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<nettime> Publications [15x]

Table of Contents:

   [BAM New Media] launches Under_score: Net Art, Sound and Essays f rom Australia 
     Alva French <afrench {AT} BAM.ORG>                                                   

   M/C Reviews 'interactive' feature now online                                    
     "M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture" <mc {AT} media-culture.org.au>                

   Life 4.0 cfp, deadline extended                                                 
     Rafael Lozano-Hemmer <rafael {AT} csi.com>                                           

     "intrns" <intrns {AT} yahoo.es>                                                      

   NEW: HyperGeertzWorldCatalogueHTM                                               
     Geert Lovink <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                  

   book announcement--Biegel                                                       
     Jud Wolfskill <wolfskil {AT} MIT.EDU>                                                

   fAf Nov: A turbocharged future - Damien Broderick                               
     linda carroli <lcarroli {AT} pacific.net.au>                                         

     ryan.whyte {AT} utoronto.ca                                                          

     brian carroll <human {AT} electronetwork.org>                                        

   ((( NO-RADIO )))                                                                
     "nomusic" <info {AT} nomusic.org>                                                    

   ART CDROMS                                                                      
     Agence TOPO <topo {AT} agencetopo.qc.ca>                                             

   A 21st Century Self-Portrait                                                    
     Ricardo Miranda <miranda {AT} tcnj.edu>                                              

   Archis#5 out now                                                                
     Geert Lovink <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                  

   Somebody loves me, I don't know who                                             
     Mouchette <mouchette {AT} mouchette.org>                                             

   Film-Philosophy: Deleuze Special Issue                                          
     editor {AT} film-philosophy.com                                                      


Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 13:02:53 -0400
From: Alva French <afrench {AT} BAM.ORG>
Subject: [BAM New Media] launches Under_score: Net Art, Sound and Essays f rom Australia

	Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) presents, Under_score: Net Art,
Sound, and Essays from Australia at http://www.bam.org/under_score, an
online exhibition showcasing the works of nine Australian artists for whom
the internet has emerged as one of the most significant arenas for artistic
experimentation and multimedia production. The exhibit is part of Next Wave
Down Under, BAM's month-long celebration of Australian arts and culture.

	The works presented here represent a vast diversity of approaches,
technologies, applications, and aesthetics, but with few exceptions,
coalesce thematically around "the body", a persistent theme which at the
beginning of the new millennium is present more than ever in discussions of
art, the sciences, and the media. From Francesca da Rimini's diary-like
reflections and confrontational rants concerning erotic relations, power,
and sexual taboo in GashGirl, to the richly layered dream-like 3D spaces and
soundscapes in Melinda Rackham's empyrean,  Australian artists are helping
to define new modes of electronic writing and reading, multimedia,
performance, image making, and sonic production. Other artists include John
Tonkin, Mez, Paul Brown, geniwate, Ian Haig, Jason Sweeney, Honor Harger,
Adam Hyde, zina kaye, Caleb K., Mr. Snow, and Gary Zebington.

	In addition, Under_score provides related links to fourteen works by
Australian artists working in a variety of new media formats including
CD-ROM, installation, and performance. There are two innovative online
broadcasters, l'audible and r a d i o q u a l i a, delivering some of the
most compelling sound work in Australia and New Zealand, and select audio
pieces from The Listening Room, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's
award sound art program.

	In order to expand the discussion of these works and their
significance BAM has commissioned three online essays by Allen Feldman, an
American cultural and political anthropologist, Australian new media
theorist Darren Tofts, and Australian writer and media critic McKenzie Wark.

	Under_score: Net Art, Sound and Essays from Australia, now available
	In conjunction with Next Wave Down Under,  BAM commissioned
Australian new media company, Drome to recreate the CD-ROM Making Chunky
Move for web delivery.  The web work explores how one of Australia's most
exciting contemporary dance companies created the dance work Corrupted 2,
which made its U.S. debut at  BAM during this year's Next Wave Festival. The
documentary follows the company from the germ of an idea to the stage,
behind the scenes and beyond, including snapshot interviews with the key
players, dancers, creative collaborators, and other cultural professionals
as well as unique virtual 3-D segments, sound bites, and extensive video
	Making Chunky Move, now available at:
	For more information, contact Wayne Ashley, BAM's Manager of New
Media via email at washley {AT} bam.org
	Coming Soon: Arts in Multimedia
	New Media installations featuring the works of 
	Paul Kaiser, Nicolas Tsingos, John Jesurun,
	Dan Lee, Kit August, Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen
	Starts Nov 20 at BAM's Hillman Attic Studio


Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 10:21:13 +1000
From: "M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture" <mc {AT} media-culture.org.au>
Subject: M/C Reviews 'interactive' feature now online

                        A Special Announcement From

                 M/C Reviews - An ongoing series of reviews
                    of events in culture and the media.

