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<nettime> Events [7x]

Table of Contents:

   ncc48 netART community congress | graz, A                                       
     Reinhard Braun <braun {AT} mur.at>                                                   

   Videotage: Macau Video Projects                                                 
     Geert Lovink <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                  

   COPYLEFT AT [PLUG IN] AND VIPER 21                                              
     aschindler <aschindler {AT} weallplugin.org>                                         

   DLM-Forum 2002, Barcelona 7-8 May 2002 - call for papers                        
     DIGICULT {AT} cec.eu.int                                                             

   digibodies BUDAPEST                                                             
     Nina Czegledy <czegledy {AT} interlog.com>                                           

   High Sweat Tech Shop Street Performance                                         
     fran ilich <ilich_030 {AT} yahoo.com.mx>                                             

   Privacy Lecture Series - Copyright, Courts & Criminals                          
     Ana Viseu <ana.viseu {AT} utoronto.ca>                                               


Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 16:03:54 +0200
From: Reinhard Braun <braun {AT} mur.at>
Subject: ncc48 netART community congress | graz, A

[apologies for any cross-postings!]

The net art platform mur.at -- established in 1998 as a strategic alliance
of art initiatives and artists of Graz, and dedicated to creating an
electronic network -- is pleased to announce the upcoming _ncc 48 netART
community congress_ being held in Graz and online during 48 hours of input
and output.

|--- ncc 48
|--- netART community congress
|--- opening: october 25th, 12:00 cest
|--- closing: october 27th, 12:00 cest
|--- dom im berg, graz/austria


- -------------------------------------
|--- Live Streaming "FAQ - Marathon" 
|--- during the whole congress 
|--- http://2.ncc.mur.at/
- -------------------------------------

ncc48 stands for 48 hours of non-stop information, documentation,
discussions, reflections, and productions in analog and virtual space. the
topic is "the internet in the context of art". Condensing information is
the intention of ncc48, the congress is the medium. Over a time-line of 48
hours international artists, scientists, theorists, computer experts and
the scheme-team will discuss, report and reflect on topics succeeding one
another in a temporal rhythm and forming the "content back bone" of ncc48.
There will also be concurrent workshops, chats, lectures and presentations
of networkart projects.

The whole programm of ncc 48 is set up as a network of interrelated issues
addressed by the also interrelated designed contributions of all
co-operators, contributors and the audience.

The following 48 HOUR SPEAKERS have been invited to address those
interelations and to constantly moderate the whole process of carrying out
the ncc 48 netART community congress both on site and online: Josephine
Bosma, NL; Andreas Broekmann, D; Katharna Gsoellpointner, A; Derrick de
Kerckhove, CAN; Ulli Meybohm, D

a mur.at event http://www.mur.at/


- ---------------------------------------
october 25 | 12:00 noon cest
opening lectures: Winfried Ritsch, mur.at, A; Ivan Redi, ortlos architects, A

open_source & free software
- ---------------------------------------
october 25 | 2:00 pm cest
The application of open source models on the internet in "net" architecture
& "net" art may well be one of the most innovative scenarios for the future
and will radically change the current situation. But how compatible is the
"open source model", with all its guidelines ("open source definition") and
as a working model,  with net art projects? How could the further
development of "free net art" be conceived in analogy to the development of
"free software"?
PARTICIPANTS: Maia Engeli, Kerstin Hoegger, Technical University, Zurich,
CH (remote); Ulli Meybohm, D; Jaromil, I; Richard Stallman, USA (remote);
Erich Stamberger, A 
carried out by ortlos architects, A | http://www.ortlos.com

- ---------------------------------------
october 25 | 6:00 pm cest
net.communication refers to the situation of austrian cultural initiatives
related to the net, being a plattform for presenting several important
associations and the "konsortium.at", an pressure group for net culture in
Presentation of "local task 2003", a call for entries addressing net art
projects to be realised in the realm of "Graz 2003 - Cultural Capital of
PARTICIPANTS: Katharina Gsoellpointner, A, Peter Riegersperger,
konsortium.at, A; Thomas Fundneider, A; Gabi Kepplinger, Stadtwerkstatt
Linz, A
carried out by mur.at | http://mur.at

