallery Function Room, Art Gallery of South Australia)

  Dr Anne Brewster, School of English (University of New South Wales),=20
  "Indigenous literature: Reconciliation, memory and national =

  Sarah Fairhead, Department of Social Inquiry (Adelaide University),=20
  "Indigenous soldiers and citizenship"

  Associate Professor Kay Schaffer, Department of Social Inquiry =
(Adelaide University),=20
  "Indigenous Narratives, Human Rights and the Nation/State"=20
5.00-6.00 RECEPTION (Armoury Lawns, South Australian Museum)
includes book launch:=20
Dr Anthony Burke, In Fear of Security: Australia's Invasion Anxiety=20
(Pluto Australia, 2001); to be launched by Mackenzie Wark


from 9am Registration (Gallery Auditorium, Art Gallery of South =

9.15-10.00 (Auditorium, Art Gallery of South Australia)=20
  Plenary 2:=20
  Dr Ian Buchanan, School of English, Journalism & European Languages=20
  (University of Tasmania) - "National Allegory in Australia"=20
10.00-10.45 (Auditorium, Art Gallery of South Australia)=20
  Plenary 3:=20
  Dr Tim Flannery, History (Adelaide University); Director (South =
  Museum) - "Nations & Ecology"=20
10.45-11.15 COFFEE BREAK (Museum Lawns, South Australian Museum)=20

PARALLEL SESSIONS 11.15-12.45=20
  Panel 7: Australian Museums and Memorialisation=20
  (Gallery Function Room, Art Gallery of South Australia)

  Dr Elizabeth McMahon, Editor (Australian Humanities Review); Research =
Associate, Department of English (University of Sydney),=20
  "Tourism Immemorial: Peculiar Affect and the Evacuated Past"

  Dr Catherine De Lorenzo, Architecture Program Faculty of the Built =
Environment (University of New South Wales),=20
  "Redesigning nation and reconfiguring memory: a comparative analysis"

  Associate Professor Bobby Banerjee, Director - DBA Program School of =
Management (RMIT University) & Dr Goldie Osuri, School of Communication, =
Arts and Critical Inquiry (La Trobe University)=20
  "National Identity and the Melbourne Museum: Organization of an =
Alter-multiple Spacetime"

  Panel 8: Diasporas and Ethnicity=20
  (Auditorium, Art Gallery of South Australia)

  Jayita Ray, School of Political and International Studies (Flinders =
  "Refugees in their chosen homeland: the case of the Muhajirs of =

  Greg Brown (University of Texas at Austin; Visiting Research Fellow, =
Australian Centre, University of Melbourne),=20
  "Coping with Long-distance Nationalism"

  Dr Pal Ahluwalia, Department of Politics (Adelaide University),=20
  "Fanon's Nausea: The Hegemony of the White Nation"=20
11.15-11.45 COFFEE BREAK (Museum Lawns, South Australian Museum)

11.45-12.45 (Auditorium, Art Gallery of South Australia)
Plenary 4:=20
Associate Professor Ken Gelder, Department of English with Cultural=20
Studies (University of Melbourne) - "The 'un-Australian' Goth: Towards a =

dislocated Australian Subject"

12.45-1.45 LUNCH (Museum Lawns, South Australian Museum)

  Panel 9: Sovereignty and Nationalism=20
  (Pacific Gallery, South Australian Museum)=20

  Dr Anthony Burke, Department of Politics (Adelaide University),=20
  "The perverse perseverance of sovereignty"

  Dr Stephen Turner, Research Fellow, English Department (Auckland =
  "Stakes of Sovereignty/Stakes of Knowledge"

  Dr Paul James, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Faculty of Arts =
(Monash University),=20
  "Terror, Post-nationalism and the State"

  Panel 10: Illegal Immigration?=20
  (Ira Raymond Room, Barr Smith Library)

  Lara Palombo, Social Inquiry (Adelaide University),=20
  "Creating Probable Stories: Processes of Exclusion and Moments of =
Deterritorialization within the Nation"

  Anna Szorenyi, Centre for Women's Studies & Gender Research (Monash =
  "'For those who've come across the seas': Refugees and the nation in =
Australian media"

  Dr Don McMaster (Visiting Research Fellow, Politics Department, =
Adelaide University),=20
  "White Australia to Detention: Restriction and Racism"

  Panel 11: Nation and Identity=20
  (Auditorium, Art Gallery of South Australia)

