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<nettime> Sondheim & Siratori

Table of Contents:

   no-thing samadhi                                                                
     Alan Sondheim <>                                              

   Techno-fiction -MISSING                                                         
     "Kenji Siratori" <>                                        


Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 17:17:07 -0500 (EST)
From: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: no-thing samadhi 

- -

no-thing samadhi

you don't see the universe in a grain of sand; you see a grain of sand in
the universe. you may name the grain queen or king, prince or princess,
president or premier; you may give it a proper name, akiko, jonathan; you
accomplish nothing. you see a rug with its weaving and name a particular
loop friend or foe; you understand nothing. names are delusion; they close
around particulars; they define particulars. they close around the world
and structure it; the assume totality in the wildflower, totality in the
grain of sand. they assume the world is all that is the case; there is no
case, no world.

you don't see any-thing. you see the symbolic; you see function. the world
is defined as the sum of its parts. a part is part of the whole. the whole
may be greater than the sum of its parts. the parts can be summed. the
parts can be substituted, rearranged, created, annihilated, transformed.
the whole can be substituted, rearranged, created, annihilated, trans-
formed. the play of symbols is the play of abstract mathesis, the play of
abstract ontology. it is the play of no-thing. it is exact, and exactitude
may be at the service of inexactitude. within the chaotic domain, things
are determined; within the stochastic domain, envelopes are relatively or
roughly determined.

there is no universe in a grain of sand. there is no world in a wild-
flower. there is no grain of sand, no wild-flower. you see everything in a
universe that reflects structure in everything. structure coalesces, coag-
ulates - fields, intensifications, energies, fundamental forces. in the
grain of sand, structure devolves. on the way down, structure devolves.
your body is devolution; your body is coagulation, intensity; your mind,
your antibodies, the raising of your arms, ward off boundary dissolution.
appearance nearly decomposes; the boundaries are of a making. the boundar-
ies are of a dissolution. there is no cessation; there is transformation;
there is asymptotic devolvement. the constriction-coagulation, the cont-
ract of names, is always already forgotten. there is no-thing to forget.
there is no-thing to remember; the universe is neither imaginary nor real.



Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 10:57:58 +0900
From: "Kenji Siratori" <>
Subject: Techno-fiction -MISSING

Techno-fiction  12/02/01


blood of etc of the embryo that the simulacle ant of the sun overturns the
plug of the murder of the circulation=pierrot of the grief of <earth area>
that centipede joints in the earth where escapes to the region of the
boundless pupil of the sleepwalker that beats to digital=<eye> of a
cell--drug=of to the having two heads of the cyber of the embryo the body
fluid of the fatalities love thrust through the interior of the womb
different=space of tokage=the tip of the body does an ant highway gimmick
the desert becomes wind apocalypse of self-destructs happily BABEL of white
paper condition fatalities of....a vital target quark in the street of the
thin light of this cadaver city does the skull of the dog stained to the
plasma of the blue sky ferments reflein "life anti-faustic body of storage
does" the violence of the no destruction of world-ism guerrilla!....
chameleon=of the heart of the future tense that cuts "F" and tear=the micro
invader of the ant who dashes wraps with the wafer and palpitation the
fractal earth where zero goes changing to negative <seed> of the material
now <love> of the clone-dive to the amoeba form abnormal world communication
network of the human body=antenna with 1gram of frivolity of a cell in the
time when committed suicide to catch the grief of the lightning speed of eve
to the human body tissue of the dog of Adam and etc of which loops the
ruinous body of the gene that grasped the acme of night sky....the manhole
of the sun of a cadaver is caused to the perception of an embryo inhabited
the corpse of the dog of the present tense inside of reflein of orgasm
brain/genital organs in danced cause drug organ of infectious is angel of
immature LOAD "sun of catastrophe centipede of unlimited body organ to
imprisoned was...." material of negative blood vessel <earth area> of happy
vision to echoes moonlight of f/0 of despair to clone of bio=less desire
instigate air to hung was BABEL of rhinoceros bar menstruation of tense? in
the desert of the future tense of the chromosome where fabricates the
instant of the suicide of tokage to the flow of the wolf of
when.../NIHIL/electron of-to: the sun the hallucination*ovarium*DNA of
LOAD(%) that ism shoots and was bleached the eyeball the interference of the
fly to the chaosmic respiratory organs of the clone=mankind I collect in the
jungle of the F floor of the interior of the womb the thin air of a cadaver
reproduces the perception of "Σ" out of-the soul creates an embryo does
happiness to be a gimmick/a cadaver does the infinite earth of a manhole to
the neutron bomb the cell reflects the taste desire "to open the eye of a release the bisexual soul of the butterfly...." as for the earth
the ruin of the drop of an ant as for the mystery of the embryo that
inheriteds to the fractal pattern, your micro cadavers that are the heart
that demolishes the dogmatic reproduction gland of soul and was druging of
an ant quark with the end of the world to gather the zero gravity of body
outside certain <death> of the quark machine sun of howl sec that was
murdered <voice> of the fatalities so causes the emotional particle of the
pierrot passed to the paradoxical molecules of the cell and guerrilla that
dream the cosmic disillusionment of the street of the different=world and
circulate the space that the clone quiesced to your internal organ happily
to the lapse of memory line of etc of a dog the gimmick of an embryo you--to
the fractal gun report of the madman that was lost to your eye that makes
the time of the suicide of an embryo hand
....harmonizes. vital transmission line chaos black pupil conduction clone
120%: <love> formation the instant is to enable the reproduction of the
placenta of BABEL with the end of the world//the undirt of gene=TV....


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