- ---------------------------------------
october 25 | 10:00 pm cest
Once again, the metaphor 'web' has to be tested: In which way have the
channels of communication and electronic exchangeable forms changed the
idea of what neighbourhood, seen as a cultural overlapping and
transgression, can be? Why are the often geographically closest regions
basically a blank spot on the map of net based communication and
production? Does it still make any sense to think about processes of
cultural exchange in this way?
PARTICIPANTS: Kristian Lukic, Media Education Centre KUDA.org, Novi Sad,
YU; Zeljko Blace, Multimedia Institute, Zagreb, CRO; Walter van der
Cruijssen, desk.org, Berlin, D (remote); Peter Tomas Dobrila, Multimedia
Center KiberSRCeLab, KIBLA, Maribor, SLO; Jurij Krpan, Kaplica - K6/4
Group, Ljubljana, SLO
carried out by MiDiHy | http://midihy.org

- ---------------------------------------
october 26 | 2:00 am cest
late nite streaming show for those addicted to the net -- there is no such
thing as break ...
PARTICIPANTS: Station Rose, D; Radio Fro, A; Berlin noton, D; Zvuk Broda, CRO
carried out by mur.at | http://mur.at

- ---------------------------------------
october 26 | 8:00 am cest
net.basics presents netstories for breakfast and is dealing with early net
art and the development of the internet, including a presentation of the
projected media plattform for "Graz 2003 - Cultural Capital of Europe",
some lectures, presentations and a nice discussion
PARTICIPANTS: splitterwerk, A; Gerhard Greiner, INFONOVA Information
Technology, A; Willi Stadler; INFONOVA Information Technology, A; Erich
Leitgeb, TU-Graz, Institut fuer Nachrichtentechnik und Wellenausbreitung, A
carried out by Ute Angeringer in cooperation with Info-Design |

- ---------------------------------------
october 26 | 11:00 am cest
Design today. The changing in paradigm is reality.
Selected lectures about modells in network practice and their potential for
applied new-organisation from physical environments. Starting up with a
empirical basic research.
PARTICIPANTS: Manfred Ruttner, mobilkom Austria, A; RPT Kapfenberg, caX, A;
Egon Maurer, Alarm und Raumschutz ARS, A; ski-data, A.
carried out by splitterwerk, Wolfgang Reinisch, Gernot Ritter, in
cooperation with Technical University, Graz

- ---------------------------------------
october 26 | 4:00 pm cest
_transfer.net_ deals with the framework conditions of everyday/popular net
cultures (i.e. net cultures having, among other things, always some sort of
economic motivation)  and the increasing  intermeshing of entertainment and
consumption cultures on the one hand and net cultures on the other. How are
the popularization of connectivity ("get connected", Nokia) and the
individualization of presence on the net  ("your personal homepage")
affecting the framework conditions for all types of net art? Is it possible
to maintain a counter-cultural net art or community concept in a time when
net-based discourses are increasingly becoming merchandise-type discourses
 ("satisfy your lust", Siemens)?
PARTICIPANTS: Andreas Broeckmann, D; Verena Kuni, D; konsum.net (Margarethe
Jahrmann, Max Moswitzer), A; Station Rose (Elisa Rose, Gary Danner), A/D
carried out by MiDiHy | http://midihy.org
_transfer.net_ is going to be fully webcasted from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm cet
in cooperation with Station Rose  {AT}  http://www.stationrose.com

net & literature
- ---------------------------------------
october 26 | 8:00 pm cest
The project is mainly dedicated to the relationships between old (physical)
and new (simulated) spaces -- referring to spaces in their capacity as
cultural terrain. How can narratives be delivered in new spaces? How are
constructions of  "We" developing in these new spaces? What does "presence"
mean under such conditions? What does "public" mean and what would  "the
private" be under such conditions?
PARTICIPANTS: Dzevad Karahasan; Beat Mazenauer, CH, die flut (Thomas
Ballhausen, Xaver Bayer, Julia Hadwiger, A); hugi (Claus D. Volko, D),
upsites revisited (Martin G. Wanko, A); Igor Markovic
carried out by Martin Krusche | http://www.kultur.at

