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<nettime> the world script

  [no words, ideas, thoughts, contemplations sentencing at the future,
  pasting traditional clip-art, news, radio, television, movies, texts
  with grand-envisioning of whatnot, seeing is believing in the semiotic
  farse, perception is not a choice in a unilateralized discoursing, in
  constant movement, even in silence, repeating, looping upon itself as
  naked and named events pop in and out, there's a sign, there's a sign,
  there's significance, yet helplessness in the local, as merges shift,
  what was once glacial pacing, earthquaking momentum to worst-cased
  scenographics. words from well-knowns, little by little, thought-
  thinking memes on the global scene, this and that, picking at bits
  of birdseed without bird's eye vantaging. skies are emptied of dreams
  but that of robotic machines, gathering intelligence, playing out the
  drama never called into question for what it is, but what it is be-
  lieved to be. believing is seeing what one wants and needs to see.
  yet blindness, in-forming a forced closed-system logic upon splinters
  of woodshacks, moles running trails, interiors and externals purging
  difference, conformation of degrees of pain and consequence of the
  closed-system, believing in-itself, not knowing, not understanding
  beyond the answers to its own questioning, as if the world was on
  its own terms. necessity breeds destruction and reconstruction, yet
  without the odd, the unique, the evolutory body begins to die, as
  dinosaurs, big states of material dominance, find little creatures
  competing for dominance, in the under-mining caverns of discontent,
  and the either-or simple logistic civilization versus terrorist is
  reenacted. darkest ages of mind design upon us, shadows fall not
  from the sky, but the ground, irradiating images, dreams sucked
  into sewers and with it, all the hubris of the traditional way of
  being, without question forthrighteous in its superiority, as the
  trail begins to bend in a way no one wants, but begs continuence,
  to keep things the way they were, wanting to believe the unreality
  that has ushered in this madness over centuries of a misdiagnosed
  dis-ease, that all does not fall into place, as the quadratic IQ
  has more answers than questions, so sure it is on the right path.
  dissent no longer, what is there to dissent, except the selfish,
  egotistic expertise, whatever practice, of individualized truth,
  of subjecting superior visions of what is beyond truth, in that
  willed powerful way of networking with friends, theoreticians,
  activists, business people, and citizens, guilty as the specters
  that haunt the horses running through the night, goat in hand in
  a game so skulled that yes, it is all football, boys beget men.
  lofty literary this and that, punting opinions to otherside reels,
  tit and tatting as large systems make their way for solid state.
  you who have nothing to fear, the impregnable priests and -esses,
  deeming what is truth, that biblical scripting of truisms as the
  abstractions lay bare there is no meaning in this time, no longer
  in movement, but for lack of a better hawk, imaginationeering...]

  <begin world script>

  hypothesis: non-political, pragmatic, best of worst case for the
  international system of nation-states and the bureaucracies which
  support and lead a representative democratic optical illusion of
  choice, a pseudo open-systemic reaching of accordian expansions
  and contractions of what is known to work and what is not.

  - world state, bringing together of deep systems internal to .gov
    actions to enable cooperation on 'unprecendented levels', so as
    to ensure order and control in the world system. intelligence
    being a key to intra-national security, a necessary foundation
    for global action in the substructure of cultural interactions.

  - diplomatic agendas facilitating payoffs to problems in a fuzzy-
    mathesis that the equationation will be a great public IPO, and
    revive that which is in jeopardy in the world that is gaming. if
    not, nobody will know the difference, as their will be none, as
    the globe is one, as its wherewithall is no where at all. kNOw.

  - skepticism, opinioning, polling enthusiastic and patriolicism,
    self-helping, turkey-dinners, the bird that was once to be the
    emblem of USA, now eaten on many a person's favorite holy day.

  - fear and lying in the Las Vegasing of the Big Bet, the counter-
    pointing of the fun-ride at Disney in its darker days, no spare
    change, sorry they say, sitting at home, consuming spirited TV.