                        'Interactive' Feature Issue

As editors of M/C Reviews, we have been overwhelmed with the positive
response to the 'interactive' feature issue. We would like to take this
opportunity to thank our contributors for their many excellent articles,
which are now available on the M/C Reviews Website. 

Interactivity is, arguably, a relatively recent phenomenon. Increasingly
employed as an advertising gimmick, interactivity functions in a number of
disparate ways. Interactivity, in its basic form, refers to some form of
consumer involvement, usually in the form of a direct action, within the
product they consume. It proffers increased information, access, power and
even control for consumers. In this M/C Reviews feature, we have collected
a series of thought-pieces that represent a broad range of interpretations
of the terms interactive or interactivity as they relate to various arms
of media and/or cultural studies.

To further highlight the quality of this feature issue, we have decided
to postpone the 'colour' issue of M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture
until 2002. We thank the 'colour' contributors for their hard work, and
look forward to publishing their articles in June - but for now, please
enjoy the M/C Reviews 'interactive' feature issue!

Also in M/C Reviews is the current Stage X special - Queensland
Performing Arts Trust's Stage X is a festival aimed at the younger end of
Brisbane audiences. It has shifted from a 10 day format to an extended
series of performances over four months (Sept-Dec 2001). The emphasis is
on the post-boomer generations as both consumers and producers of
performing and visual arts. Reviews of shows will be produced as a
continuous feature by M/C Reviews, so stay tuned and keep revisiting the
site for the latest reviews.

Many other recent reviews -- too many to list here individually --
published in our five sections 'events', 'objects', 'screens', 'sounds',
and 'words' are also available online, as well as previous M/C Reviews

M/C Reviews is a companion publication to the M/C - A Journal of Media and
Culture. Along with various other resources, both are available through M/C
Online at <http://www.media-culture.org.au/>.

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
M/C Reviews is now available at <http://www.media-culture.org.au/reviews/>.
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   For more information on M/C Reviews and M/C, check out M/C Online at
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
M/C contributors are available for media contacts: mc {AT} media-culture.org.au
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


                                                     Axel Bruns

- -- 
 M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture            mc {AT} media-culture.org.au
 The University of Queensland           http://www.media-culture.org.au/


Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 12:54:10 -0500
From: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer <rafael {AT} csi.com>
Subject: Life 4.0 cfp, deadline extended


LIFE 4.0 International Competition - Call for Participation

Third edition of the international competition on "art and artificial 
life" sponsored by the Telefonica Foundation in Madrid. We are 
looking for artworks employing techniques and themes such as digital 
genetics, autonomous robotics, recursive chaotic algorithms, 
knowbots, computer viruses, avatars, evolving behaviours or virtual 

An international jury (Daniel Canogar, Machiko Kusahara, Rafael 
Lozano-Hemmer, Arlindo Machado, Sally Jane Norman and Nell Tenhaaf) 
will grant four cash awards totaling 20,000 US dollars.

Previous winners include Ken Rinaldo, Willy LeMaitre / Eric 
Rosenzveig, Ken Feingold, Erwin Driessens / Maria Verstappen, Bill 
Vorn / Louis Philippe Demers, Scott Draves, Simon Penny / Jamieson 
Schulte, Asa Unander-Scharin, Troy Innocent, Marc Böhlen / Michael 
Mateas, Doris Vila, Diane Ludin / Ricardo Domínguez, Gerard Boyer, 
Jane Prophet / Gordon Selley / Mark Hurry, Hod Lipson / Jordan B. 
Pollack, Institute of Applied Autonomy, Paul Brown, Eduardo Kac, 
Christa Sommerer / Laurent Mignonneau, Roc Parés / Narcís Parés / 
Perry Hoberman, Linda Wallace and Naoko Tosa.