- ---------------------------------------
october 26 | 12:00 midnight cest
cool vibes on the net … 
tonto, A: feron, reflector, remi/wini ritsch, lepnik/kaplan, lackner/posch,
strobl, tonto DJ
Aesqe (DJ set) 

- ---------------------------------------
october 27 | 6:00 am cest
Although the creative process is liberated from the limitations of matter,
it nevertheless is dependent on the medium of the work. Comprehensive
technical knowledge is imperative. Furthermore a theoretical programmatic
grasp of net.spaces is necessary, whereby techno-aesthetics in its severity
places the highest demands. And in the end the question: do the present
instruments of discursive forums (such as mailings lists) suffice or should
we advocate "The Birth of the Net-Gallery" which describes that system of
power, deciding on art and non-art? Probing the necessity of elaborating a
productive and distributive apparatus that is to envelope the net-work of
art (collectors, dealers, curates, critics, ncc48 organizers, etc.).
PARTICIPANTS: Josephine Bosma, NL; Andreas Broeckmann, D; Katharina
Gsoellpointner, A; Derick de Kerckhove, CAN; Ulli Meybohm, D; Heat Bunting,
GB; Geert Lovink (remote), NL; audience on site and on line
carried out by ortlos architects, A | http://www.ortlos.com

- ---------------------------------------
0ctober 27 | 10:00 am cest
to be realised during the whole 48 hours …


fashion and the net

Zeljko Blace, CRO
A workshop on networking stragegies and collaborative projects (a.net),
[ASU2 - challenges of networking between, .alt/.act/.art & Servers/
Streamers/ Spaces]

Das Werkzeug des Architekten, Thomas Kienzl, A

radio boot,Radio Helsinki | http://helsinki.mur.at/

|--- ncc 48
|--- netART community congress
|--- opening: october 25th, 12:00 noon cest
|--- closing: october 27th, 12:00 noon cest
|--- dom im berg, graz/austria

mur.at in collaboration with SPLITTERWERK, ortlos architects, MiDiHy,
Martin Krusche, Radio Helsinki

supported by steirischer herbst, fh-joanneum studiengang informations -
design, TU-Graz, Institut für Gebäudelehre und Wohnbau, Gewilab -- Labor
für geisteswissenschaftliche Informatik (University of Graz), KPMG
InfoDesign, Humanic, Die Steiermärkische, Hypo Leasing Zagreb, City of
Graz, Government of Styria, Bundeskanzleramt 

- --

MiDiHy productions
Bauernfeldstrasse 26
A-8020 Graz
fax 0043 316 58 46 32

- --


Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 10:03:38 +0200 (CEST)
From: Geert Lovink <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>
Subject: Videotage: Macau Video Projects

From: Videotage <videotage {AT} i-cable.com>
Subject: November Video Cafe: At Least We Have Them

For immediate release

At Least We Have Them: Macau Video Projects from the 1980s to 2000
Thursdays,15 November and 22 November, 2001
Videotage, No. 13, PB Blk 567, Cattle Depot Artist Village
63 Ma Tau Kok Road
To Kwa Wan, Kowloon
Free Admission

Videotage announces the screening of "At Least We Have Them: Macau Video
Projects from the 1980s to 2000" on Thursdays, 15 November and 22 November
from 7-8:30pm. ÊThe screenings will feature the videos by: Lau Wan Hung,
Au Tak Cheong, Sally Fong, Veronique Wong, Wong Chee Wing, Tang Chee Chiu,
Chu Iao Ian, Lobo Yip, Lorence Chan, Vincent Hui, June Cheong, and Alice

Macau is a small city. So is the city's number of video artists. Tracing
back Macau's development of video art is difficult; Certain figures
appeared during certain periods of time, made some noise, and retreated.
In the early nineties, the Macau Arts Institute organized the city's first
course in video production. Some of the artists who went abroad for
studies in film and video art began to return to Macau in the

The videos showcased in "At Least We Have Them" begin with works produced
from the eighties onwards. No commonality is found in these works other
than that they are elementarily amateur in production and presented as
alternative expression, including that of narration, experimentation,
documentary and realism.