  - hand shake, salutes, snapshots, hystorical momenting, tick tocking
    as click clocking winds down and further down, towards zero-point.

  - i agree, i disgree, i think, i believe, i will, i will not, i do,
    i do not, yes, yes, yes. NO. no? No? NO? NOOOOO? what do you mean-
    no? are you crazy? dial the number, something is weird, it is
    just, you know, ... 'not right...'- you know what i mean, don't
    you? oh, thank godness, i mean- goodness. thank you for understanding
    my fear that that person over there, the one who is doing something
    unordinary, well, i am threatened by that. it scares me. terrorizes
    me really. "we will look into it, thanks for calling", click clock.

  - foil, tin, bang goes drumming, wars and charge cards, be quiet, will
    you? be quiet already. it is not helping a thing. stop thinking so
    much- you think Way Too Much. we need PEACE. SECURITY. QUIET. all
    is quiet on the front of Western Civilized eminations. immanant?
    isn't that that word, that 'special' word, keying on into some
    ontologistical realism that nobody can really know, but them?

  - ahhh, foils of subjecting paths of destruction, trails, walking
    down a trail, through the woods, and the crazies, the nutters as
    they are called, they'd be screaming, they'd be hearing the trees
    and birds talking, they'd be listening to that bullshit, they'd
    be thinking there was meaning beyond what we declare it to be,
    that there are 'ghosts in them hills', millennia old, older than
    any civilization, and would be shaking of fear. We are not fearful,
    we are brave, and the world is our home. And we need to defend it
    against any threat, large or small, catching them while they are
    still young, to make sure all conforms to the rule of law, that
    is, justified as we see it, fitting all naked resemblence into
    the mold of a candy-cane factorization, automating the script in
    the hardware, so the mass manufacture of consent, and dissent it
    must be added, is always inside the lines of force. DO NOT DRAW
    ANY CONCLUSIONS OUTSIDE THE LINES the art teacher says to the kids.

  - i like this, another murmurs. it is exciting. well, it was once,
    while that stupid person was acting up and then things got charged
    and people woke up for a moment. and debate happened, but wow, the
    teacher, the professor, the politician, the bureaucrat, they really
    did not like it at all. so many people came down on them. and now
    it is really really good to have things back to normal, the way it
    was before. chaos is not good in our system. in the Way Things Work
    for us. ohh, about those other people, they're mad. they're zealots.
    they want to undermine all we are about, our freedoms, our ability
    to live better because our way of doing things is superior, as is
    our technology. do you have one of those spare pills, i am getting
    a bit nervous. we should be quiet, someone is looking.

  - rebuilding states of mind, matters not which way, governmental ill
    in whatever way, just go along for the ride, it will be over soon.
    what, are you serious? no. no. it won't be over soon at all. it
    will never be over. that is, unless there is change. but things do
    not change. that is, unless they change. and things are not changing.
    "you mean all that nasty government stuff, right?". oh, yeah, that,
    all the stuff in the news. (oh, i wish i could say how much i despise
    the vacuous intellectualists, ism ore, or, well, i cannot say, i am
    not free to say. you know, my house will be broken into, my mail
    read, armed guards swarming in around me, so i fear, says humanity).

  - fact check. the structure, the infrastructure, the military and
    governmental structure, the United Nations, the representations
    of bureaucratic democratization in the authoritarian hand-holding,
    locking headspace with mind disgracing factoids, all the greatest
    punditry weighing in on the Big Fight, over there, pointing, over
    there. fire burns ariticial, electrical heater and microwave dinner,
    car driving working compute, parse this:

    * previous policies will not change fundamentally
    * stablity and credibility of the world system at stake
    * only half the actors are playing right, local, global
    * hubris in an intellectual half-truthtelling is weakest point
    * assumption that things will get back to normal, as it ever was
    * that victory will come at a price, and everyone will be paying
    * that the world is according to the way it ought to be, medievil