  Stephen Crofts, Film, TV & Media Studies (University of Auckland),=20
  "Components of National Cultures: A Comparison of the Social =
Formations of Australia and New Zealand"

  Paul Tsoundarou, Department of Politics (Adelaide University),=20
  "The continued relevance of Sovereignty in a globalising world: =
Yugoslavia and its successor states"

  Guy Dundas (Adelaide University),=20
  "Australia and New Zealand: Nation-state or Nation-states?"=20
3.15-3.45 COFFEE BREAK (Museum Lawns, South Australian Museum)

3.45-4.45 (Auditorium, Art Gallery of South Australia)
Plenary 5:=20
  Dr Mackenzie Wark, Visiting Professor, Comparative Literature (State =
University of New York, Binghampton) - "Asylum in and Asylum From the =
5.15-6.15 RECEPTION (Settlement Square, Migration Museum of South =
includes access to exhibition "The Federation Roadshow"

  Plenary Panel: Art, History or Politics: The Migration Museum's =
exhibition 'The Federation Roadshow'=20
(Migration Museum of South Australia)=20
  Viv Szekeris (Director, Migration Museum, History Trust of South =
  Christine Finnimore (Curator, Migration Museum, History Trust of South =
  Bill Seager (Curator, South Australian Maritime Museum)=20
  Daryl Pfitzner Milika (artist)


from 9.30am REGISTRATION (Elder Hall Foyer, Adelaide University)

Plenary 6: Stephen Muecke & Fiona Nicoll
(Elder Hall, Adelaide University)=20
  Professor Stephen Muecke (Writing, Journalism and Social Inquiry, =
University of Technology Sydney)  "The Unification and Fragmentation of =
  Dr Fiona Nicoll (Institute for Cultural Research, University of =
Western Sydney)  "Australia: what do YOU make of it"=20
11.20-11.40 COFFEE BREAK (Foyer, Elder Hall, Adelaide University)

  Panel 12: Celebrating Federation=20
  (Gallery Function Room, Art Gallery of South Australia)

  Associate Professor Stephen Alomes, Australian & International Studies =
(Deakin University),=20
  "2001 A Federationist Odyssey: Contemporary Celebrations and the =
Australian Past"

  Leanne White, Communications and Media Studies, School of Political =
and Social Inquiry (Monash University),=20
  "The Bicentenary of Australia and the Centenary of Federation: =
Celebration of a Nation and Building on a Strong Foundation"

  Professor John Milfull, Director, Centre for European Studies Arts and =
Social Sciences (University of NSW),=20
  "A New Federalism?: Representing diversity, resisting fragmentation: =
The relevance of German and European Debates on Federalism to Australian =

  Panel 13: ANZACS=20
  (Pacific Gallery , South Australian Museum)

  Dr Martin Ball, "'Not with a vote but a War' - conceiving the nation"

  Ben Wellings, School of Social Sciences (Australian National =
  "Anzac, Republicanism and Australian Nationalism"

  Robin Mayes, School of Communication and Cultural Studies (Curtin =
University of Technology),=20
  "Albany's Anzacs: Localising National Identity"

  Panel 14: Federation Politics=20
  (Gallery Auditorium, Art Gallery of South Australia)

  Wesley Metham (University of Technology, Sydney),=20
  "Contradictions of Contemporary Civic Identity: Nationalism, =
Postmodernism and Australian Republicanism"

  Dr Ron Blaber, Communication and Cultural Studies (Curtin University =
of Technology),=20
  "Menzies Desk: Towards a new 'Feudalism'"

  Professor Allan Patience (Visiting Fellow in Political Science =
Research School of Social Sciences, ANU; Professor of Political Science, =
Victoria University of Technology Melbourne),=20
  "The Centenary - and Future - of Federation: Manufacturing an Orthodox =
Consensus for the Twenty-First Century?"

  Panel 15: Federation Images=20
  (Armoury Room, South Australian Museum)

  Gabrielle Wolf, Department of History (University of Melbourne),=20
  "Australian Immigrants and Aborigines: Outsiders to the Australian =
National Stage?"