"At Least We Have Them" is organized by the Associacao Audio-Visual Cut,
whose on-going efforts of promoting video art to the Macau public has
created a refreshing current of video production and activity on the

For more information, please call Videotage: 2573-1869

- -- 
Unit 13, Block PB 567, Cattle Depot Artist Village
63 Ma Tau Kok Road
To Kwa Wan, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2573.1869
Fax: 852-2503.5978
URL: http://www.videotage.org.hk


Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 16:30:29 +0200
From: aschindler <aschindler {AT} weallplugin.org>

«Copyleft» at «VIPER 21»

Panel on the economies for online cultural production.
Organized by «copyleft.cc,»  featured by [plug in],
in cooperation with «VIPER 21».

Thursday, Oct. 25. 5pm / kleine Bühne

- - Denis Barut, «madeinmusic.com» / Nyon
- - Dietmar Bruckmayr, «Fuckhead»
leadmusician and economist / Linz
- - Cornelia Sollfrank, netartist and cyberfeminist / Hamburg
- - Philip Wölki, «bitfilm.de» / Hamburg
- - Moderation: Walter van der Cruijsen, artist and curator / Berlin

- --
«Copyleft» at [plug in]
«VIPER 21» Side-Event

Thur. Oct. 25. through Sat. Oct. 27. / 10pm-2am
- - simplebrainhotel, space systems
- - garderobe23.de, M2V performance
- - Sofa Records, nice and different loungesounds, 1am

Thursday, Oct. 25. 
- - Kold, minimal sound patterns, 11.30pm

Friday, Oct. 26. 
- - aN, soundunits contrld. by craze D and fX, 11.30pm

Saturday, Oct 27.
- - Niki Neecke, sonogames, 11.30

Sunday. Oct. 28.
- - copyleft, future-brunch, noon-4pm

Support us with 20 CHF. and become a member: 0901 101 101

copyleft.cc / [plug in]

St. Alban-Rheinweg 64 / CH-4052 Basel
http://www.youplugin.org / office {AT} youplugin.org
http://www.copyleft.cc / you {AT} copyleft.cc

special opening hours during «VIPER»
Thur. though Sat. / 10pm-2am, Sun. / noon-4pm
- --

Far off of any cultural funding or corporate resources, web user
communities in the last 10 years have opened territories of radically new
cultural production. At the same time, they have challenged the economical
power positions of large corporations. The web gives it's users access to
large-scale distribution channels and enables them to freely share
information regardless of commercial interests. While for online artists
thus the conventional functions of dealers and distributors in certain
ways become obsolete, still no economy is established, which would reward
their highly relevant cultural achievements.

Copyleft wants to provide the framework for a cultural production online,
which explores the new possibilities of functioning outside of the
traditional parameters of the copyright system, the art market and the
music industry. Many artist choosing the internet as their artistic tool
are not interested in protecting their results with Copyrights. The
possibilities which the web provides for them is the copying, forwarding,
or even ­ as with the Linux software ­ continue developing and changing it
with other people.

The copyleft panel wants to discuss forms of cultural economies, which are
appropriate to the needs of the artists and cultural producers in new
media. Is there a cultural economy beyond the elitist exclusivity of the
visual art market and the mainstream dictated music industry?

In the copyleft space visitors are invited to music and video
performances, which will be copylefted and freely accessible online. The
digitalized elements of the performances will be re-used by the following
performers and worked into new copyleft pieces the next night. Late at
night the Basel electronic music lable Sofa will spin some chill sounds.
On Sunday copyleft and [plug in] will offer a copyleft-future-brunch with
an open discussion on scenarios for the future, plans, hopes, requests,

With mobile phones the visitors can send SMS, which will be rendered as
sound files and make an impact on the development of the copyleft works.