The new deadline for submission is Monday, November 12, 2001.

For further information and the application form, please see 
For questions concerning eligibility of entries: Nell Tenhaaf, 
Artistic Director <tenhaaf {AT} yorku.ca>
- -- 


Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 01:43:43 +0100
From: "intrns" <intrns {AT} yahoo.es>
Subject: linkspirines 


Do You Yahoo!?
Get your free  {AT} yahoo.com address at http://mail.yahoo.com


Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 02:27:10 +0100 (CET)
From: Geert Lovink <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>
Subject: NEW: HyperGeertzWorldCatalogueHTM 

Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 16:11:04 +0100
From: "Gerhard [iso-8859-1] Fröhlich" <Gerhard.Froehlich {AT} jku.at>
To: gerhard.froehlich {AT} jku.at
Subject: NEW: HyperGeertzWorldCatalogueHTM

Sektion Kulturtheorie und Kulturforschung der
Oesterreichischen Gesellschaft fuer Soziologie
(section for cultural theory and cultural studies of the
austrian sociological society)
<Gerhard.Froehlich {AT} jku.at>

We proudly present:

- ------------------HyperGeertzWorldCatalogueHTM-----------------


A comprehensive, contextual and referential bibliography and mediagraphy
of all works and public statements by Clifford Geertz

Institut f. Soziologie & Institut f. Philosophie
Johannes Kepler Universitaet Linz, A-4040 Austria

Clifford Geertz has conducted extensive ethnographical research in
Southeast Asia and North Africa. He has also contributed to social and
cultural theory and has been influential in turning anthropology toward a
concern with the frames of meaning within which various peoples live out
their lives. Geertz has worked on religion, most particularly Islam, on
bazaar trade, on economic development, on traditional political
structures, and on village and family life. He is presently professor
emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton and
working on the general question of ethnic diversity and its implications
in the modern world. Geertz can be regarded as one of the most important
social scientists of our time.

This all-inclusive and comprehensive documentation includes (or tries to
include) - in addition to the strictly scientific documentation at the IAS
- - all material by Clifford Geertz open to the public: working drafts and
unpublished materials (if held by a public library/institution),
translations and reprints, interviews and letters, publications in
newspapers and non-scientific magazines, audio- and video-material, and
full text items in the web. It is based upon extensive online searching
(social sciences, arts and humanities, business, human ecology data bases,
all internet search tools) as well as conventional searching (full text
examination of most of the listed works by Clifford Geertz and of many
publications citing him). The starting point was our bibliography "Twelve
languages, Seven disciplines, Five continents: a comprehensive
bibliography of Clifford Geertz" in our book "Symbolische Anthropologie
der Moderne. Kulturanalysen nach Clifford Geertz" ("Symbolic anthropology
of modernity: analyses of culture after Clifford Geertz" - Gerhard
Fröhlich, Ingo Mörth (Eds., 1998) Frankfurt/New York, Campus, ISBN
3-593-35890-5), now enlarged and brought up to date.

In addition to this material made public in print or by other means of
publication and distribution, additional material by and/or on Clifford
Geertz can be found in archives and scientific collections. We tried to
list such material, too, if listed in a public table of contents etc. by
the holding institution. It can be found at the end of this bibliography
as appendix, characterized by the identificator "AM" (Archive material).

URL: <http://www.iwp.uni-linz.ac.at/lxe/sektktf/GG/HyperGeertz.html>


Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 15:02:00 -0500
From: Jud Wolfskill <wolfskil {AT} MIT.EDU>
Subject: book announcement--Biegel

I thought readers of NETTIME-L might be interested in this book.  For more 
information please visit http://mitpress.mit.edu/0262025043

Beyond Our Control?
Confronting the Limits of Our Legal System in the Age of Cyberspace
Stuart Biegel

This book provides a framework for thinking about the law and cyberspace, 
examining the extent to which the Internet is currently under control and 
the extent to which it can or should be controlled. It focuses in part on 
the example of MP3 file-sharing, a file format that enables users to store 
large audio files with near-CD sound quality on a computer. By 1998, 
software available for free on the Web enabled users to copy existing 
digital files from CDs. Later technologies such as Napster and Gnutella 
allowed users to exchange MP3 files in cyberspace without having to post 
anything online. This ability of online users to download free music caused 
an uproar among music executives and many musicians, as well as a range of 
much-discussed legal action.