  Vivonne Thwaites (University of South Australia and freelance =
  "Karrawirraparri, the River Red Gum tree, the CWA, Aboriginal art and =
making connections with this place we call home"

  Professory Marian Quartly, School of Historical Studies (Monash =
  "Women Citizens, 1902-1912"=20
1.10-2.00 LUNCH (Elder Hall Foyer, Adelaide University)=20

  Plenary 7: Helen Irving & Stuart Macintyre=20
  (Elder Hall, Adelaide University)=20
  Professor Helen Irving (Law, University of Sydney)  "2001: The Year of =
Living Cautiously"=20
  Professor Stuart Macintyre (Faculty of Arts, Department of History, =
University of Melbourne)  "Bicentennial blues, centennnial serendipity"=20
  Plenary 8: Joan Kerr & Paul Carter=20
  (Elder Hall, Adelaide University)=20
  Professor Joan Kerr (Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, Australian =
National University)  "Artless History: the spectacular results of =
Centenary of Federation Funding"=20
  Paul Carter (ARC Professorial Research Fellow, The Australian Centre, =
University of Melbourne)  "t.b.a."=20
4.40-6.00 COFFEE BREAK (Foyer, Elder Hall, Adelaide University)

  Plenary 9: Paul Kelly=20
  (Elder Hall, Adelaide University)=20
  Paul Kelly (Author and International Editor, The Australian)  "t.b.a." =

>From 8.00pm CONFERENCE DINNER (Jahz Cafe, East End Adelaide)


from 9.00am REGISTRATION (Gallery Auditorium, Art Gallery of South =

9.45-11.00 (venue t.b.a.)=20
  Plenary 10:=20
  Professor Rey Chow, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities =
(Dept. of Comparative Literature & Dept. of Modern Culture and Media, =
Brown University)  "Sentimental Returns: On the Uses of the Everyday in =
the Recent Films of Zhang Yimou and Wong Kar-wai"=20
11.00-11.30 COFFEE BREAK (Sculpture Garden, Art Gallery of South =

11.30-1.00 (Gallery Function Room, Art Gallery of South Australia)=20
  Plenary 11:=20
  Professor Simon During, Robert Wallace Professor (Department of =
English with Cultural Studies, University of Melbourne)  "Literature and =
1.00-1.45 LUNCH (Sculpture Garden, Art Gallery of South Australia)

  Panel 16: Federalism=20
  (Gallery Auditorium, Art Gallery of South Australia)=20

  Professor Tony Chadwick, School of French (Memorial University of =
  "Nationalism and the Federated State"

  Dr Ken Coghill, Director, Governance & Government Unit, Parliamentary =
Studies Unit (Monash University),=20
  "Fuzzy Federalism"

  Maev O'Collins, Visiting Fellow, Political And Social Change RSPAS =
(Australian National University),=20
  "Norfolk Island and the Commonwealth of Australia: Imperial Expansion =
or Reluctant Governance"

  Panel 17: Local-National-Global=20
  (Pacific Gallery, South Australian Museum)

  Stefani Strazzari, Department of Social Inquiry (Adelaide University) =
& Dr Lou Wilson, Centre for Labour Research (Adelaide University),=20
  "Contested States: global - local debates from an Australian =

  Associate Professor Judith Gill (Director, Research Centre for Gender =
Studies, University of South Australia) and Dr Sue Howard (Education, =
University of South Australia),=20
  "Somewhere to call home? Schooling and a sense of place and belonging =
in an increasingly globalised world "

  Associate Professor Michael Heng (School of Accounting and Information =
Systems, University of South Australia),=20
  "Thinking About National Models". To be presented by Kym Thorne.

  Panel 18: Race and National Identity=20
  (Gallery Function Room, Art Gallery of South Australia)

  Jacquie Kasunic, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building =
(University of Technology, Sydney),=20
  "A politics of grievance: the rise of 'white' centrality and authority =
in rural Australia"

  Dr Christina Twomey, Department of History (Adelaide University),=20
  "Australian Women POWs and the allegory of threat in World War II"

  Yoshikazu Shiobara, Graduate School of Human Relations (Keio =
University, Tokyo); Visiting Fellow (Australian National University),=20
  "The unexpected consequence of 'critical multiculturalism': A case =
study of the 'EAC renaming controversy' in New South Wales, Australia"=20
3.15-4.45 (Gallery Function Room, Art Gallery of South Australia)=20
  Plenary 12:=20
  Professor Fredric Jameson (William A. Lane Jr., Professor of =
Comparative Literature and French, Duke University)  "Myths of =
- ----------------------
Abstracts available @

Registration information and registration form available @

Other information for delegates @


Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 15:25:09 +0100
From: "SOC.Stockholm" <>
Subject: Utopian World Championship Report 261101

The Utopian World Championship 2001 
Report 23/11-01

The board of SOC.Stockholm is proud to present the finalists and the jury in
the first Utopian World Championship 2001. The Utopian World Championship 2001
is an open global competition in utopian thinking that started in Sweden in
march 2001. The website has been the place where to
enter the championship, submit proposals and vote for the finalists. Visit to get updated on the latest events and to read the
competing proposals.