The events will be streamed on radio several radio stations. For current
information check: http://www.copyleft.cc events or
http://www.weallplugin.org news.

Economically, the audience can contribute to the event via telephone: by
calling 0901-101 101 an amount of CHFr. 20.- will be transfered from the
callers phone bill to copyleft. The caller can choose to become a member
of copyleft.cc or simply support the events. (Calls possible only from
within Switzerland).


Madeinmusic.com, Denis Barut, Nyon
Madeinmusic.com is a site for production, promotion and distribution of
music 100% online. It offers services to music lovers, musicians, and
experts, which can engage by becoming co-producers or co-distributors of
music. Madeinmusic has developed a microeconomy, within which the community
members invest Euros and participate in the gains of the sales. Denis Barut
is the CTO of madeinmusic.com.

Dietmar Bruckmayr, Linz
As a front man of the groups Fuckhead and Wipe Out (www.fuckhead.at), as
performance and video artist, event and festival organizer, actor and
curator, but also as a academic with Ph.D. in commerce Bruckmayr knows both
sides of the coin of critical cultural production ­ including the open
source context: he harshly criticizes the prevailing capitalist mechanisms
while acknowledging, that he himself is a perfect product of this capitalist
development, and even fosters it by displaying flexibility and doing without
social and occupational security."

Bitfilm.de Philip Wölki, Hamburg
Bitfilm is a web service for internet-film supporting production as well as
distribution for digital film in online formats ­ and currently offering
their services for free. Bitfilms managing director Philip Wölki will give
insight in the label¹s experience with moving images online: how are they
used and who is the audience?

Cornelia Sollfrank, Hamburg/Berlin/Celle
As net-artist and founder of the first international cyberfeminist alliance,
old boys network (www.obn.org ), Sollfrank researches hacking and technology
related gender issues. Going beyond traditional artistic methods, Sollfrank
researches and writes about the condition of net art (production/
distribution), and use these issues again as material of her work as an

Moderator: Walter van der Cruijsen, Berlin
As a net-citizen, artist, curator, project developer, webmaster and
sitemanager Walter van der Cruijsen has built up his repuatation in digital
culture. With exhibition at ZKM and many independent projects, vdCruijsen
has proven to be thoroughly knowledgable in media art, it's history as well
as it's most current developments.

Copyleftspace Partners and Credits:


Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 23:42:15 +0200
From: DIGICULT {AT} cec.eu.int
Subject: DLM-Forum 2002, Barcelona 7-8 May 2002 - call for papers

Dear colleagues,

The third edition of the DLM-Forum on electronic records, with the title
"DLM - FORUM 2002:  {AT} ccess and preservation of electronic information: best
practices and solutions" and its exhibition will take place in Barcelona
(Spain) from 7 to 8 May 2002.

The DLM-Forum 2002 will be organised by the Secretariat for the
Information Society of the Catalan government together with other Catalan
institutions and departments of the Spanish central government, and with
the support of the European Commission.

Find the event first announcement at:

The DLM-Forum 2002 organisers have already launched the call for paper
that can be found at

You are welcome to distribute this information to all those who might be

Best Regards

European Commission
DG Information Society
Cultural Heritage Applications
rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-2920 Luxembourg
<digicult {AT} cec.eu.int>


Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 12:47:35 -0400
From: Nina Czegledy <czegledy {AT} interlog.com>
Subject: digibodies BUDAPEST

sincere apologies for cross-postings -

25 October - 25 November 2001

The Ludwig Museum Budapest - Museum of Contemporary Art, in collaboration
with C3: Center for Culture & Communication and InterAccess Toronto,
within the framework of the Budapest Autumn Festival, presents the
exhibition and event series entitled Digitized Bodies - Virtual
Spectacles. One of the primary objectives of the Digitized Bodies -
Virtual Spectacles project is, on the one hand, the evolution of a kind of
interdisciplinary communication, and on the other hand, the presentation
of such artworks that demonstrate the transformation of our constructed
image of the human body under the influence of medical technology. The
exhibition - and the project in its entirety - seek the answer to the same
question, in attempting to examine our metamorphosising notions in
accordance with the accelerating development of the various technologies,
and to present how artists, theoreticians and scientists acknowledge and
evaluate the digitalization of our culture.