  - summary of a non-dissenting point of view, in the silentest of days,
    i agree. yes. i agree. that is all i can do, agree, right? some of
    it is obviously necessary, pragmatic. you know, when you have the
    global system, well, there needs to be some type of cooperation to
    keep things in-formed about what affects us. you know- like- ummm-
    your opinion versus world opinion. so there is a measure. you know-
    measure of man, that bell curvacuous of meaning when it rings in
    the ear, drumming, beating, that sounding, whales, you can hear
    them too, they're singing the same song, a whaling voice, haunting.

    if clarity cannot be clear, for fear, if one cannot say that which
    is before and beyond the eyes of mental atmospheres, and the Great
    Thinkers of this day, standing on Shoulders of Giants, are holding
    kerosene lamps as they spout, philosophizing in a sand-box, playing
    popular music to the masses, clerical workers taking notes and in
    replication, reptilianation, Huxleyian damnation as all drips into
    the last bit of the wick, firelight, flying winds, blowing it out.


    in war there is opportunity for change. if this change does not
    occur, change will not occur. if substation change does not occur,
    fundamental change that is necessary cannot occur. if there are
    no limits to the loss of individual freedoms, but no concessions
    given by the economic or political sphere, then democracy is lost.
    in a specific sensationalism, when there is no trust based on the
    naked truth, but faith and belief based on trust in clothed truth,
    one body, one state of being, is held in an artifice of its own
    making, assured in its belief that things are they way we think
    they are, the way we make them. not something else. not some way
    that is different and upsetting. else, if there are people in the
    systemic mixing of global majong, it may be that a very high-risk
    wager is underway. and there is the playing board, world gaming.
    and a need for it, it could be argued, given the givens, within
    respect for all that is beyond repair in crumbling empires of a
    psychology that denies that which it does not want to believe is
    true, it is not true, it is said, i am more perfect, more super-
    manneristic, enlightening in ways best referred to as despotic
    hallucinations, that direct channel to the goddess-less world.

    pray, kneel, take the silicon wafer and believe, trust, says
    the highest priest of the grand order of things artificialized.

    i do not believe, someone says. someone, who knows where, who.
    i am a human being. you are a gender, an education, a discipline,
    an intellectual model, fascinating.

    resume: great at detailed work. have family. will run. applying
    for cultural conformance codeworking, to make sure my world, our
    common world, is safe from danger, terror, fiends, perversions.

    pretend, world leader, i am not. i am, knodding in agreement, it
    is a damn-tight rope that is fraying here. something is undone
    bigger than any pot-holer can fix. bet the farm, oh, please do
    not bet the farm. but you are. you are betting the farm that the
    world you believe exists, exists. and it does not. reality does
    not exist today, in the same way it did centuries far far away.

    please be proactive, and peaceful in your actions. please think
    and unthink, purge minds of certainty of rightness, get rid of
    the specialized interests and do something to really defend this,
    our united states of Humanity, against this Civilian World War.

    please, any idiot knows what comes next. i know, i'm an idiot.
    it is a hard lesson. that is, learning from very big mistakes.
    that is, reacting to something one does not want to believe is
    true, and then has to face truth, which is the hardest thing
    to do, on a global stageset such as this date and rechiming.

    change policy to change the world. change ideas to change the
    world. change strategies to change the world. but as the truistic
    self-help industry that fools the mass mind into believing it is
    all still real and true, the hardest fact is to face is one has
    to realize the change themselves, and no one can do this but the
    person in charge, commander-in-chief. and true-belief, well, like
    that longshoreman once wrote, it is the most dangerous element in
    times like these. it makes people, and the institutions they run,
    go to extrordinary lengths to make the world conform to their view,
    how they believe the world is, that is, making themselves that
    word-concept never uttered, and the world in their image, as they
    have a direct line to truth, nobody and everybody else be damned.