Regulation strategies identified and discussed include legislation, policy 
changes, administrative agency activity, international cooperation, 
architectural changes, private ordering, and self-regulation. The book also 
applies major regulatory models to some of the most volatile Internet 
issues, including cyber-security, consumer fraud, free speech rights, 
intellectual property rights, and file-sharing programs.

Stuart Biegel is a member of the faculty at the Graduate School of 
Education and Information Studies and the School of Law at the University 
of California, Los Angeles.

6 x 9, 468 pp.
cloth ISBN 0-262-02504-3

Jud Wolfskill
Associate Publicist
MIT Press
5 Cambridge Center, 4th Floor
Cambridge, MA  02142
617.253.1709 fax
wolfskil {AT} mit.edu


Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 06:51:46 +1000
From: linda carroli <lcarroli {AT} pacific.net.au>
Subject: fAf Nov: A turbocharged future - Damien Broderick 

- --=====================_940075==_.ALT
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; format=flowed

Sincere apologies for cross posting
- -----------------------------------------------
In fAf's November issue, futurist Dr Damien Broderick contemplates our 
future, the Spike and warns us to take heed of our rapid advancement 

In reviews:

:: Fatima Lassay reports on the Digital Media Festival 2001 in the Philippines.

:: Shu-Min Heng reviews Supercade: a visual history of the videogame age by 
Van Burnham.

:: Elizabeth Amon reports on the IdN Fresh Conference held in Sydney last 

:: Scott Esdaile reviews Sound Sculpture: Intersections in Sound and 
Sculpture in Australian Artworks by Ros Brandt.

:: Sally Draper looks at the third issue of online arts journal Drunken Boat.

:: Jeweller and sculptor, Gilbert Riedelbauch discusses computer-aided 
object making
in an interview with Linda Carroli.

PLUS the usual culprits - Upfront with Editor-in-Chief Nisar Keshvani, 
events, opps and stuff.


fAf, which provides up-to-date, informative and timely information to the 
global art and technology community, can also assist artists in achieving 
local and global exposure via their fAf galleries and global connections.

- --------------------------------

The latest art and technology news on the net can be viewed at fAf's
Australian based URL:

Or elsewhere at:

To subscribe to the fAf digest, go to: 

"This project has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the 
Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body."

- --=====================_940075==_.ALT


Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 01:00:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: ryan.whyte {AT} utoronto.ca
Subject: WRYTING-L 

This may be of interest here -- Ryan

- ---

WRYTING-L is an email list for  theory and writing, focusing on texts and
comments presented  by the participants. The  list is managed out  of the
Department of History of Art at the  University of Toronto. It is open to
anyone, in  or outside the University.  The object is to  provide a forum
for  writing  and theory  that  may  not fit  within  the  confines of  a
particular discipline, in recognition of the recent interest in operating
between and across theories and genres in the humanities and beyond.

We're  interested  in  all  sorts   of  issues  -  'avant-garde'  pieces,
psychoanalytical, phenomenological, or deconstructive approaches, etc.

Wryting  is cross-platform,  cross-gender, cross-reason;  it may  involve
embodiments of reader and writer,  abstract language, and the collapse of

WRYTING-L  stems   from  the  older  fiction-of-philosophy   list,  which
presented  work  between  literature  and  theory,  fiction  and  poetry,
philosophy and  lyric, and  so forth. Any  discussion is  welcome. Please
send queries to WRYTING-L-REQUEST {AT} listserv.utoronto.ca.                   


Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 14:53:52 -0600
From: brian carroll <human {AT} electronetwork.org>
Subject: <===P=O=W=E=R=L=I=N=E=S===>

- -----------------------------------------------------
<====== P = O = W = E = R = L = I = N = E = S ======>
- -----------------------------------------------------

  "A poetic documentary about the mystery of electro-
  magnetic fields, the promise of new energy and the
  dangers of electromagnetic pollution. With music,
  image, and dance, Powerlines explores the differences
  between the energy of life and the energy we have
  surrounded ourselves with."