2001 Budapest Autumn Festival

An International touring exhibition/ Symposium/ Performance series/
CD-ROM/ Book/ and ON-LINE Symposium featuring the works of SIX Canadian


for cultural events and the dissemination of contemporary art.  C3: CENTRE
FOR CULTURE AND COMMUNICATION is an International production centre and
venue for advanced digital research.

THE DIGITIZED BODIES - VIRTUAL SPECTACLES project, investigates ways in
which rapidly evolving technologies affect our perception of our bodies,
our lives, our imagination  in fact our very future. It asks critical

	-How has contemporary techno-science refigure the already complex
dichotomies of nature Vs artifice:  real Vs virtual;  body Vs embodiment?

	-How do we decipher the ambiguities that surround the documented
data body?

	-How can we continue to use the term "intimate" (perception), in
an age when Barbara Stafford has written that: "the computer-mediated
milieu renders the body nakedly public?"

The questions Czegledy poses are hugely significant in this complex time
which surrounds us. In her early writing Czegledy presciently enquired
"How do we preserve our individual integrity without becoming [mere]
electronic spectacles?"

Digtialis Testek/Digitized-Bodies
October 26-November 26, 2001
Nell Tenhaaf, Jon Baturin, Eric Fong, Jack Butler, Nina Czegledy,
Hilda Kozari/Tibor Vamos, Orshi Drozdik, Gabor Kerekes, Zsolt Peter Barta,
Jozsef Hajdu, Antal Lakner, Tibor Gyenis, Luca Gobolyos, Rajko Bizjak,

Thursday,  October 25, 2001 6 pm
Ludwig Museum Budapest/Museum of Contemporary Art
Varpalota, Szent Gyorgy ter 2
Budapest               tel 375 9175

Marta Moszczenska, Canadian Ambassador to Hungary,
Katalin Neray, Director, Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Arts
Miklos Peternak,  Director C3 Centre for Culture and Communication
Vera Baksa-Soos (Hungary) & Marina Grzinic (Slovenia) co-curators

Jean Gagnon, Director of Programs: Daniel Langlois Foundation, Montreal.
Book & CD were produced eith the Financial Assistance of the Daniel
Langlois Foundation.

Would You Digitalize Your Soul?
performance by Tanja Ostojic
Thursday,  October 25, 2001

Public Forum/Symposium
Friday, October 26, 2001, 10am
The French Institute, Fo u.17             tel 202 1133
PANELISTS: Vera Baksa Soos, Nina Czegledy, Kim Sawchuk , Sara Diamond,
John Tonkin,
Oliver Ressler, Erika Pasztor, Nell Tenhaaf, Eric Fong, Balazs Beothy,
Jill Scottt,
Gusztav Hamos, Marina Grzinic, Oliver Ressler

performance by Atau Tanaka
Friday,  October 26,2001
The French Institute, Fo u.17          tel 202 1133
Supported by the Japan Foundation, Budapest

Co-curated by Nina Czegledy, Vera Baksa-Soos, Marina Grzinic.
Saturday, October 27, 2001
Ludwig Museum Budapest/Museum of Contemporary Art
Varpalota, Szent Gyorgy ter 2  tel 375 9175