The proposals submitted by the finalists will be judged by a jury composed of
six persons and one representative from SOC.Stockholm. The goal for this jury
is to elect one winner from the ten finalists before the 20:th of december.
winner will be awarded 1000 USD and the winning proposal will be presented to
governments, heads of state and other powerful institutions all over the
The winner will be announced at a special event in Stockholm february 2002. 

The ten finalists are:

Armando Ernesto Alferez: Student, Townsville, Australia.
Barry Kort: Cognitive Scientist, Bedford U.S.A.
Coulter: Retired engineer and marketing businessman, Howard, Australia 
Janet Sealy: Self employed, Sydney, Australia.
John O. Sutter: Political scientist/civic activist, San Rafael, U.S.A.
Mark Roeder: Senior executive in the global financial services industry,
Sydney, Australia.
Noel Edward Mundy: Retired, Launceston, Australia.
T.R.O.Y: Multi-Task Cultural Disassembly Networks, Lund, Sweden. 
Theo Engelaer: Coorpaoo, Australia.
William Gillespie: Writer and artist, Urbana, U.S.A.

The members of the jury are:

Helle Klein: Political chief editor of the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet
Rebecka Lettevall: PhD History of Ideas, Teacher at Södertörns college
Edward Soja: Professor, Urban Planning Department at UCLA, U.S.A.
Gertrud Sandqvist: Head of department and head of studies at the Malmö Art
Sverker Sörlin: Professor, Environmental Sciences and Ideas at Umeå
Bo Södersten: Professor, Economics at Jönköping International Business School.

The aim with the Utopian World Championship is to examine concepts for
contemporary utopian ideas and to promote discussions on the future of
New features at are the mailing list utopia_forum, which is
open for everyone with an interest for the subject, and the Intensified
of the Utopian W.C.01 that will inquire further into utopian matters.

The biannual championship is arranged by SOC.Stockholm, a group of artists and
project leaders. For more info on SOC and Utopian W.C. 2001 please contact:
Karin Willén +46 (0)70 740 72 42 (mobile), Annika Drougge +46 (0)8 718 28
75 or

SOC.Stockholm, Bondegatan 64, 116 34 Stockholm, Sweden. Tel: +46 (0)8 640 98
07. Mail:, Web:


Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 16:28:00 +0100
From: "transmediale" <>
Subject: morgen: browserday berlin

Please excuse: German version only
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Achtung: morgen in Berlin!!!!!

5. Internationaler Browserday in Koopertion
mit transmediale

Die Bundeszentrale fuer Politische Bildung und die Volksbuehne am
Rosa-Luxenburg-Platz praesentieren Dienstag, 4.12. 14.00 den 5th
International Browserday.

Fuer alle von Euch/Ihnen die tagsueber arbeiten muessen:
Ihr verpasst zwar das grosse Nachmittagsshootout, habt aber die
Moeglichkeit die Endrunde mit den Finalisten (19.45 - 21.00)
mitzuerleben. Danach gibts dann die fette DeBug Fete.

Mobile Minded - Mobilgesinnt
5. Internationaler Browserday Berlin 2001 - ein Designwettbewerb fuer
alternative Konzepte der mobilen Kommunikation

Um die Gestaltung alternativer Konzepte fuer die Nutzung des Internets
und der drahtlosen Kommunikation im 21. Jahrhundert wird es beim 
5. Internationalen Browserday Berlin 2001 am 4. Dezember ab 14.00 Uhr in
der Volksbuehne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin gehen. Der 5.
Internationale Browserday ist eine Veranstaltung der Bundeszentrale fuer
politische Bildung ( und der Volksbuehne am
( Sie wird realisiert von NL.Design
Amsterdam ( in Zusammenarbeit mit Transmediale
( und De:Bug ( mit
Unterstuetzung der Niederlaendischen Botschaft. Auf Initiative der BpB
findet diese Veranstaltung jetzt zum erstenmal in
Deutschland statt.