    as a human being, as a citizen of the world, wishing that the world
    state, which is eventually a necessity for certain channels, that
    is, cooperation, be met by a fair and free marketplace of ideas,
    to have some checks and balances on the fates collecting in the
    gutters now, as the leaves have fallen, and winter is setting in.

    as a human being, as a world leader, i ask you to please take away
    the limits, that is, the restraints on the freedom of questioning
    the options before us today. something that would help all, if only
    certain associations and affiliations were spaded from this garden,
    and allowed to cultivate in their respective regional gardens, with
    the hypocrisy of naked corruption and self-serving gratuities, held
    secondary to the human goals that would be enabled through change.

    please, please consider changing, not the tactic, or operation, as
    surgery is not what is most needed, as this wound cannot heal by an
    inadequate representation of where things are, naked as they are.

    please, one simple thing, which would change all of the outcomes,
    for better, and better, worse as all will come. please change the
    question back to a question, not an answer. not militarily, but
    in terms of common sense thoughts about what is at stake, and what
    is now forever changed. ignoring the greatest vulnerability and
    holding the greatest intellectual conceit, foretells not only a
    dismayed soul, but also that evil opponent in the self, the self
    that does not want to change, but wants everyone to conform to
    their worldview. please break apart the anwers, open the questions,
    and do the impossible. change the rules of the game. change the
    outcome proactively by changing the incoming policies. change
    the economy by changing its reality. please speak truth from a
    position of power, and not belief. please speak proactively about
    change, rather than deny the need for it. please speak optimistically
    about a future that could flourish, a new future, an opportunity in
    these most horrid of times. and bring us out of this, together, as
    human beings, as common people. and give people their freedom to
    think back. give questions. make policies that are open-ended,
    that can evolve and adapt and change, instead of forcing a world-
    view, mono-spectacular as it has been, into world change, and an
    equalization of the internationalization.

    the strongest weapon in this war and its greatest loss will be
    humanity and truth. if this is utilized, transforming the man-
    ipulation of data and intelligence from private identifications
    into a public sphere, where the rights of citizens everywhere
    are due their equal rights, if truth should not be held back in
    democratic societies to embolden authority and concentrate power,
    then, by freedom only this war will be won, and we will be one.
    the united states of humanity will arise from the ashes of this
    civilian world war. however, but somehow, the spirited force of
    humanity will prevail against whatever technological machination
    is put before it to demand obeyance and bondage. at home and a-
    broad. use the truth of common freedom, of human beings, in a
    world that is not great, and worse for many still, and make this
    tragedy into an opporutnity otherwise impossible. please use an
    imagination not canned from some ancient intelligence report. it
    is time to smell the scentless roses all around, for they are
    plastic. and it is time to pick up some dirt, smell it, throw
    it in the wind, and listen to the stars above and the core of
    the earth below. things are not simply good, nor simply bad,
    but terribly complex, now the majority believes this is so.

    to rise to this occasion, as a pragmatist with long-range vision,
    please, world leaders of this shipping industry of civilization,
    bring us home to a land which defends humanity by freedom, and
    by choice, and by opportunity through change and adaptation and
    evolution. by risk and by responsibilty. by a truth which is un-
    said, unspeakable, but acknowledged for its superiority to the
    re-run episodes of his and her stories.

    please bring the world back by bringing choices back, questions
    back, freedoms back, life back. please make possible the impossible,
    what is and has never been considered real until it is forged in
    the public mind. that is, that the nature of truth has changed.
    and we need to change with it, so as to understand it, and to
    acknowledge this change, so that we work with it, and it with
    us, in cooperation, locally and globally, east and west and that
    tedious middle, as the global political shell game no longer works,
    as the trick has been revealed, which the majority no longer are
    duped by. unless, it is assumed, we are all sheep. shepherding in
    a new era of peace, not through security but through freedom, for
    those whom are stated as enemies of freedom, somehow it must begin.

  <end world script>

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