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Re: <nettime> gravity hits the weightless economy...
Craig Brozefsky on Thu, 25 Oct 2001 12:37:06 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> gravity hits the weightless economy...

"McKenzie Wark" <mckenziewark {AT} hotmail.com> writes:

> All the mail in Washington, including mail to Congress, passes
> through the mail centre on Brentwood Road Northeast, where the two
> real victims worked. Two more mail workers are in hospital with
> Anthrax. Surprisingly, mail requires workers to actually sort it and
> deliver it. Just when the American ruling class has succeeded in
> making workers invisible and irrelevant, they start to turn up dead
> from neglect.

It's remarkable the stupidity that the ruling class exhibits on a
daily basis with regards to their reliance upon the people they shit
upon the most to provide them safety.  Wether it is the security guard
they sneer at, the janitor who wipes down their toilet, the mexican
maid putting the mint on their pillow in the hotel, the mail clerk
handling their copy of the WSJ or American Banker, or the coffee
barrister handing them their latte, they fail to grasp that in order
to get thru their day they need workers alive.

> American workers, on the other hand, have every reason to think that
> the new-found aura of unity in adversity radiating from the
> Anthrax-free person of President Bush does not necessarily include
> them. "I'm confident when I come to work tomorrow that I'll be
> safe," says President Bush. The same may not be true for the rank
> and file of the 'information economy'.

And flu season is starting up in a month.  If the Anthrax scares
haven't quieted down by then, it's gonna get quite hairy.

This utter disregard for workers, jeopardizing their safety in
sensational new ways, is a point of agitation.  It can be used to
futher undermine any sense of legitimacy workers have been giving
their government.

Craig Brozefsky                           <craig {AT} red-bean.com>
All around the world hearts pound with the rythym. Fear not of
men because men must die.                            - Mos Def

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