'Beim Interface-Design der Browser werden die User vergessen',
konstatiert Mieke Gerritzen, Gruenderin von NL.Design, und fordert
zugleich eine Demokratisierung des gesamten drahtlosen Raumes. Sie
initiierte 1998 den ersten Browserday in Amsterdam, der vierte Wettbewerb
fand im Maerz 2001 in New York statt. 'Diese Veranstaltung ermoeglicht es,
radikale Konzepte von jungenDesignern und Kuenstlern einer breiten
Oeffentlichkeit vorzustellen und damit die marktbeherrschenden Standards 
kritisch zu hinterfragen. Wir sind sehr froh, dass wir die hollaendische
dazu gewinnen konnten, den Browserday zum erstenmal in Deutschland zu 
realisieren.' betont Thomas Krueger, Praesident der Bundeszentrale fuer 
politische Bildung, der den 5. Browserday eroeffnen wird.

Der Browserday bietet jungen Programmierern, Designer/innen und
Studierenden der Bildenden Kuenste eine Plattform, um bestehende
Standards zu unterlaufen und ihre Visionen einer mobilen Kommunikation
fuer die naechste
Generation im 'Three4All-Format' vorzustellen: Jeder der 30 Finalisten
hat exakt drei Minuten Zeit, um Jury und Publikum seinen Browser-Entwurf
im Format von High bis Low Tech zu praesentieren. Die Jury bestimmt dann
den bzw. die Gewinner/in. Die BpB wird einen Publikumspreis ausloben.

Moderator der Veranstaltung ist Prof. Willem Velthoven, HdK Berlin,
Fachbereich Experimentelle Mediengestaltung. Zur Jury gehoeren: Prof.
Oilia Lialina, Merz Akademie; Prof. Claudius Lazzeroni, GH Essen; Prof.
Tanja Diezmann, Dessau, Department of Design, Hochschule Anhalt/
pReview; Prof. Joachim Sauter, HdK Berlin; Dr. Claudia Gerdes,
PAGE-Redaktion; Janine Huizenga, De Waag-Society, Amsterdam; Alex
Adriaansse, Director
V2_Orgaisation, Rotterdam.

Im Programm: 30 x 3 Minuten Wettbewerbsbeitraege der Finalisten;
Praesentationen der Browser-Wettbewerb-Gewinner der letzten Jahre; Joes
Koppers aus Amsterdam und Jonah Brucker-Cohen aus New York ' 'Robocup,
Team FU-Fighters': Prof. Rojas und sein Team von der FU-Berlin, Institut
fuer Informatik, praesentieren fussballspielende Roboter ' T-Shirts by
Transmediale: 'How do you go public?' ' Browserparty mit DE:BUG: Music
vs. Visual (special guests from electronica - house - hiphop, u.a. mit
DJ Kozeim Roten Salon)

Informationen unter:

[ go public! ]
5 - 10 february 2002
international media art festival berlin

klosterstr. 68-70
10179 berlin
fon +49 30 2472 1907
fax +49 30 2472 1909
Member of the European Coordination of Film Festivals E.E.I.G.


Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 17:16:56 +0100
From: Eric Kluitenberg <>
Subject: Mouchette's_Last_Birthday_Party

A   N   N   O   U   N   C   E   M   E   N   T

Things To Come #23


De Balie  - Salon
Friday December 14

Start 21.00 hrs.

Mouchette the resident of, celebrates her last birthday party
in De Balie. Mouchette's existence is clouded with ambivalence. One of the
mayor questions is if she exists at all? When you send an e-mail to
Mouchette via her web site, you get a reply. According to the web site she
lives in Amsterdam, we can read this in the declaration of love that she
has published on her web site... Yet nobody has ever found her there...

Mouchette, as she states herself, is modelled after the main character of
the film by the same name of Robert Breson (1967), in which a 13-year old
girl commits suicide.

Mouchette and her friends will be present in real virtuality and present
themselves extensively to her guests. A webmix projected in the space will
show work of Mouchette's friends, her favourite net.artists and her own

For everybody who comes to visit her party there will be a gift to take
home, a tangible symbol of the phantom Mouchette, who already lives since
1996 in her web domain:

Mouchette's Last_Birthday_Party is her last, because she is expected to
commit suicide during the party, just as will be the case in future
birthday party's, in 2002, 2003, and so on for ever....