- -----------------------------------------------------
  visit the new site documenting the Powerlines film,
  music & multitracked process of filmmaker, musician
  and composer Helen Hall. site content includes...

- --> score: multitracked compositional fragments

- --> sounds: Real Audio excerpts from the soundtrack

- --> cd: information about the powerlines compact disk

- --> video: details about ordering the powerlines video

- --> texts: reviews of the film, music, and interviews


- -----------------------------------------------------


Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 23:50:15 +0200
From: "nomusic" <info {AT} nomusic.org>
Subject: ((( NO-RADIO )))

((( NO-RADIO )))

30 / 10 / 2001

Dj PUNISHER.(Herimoncourt)..FR
09h30pm / GMT +1..[21h30..fr..time]
fly : http://www.noweb.org/fly/punisher_noweb_3.gif
Mp3 & TalkShow

11h00pm / GMT+1..[23h00..fr..time]
fly : http://www.noweb.org/fly/montessuis_nomusic.gif
Powerbook G3

*unsubscribe :
mailto:info {AT} nomusic.org?subject=unsubscribe


Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 23:55:32 -0400
From: Agence TOPO <topo {AT} agencetopo.qc.ca>

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Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable


L'Agence TOPO is inaugurating its electronic showcase with its first=20
collection of Quebec works.

This showcase serves as a space for the dissemination, promotion and=20
distribution of art CD-ROM's that are independently created and=20
produced. The showcase favours, though not exclusively, works that=20
make creative use of text and image: fictions, poetic fictions and=20
other interactive fantasies.

You may consult the collection, buy the CD-ROM's and submit your own=20



L'Agence TOPO inaugure sa vitrine =E9lectronique avec une premi=E8re=20
collection de titres qu=E9b=E9cois.

Cette vitrine est un lieu de diffusion et de promotion des c=E9d=E9roms=20
d'art et d'auteur de cr=E9ation et de production ind=E9pendante. La=20
vitrine favorise, mais de fa=E7on non exclusive, les oeuvres mettant en=20
valeur le texte et l'image : fictions, fictions po=E9tiques et autres=20
fantaisies interactives.

Vous pouvez consulter la collection, acheter les c=E9d=E9roms et=20
soumettre vos propres productions



Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 10:42:27 -0500
From: Ricardo Miranda <miranda {AT} tcnj.edu>
Subject: A 21st Century Self-Portrait

Hello nettime, the following is a cut-out from a review on a recently
launched data-based self-portrait by artist Brooke Singer.
- ------------------------------------------------------

Check out the review at theSpleen's culture column "ni de aqui, ni de

and investigate the self-portrait at Singer's:

Derived from the tradition of Western painting, the portrait was once
used solely by the aristocracy to display an individual's wealth and
power, in Self-Portrait (v2.0) Brooke Singer updates the self-portrait
to the information age. In an age when our data-selves may carry more
significance than our real, blood-pumping and breathing selves, Singer
has thoroughly investigated various databases that construct her
data-self to assemble a beautifully crafted application...  By publicly
revealing her data-self, Singer turns the user into a data-voyeur while
giving the user a glance at the sort of data that exist within the
Internet in relation to each one of us.

"My project explores to what extent we are accessible online and what we
may look like through mining digital data... What results is a
reconstruction of the self after it has been digitized, analyzed, shared
and sold."  -- Singer

Ricardo Miranda


Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 11:26:44 +0200 (CEST)
From: Geert Lovink <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>
Subject: Archis#5 out now 

OUT NOW Archis #5  Architecture and Art in Public Space=20
available in your newsstand or specialized bookstore

This Archis contains among other things:
The creation of a public sphere(ole Bouman), Art and suburbia: a small =
test for the planners (Mark Kremer), The ontology of the bagel cart( =
Martin Lucas), Misusing public space (Chris Dercon), The secret life of =
the Luxor Theatre (Phillip van den Bossche), Late criticism , Young =
Architects in Belgium, Marginal notes on the Federal Chancellery in =
Berlin by Axel Schultes (Christian Welzbacher) etc. etc.
Artists pages by: Annike von Hausswolf, Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Lawrence =
Weiner, Maureen Mooren & Daniel van der Velden, Paul McCarthy, =
Superflex, Ann Veronica Janssens, De Geuzen, Apolonija Sustersic, N55, =
etc., etc.

