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<nettime> The Pentagon's Call for Papers

If you desire, you can download the RFP at:


(long link, may have to cut and paste)


Pentagon seeks a few good ideas to fight terrorism 

By Reuters, 10/25/01 

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon appealed to Americans on Thursday to send in
bright ideas on thwarting terrorism, announcing an unusual, open
competition to speed the winners into use.

The Defense Department said it was looking for help in "defeating
difficult targets, conducting protracted operations in remote areas and
developing countermeasures to weapons of mass destruction."

The goal was to find concepts that can be developed and fielded in 12 to
18 months, a blink of an eye compared with standard Pentagon acquisition
and deployment procedures.

U.S. officials from President Bush down have said they fear more terrorist
attacks after the Sept. 11 hijack attacks that killed more than 5,000
people at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and on a crashed flight in

Laying out a streamlined three-step application process, the Pentagon
called for one-page idea descriptions by Dec. 23. Those retained will be
asked to provide up to 12 pages of details.

The department then will invite those with the most promising ideas to
submit full proposals in a third phase "that may form the basis for a
contract," a statement said. 

We're open to ideas from just about everybody," added Glenn Flood, a
Pentagon spokesman. More information on the process has been posted at

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