Take a look at her special birthday site:

The homepage of Mouchette on the web:

Mouchette has already invited these her friends:

- -Peter Luining

- -Jan-Robert Leegte

- -Candy Factory


- -Hello  (see chapter8)

- -World of Awe

- -Pavu

- -D2B

- -Bakteria


tickets & reservations:
price: Euro 7,50 (f 13,75) / E. 5,00 ( f 11,00)
opening hours box office: work days 13.00-18.00 hrs or until the start of
the program.
In the weekend 1 1/2 hour before the programs starts.
Reserve by phone: 31.20.55 35 100 during opening hours until 45 minutes
before the program starts.

De Balie
Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam


Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 00:32:11 +0100
From: Cornelia Sollfrank <>
Subject: press release - very cyberfeminist international

Very Cyberfeminist International - Press Information - Very Condensed Version	

The Old Boys Network (OBN) proudly presents:

Very Cyberfeminist International
Hamburg/Germany - December 13th to 16th, 2001
Lichtmesz-Kino, Gausstr. 25, 22765 Hamburg

>From december 13th to december 16th, 2001 the Old Boys Network (OBN) invites cyberfeminists, fans, friends and fiends of cyberfeminism as well as the interested public to join the Very Cyberfeminist International in Hamburg/Germany - the 3rd international meeting of the cyberfeminist alliance, following the First Cyberfeminist International (Kassel/Germany, September 1997, in the context of Hybrid Workspace at documenta X), and the Next Cyberfeminist International (Rotterdam and Amsterdam/NL, March 1999, in the context of Next Five Minutes Festival)

Cyberfeminism is no game without borders, but a playing with borders that takes them seriously, a work at the boundaries of that 'contested zone' in which the so-called real and virtual diverge, and which mines utopias of transgression, understanding them as a potential for transformation. What role does the digital medium play in the current restructuring of the world when old borders are shifted and new ones set up? And what is the symbolic and concrete function of 'woman' in this process?

A complex field opens up at the interface between gender and technology which results from the question of border and it's transgression. Mostly symbolic transgressions will be analyzed which are experienced (and sentenced) as aggression against an existing order. Artists, politicians, theorists and activists from 11 different countries with highly diverse and international radius of action have been invited.

The Very Cyberfeminist International is organized by the Old Boys Network (OBN),
claudia reiche, cornelia sollfrank, helene von oldenburg, verena kuni
- - in cooperation with: les pénélopes (F); constant vzw verenigung voor kunst en media (B) & make: the organisation for women in the arts [formerly known as the women's art library] (London/GB).

Info & Service:
contact phone: bianka buchen 0049-172-9516717

Lichtmesz-Kino, Gaußstr. 25, Hamburg/Altona

kulturbehörde der freien und hansestadt hamburg
senatsamt für die gleichstellung, hamburg
with the support of the culture 2000 programme of the european union,
directorate general education and culture


welcome to the very cyberfeminist international
Thursday, 13th, 8p.m. MET:
opening reception & poster presentation

on the issue: cyberfeminist networking
Friday, 14th, 10.30 a.m. MET:
Part I: networking - knot working - not working?
Friday, 14th, 3.30 p.m. MET:
Part II: new border concepts

cyberfeminism beyond the borders:
reflections on borders, borderlines and border transgressions continued
Saturday, 15th, 10.30 a.m. MET:
Part I: resumption of new border concepts
Saturday, 15th, 3.30 p.m. MET:
Part II: the borders of 'terror' -- media- and war techniques

Satury Night Fever...
Very Transgressive Party
Location: Golden Pudels Club, Fischmarkt 27, Hamburg/St. Pauli
Start: 10 p.m. MET
Featuring: neotropic (London/GB); slowrapid djs cfm & francis (Leipzig/D);
die patinnen (Hamburg/D); DJ babe NL (Prague/CZ).

very cyberfeminist international continued
Sunday, 16th, 10.30 a.m.
Very Cyberfeminist Brunch & informal gathering