All the dutch subscribers received a free copy of the new magazine on =
public space OPEN #1 from SKOR on a project by Arnoud Holleman in =

SUBSCRIBE NOW at archis {AT} 121mark.nl and you receive the two first issues =
of OPEN free=20

Fokke Simonszstraat 8
NL- 1017 TG Amsterdam
T +31-20-330 2511
F +31-20-330 2512
E: gstork {AT} lostboys.nl

www.lostart.nl  a.o. artists' websites=20

Artimo publications: Carlos Amorales; Tiong Ang; Emanuelle Antille; =
Karin Arink; Lars Arrhenius; Otto Berchem; Wallace Berman; Merijn =
Bolink; Mat Collishaw; Yael Davids; Yvonne Dr=F6ge-Wendel; Onno Dirker; =
Alicia Framis; Meschac Gaba; Dora Garcia; IK + De Ander - dignity for =
all, reflections on humanity; Jeanne van Heeswijk; Mathilde ter Heijne; =
Renwick Heronimo; Philipppine Hoegen; Hans van Houwelingen; Carla Klein; =
Arthur Kleinjan; Kiki Lamers; Dana Lixenberg;  Pieter Laurens Mol; =
Giolina Molina; Roelof Mulder; Osaira Muyale; Marc Newson; Gabriel =
Orozco; Liza May Post; Jan Rothuizen; Glenn Sorensen; Philippe =
Terrier-Hermann; Richard Tuttle; Lidwien van de Ven; Viktor & Rolf  a.o.

Artimo is also publisher of :
Archis; Magazine for Architecture, City & Visual Culture (6x year)
Re-Magazine (3x year)
No.A /B/C Magazine (fashion, 2x year)


Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 00:28:04 +0100 (MET)
From: Mouchette <mouchette {AT} mouchette.org>
Subject: Somebody loves me, I don't know who

Dear Nettime list,
I heard of someone who is in love with me, who follows me in the streets, takes pictures of me and made this whole website about me:
Could it be you, Nettime list?

I have been warned by someone who saw this site featured in a net.art exhibition as if it was a work of art!
I am quite shocked and embarrassed about this website trying to compromise my privacy. I will never neither confirm or deny whether this young girl on the photos is really me.
But was it you who made this website, Nettime list?

There is this long letter on the site where a reply from me is expected.
Just write something, Nettime list, and make believe I'm answering.
- -- 



Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 16:46:47 +0000
From: editor {AT} film-philosophy.com
Subject: Film-Philosophy: Deleuze Special Issue


    F I L M - P H I L O S O P H Y

    Journal | Salon | Portal
    PO Box 26161, London SW8 4WD

    D e l e u z e   S p e c i a l   I s s u e


    Announcing a forthcoming month of review-articles and replies:

    Film-Philosophy: Deleuze Special Issue
    vol. 5 nos 31-41, November 2001

Tom Conley, 'Film Theory After Deleuze'

Stephen Arnott, 'Deleuze's Idea of Cinema'

Eleanor Kaufman, 'Deleuze, Klossowski, Cinema, Immobility'

Richard Smith, 'The Philosopher with Two Brains'

Jinhee Choi, 'Bergson: Before the Deleuze'

Joseph Nechvatal, 'La Beaute tragique'

Dorothea Olkowski, 'La Longue duree'

Andrew Murphie, 'Is Philosophy Ever Enough?'

Gregory Flaxman, 'The Laws of Cinematic Hospitality'

Amy Herzog, 'Reassessing the Aesthetic'

Barbara M. Kennedy, 'Fugitive Spaces'


To join the salon-journal, and receive the these texts as they are
published, simply send the message:
join film-philosophy YOURNAME
join film-philosophy YOURNAME with digest
to: jiscmail {AT} jiscmail.ac.uk

(In the digest version you will receive salon posts in a single email, sent
about once a day.)


'Not for the faint-hearted, [an] excellent site . . . the coverage is
impressive . . . and it's guaranteed to provoke discussion.' (The Guardian


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