Sara Diamond
Monday, October 29, 2001
C3 Centre for Culture and Communication

Sara Diamond
Wednesday, October 31, 2001  8:30 pm
Ludwig Museum Budapest/Museum of Contemporary Art
Varpalota, Szent Gyorgy ter 2        tel 375 9175


been received support from  The Department of Foreign Affairs (Canada),
The Daniel Langlois Foundation (Canada), The Canada Council for the Arts,
Social Science and Research Council of Canada, The Japan Foundation, York
University (Canada), The Canadian Embassy (Hungary) and The Toronto Arts
Council (Canada) and  Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre (Canada)


Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 06:19:32 -0500
From: fran ilich <ilich_030 {AT} yahoo.com.mx>
Subject: High Sweat Tech Shop Street Performance

Multi-Media Performance: Thursday, October 18, 2001, at 8pm An evening
outdoor performative event at the famous "Lilli Ann Mural Building" in the
Mission District, a historic landmark colonized by the dot-com industry.
Los Cybrids, as multi-lingual analog tour guides, will combine live
performance, video montages and pre-recorded audio, juxtaposing issues of
race and class in a globalizing world where laborers and computers are
equally disposable. Large-scale projected video images on the exterior
wall of the Lilli Ann Building create a digital tour of the information
technology (IT) industry through images of manufacturing in Silicon Valley
and Maquiladoras in Guadalajara ("the Silicon Valley of Mexico");
corporate headquarters in the Bay Area; world financial centers; border
crossings; and IT work places. The video posits the promise of the IT
revolution against the actuality of manufacturing processes, highlighting
labor issues, environmental health and safety issues, the ecological
impact of computers and immigration trends. At the Lilli Ann mural; 18th
and Harrison Sts., San Francisco. Free Admission.

Web Installation Debut Thursday: October 18, 2001 The online element of
High Sweat Tech Shop features a Web installation examining issues of labor
in the IT industry using multiple digital formats. The Web site is being
developed in collaboration with Media Alliance and will be hosted on their

Join Los Cybrids: La Raza Techno-Critica and Media Alliance for the latest
and greatest in high tech intervention! High Sweat Tech Shop uncovers the
contradictions of digital labor's divide, where assembly line workers from
Santa Clara are as interchangeable and disposable as those in Guadalajara
or Jakarta. Are tech laborers being swept up, or swept under the rug by
this e-conomy? Los Cybrids probe the allegedly revolutionary digi-tech
industries via large-scale video projections, smarty-pants panelists,
street performance, and loud-ass audio. Don't miss the High Sweat Tech
Shop smarty panel discussion on the evening of October 10 and
super-chignon performance event October 18.



Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 11:36:01 -0400
From: Ana Viseu <ana.viseu {AT} utoronto.ca>
Subject: Privacy Lecture Series - Copyright, Courts & Criminals


TUESDAY, October 30, 2001
6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

"Copyright, Courts & Criminals: An Update on Privacy Legislation in Canada"

Ken Anderson
Director of Legal & Corporate Services
Information Privacy Commission of Ontario

140 St. George, Room 728
Faculty of Information Studies (building adjacent to Robarts Library)
University of Toronto


This lecture focuses on the privacy implications of several pieces of
Canadian legislation. It will touch upon the Canadian copyright laws (our
own DMCA), the debate over the public or private nature of court records
(what are the implications of this choice?), and the overlapping
anti-terrorism and money laudering legislaitons. Its goal is to increase
our knowledge and foment awareness of the privacy dimensions of these
bills. Ken Anderson will address these issues from a legal standpoint and
will examine their implications for our private life.


Ken Anderson is the Director of Legal & Corporate Services for the
Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario based in Toronto. Ken is a
frequent speaker on privacy issues and he currently teaches privacy law
for the University of Ottawa. Before joining the IPC, Ken was the
Commissioner of Legal Services for two large regional municipalities in
Ontario. He began his legal career with a litigation law firm in Ottawa,
and later focused on administrative and public law. Ken received degrees
in both law and business administration from the University of Western

To register for the Privacy Lecture Series announcement email list please 
go to <http://privacy.openflows.org>

For more info contact:
Ana Viseu <aviseu {AT} oise.utoronto.ca>
Robert Guerra <robert {AT} cryptorights.org>

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