Preliminary list of participants: 

alla mitrofanova (RU), andrea sick (D), ania corcilius (D), annette schindler (CH), anne hilde neset (GB), ariane brenssell (D), barbara thoens (D), bianka buchen (D), bildwechsel (D), britta bonifacius (D), britta von heintze (D), corinna bath (D), christina göstl (AU), cindy gabriela flores (MEX), claude draude (D), diana mccarty (D), die patinnen (D), elisabeth strowick (D), faith wilding (USA), feminist indymedia austria (AU), flora&fauna (D), frauke behrendt (D), galerie helga broll (D), genderchangers (INT), irina aristharkova (RU/SG), janine sack (S), jill scott (D/USA), jutta weber (D), lauren cornell (GB), laurence rassel (B), les pénélopes (F), lina dzuverovic-russell (GB), linda putenhardt (D), lola castro (D), margaret morse (GB), margaret tan (SG), maria fernandez (USA, MEX), monika fabig (D), nana petzet (D), nasya bahfen (SG), natalie bookchin (USA), nathalie magnan (F), noaltgirls (INT), nomade (INT), rawa - revolutionary association of the women of afghanistan!
 (AF), rachel baker (GB), rena tangens (D), rosanne altstatt (USA/D), subrosa (USA), susanne ackers (D), susanna paasonen (SF), uli peter (D), ulrike bergermann (D), virtuella (D), vns matrix (AUS), waltraud schwab (D), zorah-mari bauer (D)

For very extended info on OLD BOYS NETWORK (OBN) see
Adjunct Events:

Cyberfem Spirit - Spirit of Data
Exhibition, Edith-Russ-Haus fuer Medienkunst, Oldenburg/Germany
December 1st, 2001 - January 13th, 2002

concept: helene von oldenburg / curators: rosanne altstatt/helene von oldenburg

participating artists:
ursula biemann (CH) - heather cassils / cathy davies (USA) - the gender changer academy (NL, S, CA, ZA, HK) - diane ludin / francesca da rimini / agnese trocchi / (USA, I, AUS) - jen liu (USA) - jenny marketou (GR) - die patinnen teil II (D) - cornelia sollfrank (D) - pernille spence (GB) - linda wallace (AUS)

opening reception: friday, nov 30th, 7 p.m.
special event at 8 p.m.: PowerPoint Performance 'Microsoft Me' by heather cassils and cathy davies

more info see:

'technics of cyber<>feminism  <mode=message>'
hosted by thea.lit frauen.kuklturlabor bremen/germany
a 3 days lab on cyberfeminist theory
December 7th to December 9th,  2001 Künstlerhaus am Deich, Bremen/Germany
concept: claudia reiche - organisation: claudia reiche & andrea sick

marie-luise angerer (D/AT), caroline bassett (GB), anne-marie schleiner (USA), cathérine pelachaud (F), irina aristarkhova (RUS), faith wilding (USA), cornelia sollfrank (D), ulrike bergermann (D), verena kuni (D), marina grzinic (SLO), helene von oldenbirg (D), margaret morse (GB), yvonne volkhart (CH), claudia reiche(D), andrea sick (D)

more info see:

Old Boys Network (OBN)

The old boys network (OBN) came together in summer of 1997, to build up the first international cyberfeminist alliance on- and offline. Basing itself on the commitment to multiple and mutual cooperations as well as the idea of a policy of dissent, the old boys network (OBN) works through personal and media-based networks, thereby developing and practising a variety of cyberfeminist strategies in the field of gender and electronic media.
In addition to their daily work on theories, practices, aesthetics and politics of cyberfeminism(s), the active members of the old boys network (OBN) aim to develop different formats for the distribution and exchange of information and ideas. As well as maintaining the OBN homepage ( and a mailing list, OBN regularly organizes live presentations, lectures, workshops, and symposia for face-to-face-exchange, including conferences like the First Cyberfeminist International (Kassel/Germany, September 1997, in the context of Hybrid Workspace at documenta X), and the Next Cyberfeminist International (Rotterdam and Amsterdam/NL, March 1999, in the context of Next Five Minutes Festival), and currently the Very Cyberfeminist International (Hamburg, 2001, in the context with Cyberfem Spirit - Spirit of Data/exhibition, Edith-Russ-Haus fuer Medienkunst, Oldenburg and technics of cyberfeminism, symposium/lab, thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor, Bremen). 
So far, the activities of OBN are documented not only online, accessable at the OBN homepage (, but also in print with two OBN Readers, published in 1998 and in 1999, available via email to (background infos and prices also to be found on our homepage,

:::::"A smart artist makes the machine do the work":::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::::: [ generator]: :
:Cornelia Sollfrank | Rutschbahn 37 | 20146 Hamburg | Germany ::::::::::::

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