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nettime's publisher on Wed, 24 Oct 2001 01:21:37 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Publications [8x]

Table of Contents:

   new online publication series: CULTURAL SNAPSHOTS                               
     Giles Lane <giles.lane {AT} rca.ac.uk>                                               

   Leonardo Book Series Release: Metal and Flesh by Ollivier Dyens                 
     Joel Slayton <joel {AT} well.com>                                                    

   there's a war on....                                                            
     Jonathan Prince <jonathan {AT} killyourtv.com>                                       

   CULT 2001 - proceedings                                                         
     "Pia Vigh" <pia.vigh {AT} www.kulturnet.dk>                                          

   a girl in the sound without movie but she knows light redemption                
     jimpunk <jim {AT} jimpunk.com>                                                       

     Geert Lovink <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                  

   Rhizome ArtBase--_Pause is online                                               
     "Garrett Lynch" <garrett_44 {AT} hotmail.com>                                        

   mail art call                                                                   
     cdr {AT} pro.hu                                                                      


Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 12:18:42 +0200
From: Giles Lane <giles.lane {AT} rca.ac.uk>
Subject: new online publication series: CULTURAL SNAPSHOTS

Proboscis announces a new online publishing series: CULTURAL SNAPSHOTS

CULTURAL SNAPSHOTS are brief cultural analysis documents published
alongside research projects. They are intended to provoke comment and
debate on the contexts in which research by Proboscis is carried out.
CULTURAL SNAPSHOTS is part of Proboscis' SoMa: social matrices think tank

The first in the series is:

A NEW CULTURAL REVOLUTION: pervasive information in the new world order

This essay looks at the impact of the recent attacks in New York &
Washington on the knowledge society and the development of 'convergent'
services as part of a social and cultural response. It proposes the
integration of wireless communications more deeply into Civil Society by
devising civic applications (in addition to existing commercial services)
for the new 'digital commons'.

ISSN: 1475-8474 | Free | PDF format


- --



Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 21:56:03 -0700
From: Joel Slayton <joel {AT} well.com>
Subject: Leonardo Book Series Release: Metal and Flesh by Ollivier Dyens

The Leonardo Book Series published by MIT Press is pleased to announce the
release of "Metal And Flesh, The Evolution of Man: Technology Takes Over"
by Ollivier Dyens, translated by Evan J. Bibbee and Ollivier Dyens.

For more than 3,000 years, humans have explored uncharted geographic and
spiritual realms. Present-day explorers face new territories born from the
coupling of living tissue and metal, strange lifeforms that are
intelligent but unconscious, neither completely alive nor dead. Our bodies
are now made of machines, images, and information. We are becoming
cultural bodies in a world inhabited by cyborgs, clones, genetically
modified animals, and innumerable species of human/information symbionts.
Ollivier Dyens’s Metal and Flesh is about two closely related phenomena:
the technologically induced transformation of our perceptions of the world
and the emergence of a cultural biology. Culture, according to Dyens, is
taking control of the biosphere. Focusing on the twentieth century--which
will be remembered as the century in which the living body was blurred,
molded, and transformed by technology and culture--Dyens ruminates on the
undeniable and irreversible human/machine entanglement that is changing
the very nature of our lives. Ollivier Dyens is Assistant Professor of
French at Concordia University in Montreal.

Order information:

Leonardo Book Series

The mission of the Leonardo Book Series, published by the MIT Press, is to
publish texts by artists, scientists, researchers and scholars that
present innovative discourse on the convergence of art, science and
technology.  Envisioned as a catalyst for enterprise, research and
creative and scholarly experimentation, the book series enables diverse
intellectual communities to explore common grounds of expertise.  The
Leonardo Book Series provides for the contextualization of contemporary
practice, ideas and frameworks represented by those working at the
intersection of art and science.

Book proposals addressing theory, research and practice, education,
historical scholarship, discipline summaries, collections, and
experimental texts will be considered.

Submission Guidelines:

Inquiries and proposals can be submitted to:

Joel Slayton, Chair
Leonardo Book Series Committee
425 Market Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA  94105


Doug Sery, Book Series Editor
MIT Press Books
5 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142

E-mail: leonardobooks {AT} mitpress.mit.edu

Recent titles include:
The Language of new Media, by Lev Manovich
The Robot in the Garden, edited by Ken Goldberg
Technoromanticism, by Richard Coyne


Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 22:20:33 -0400
From: Jonathan Prince <jonathan {AT} killyourtv.com>
Subject: there's a war on....

- -- 
Jonathan Prince
jonathan {AT} killyourtv.com

meta photo blog


Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 15:13:14 +0200
From: "Pia Vigh" <pia.vigh {AT} www.kulturnet.dk>
Subject: CULT 2001 - proceedings

The conference CULT 2001 – previously announced at this maillist - was
held in Copenhagen, October 3-5 and turned out to be a very inspiring and
stimulating conference providing participants new perspectives in the
field of digital culture.

Old structural barriers have been transgressed on the cultural scene, due
to the digital economy and the new media strategies. New creative models
of collaboration emerge between institutions preserving cultural heritage,
performing arts creating new expressions, and information technology
providing tools of communication.

The interface between Cultural Heritage, Netart and State of the Art
Projects is new. It is both innovative, challenging and a critical vehicle
for issues concerning collaboration, communication and dissemination
strategies in modern societies.

CULT 2001 established a platform for discussions and reflections on these
new visions of collaboration and dissemination strategies.

 Please feel free to share the inspiration given by the keynotes
and -statements:

  a.. Howard Rheingold, Author of 'The Virtual Community', US
  b.. Hans Siggaard Jensen, Director of research, Learning Lab Denmark, DK
  c.. Terry Eagleton, Professor, University of Manchester, UK
  d.. Ceri Sherlock, Creative Director of IE-Ideas Ltd., UK
  e.. John Howkins, Chairman, Tornado Productions, UK
  f.. Bruce Royan, Executive Director of SCRAN, UK
  g.. Preben Mejer, TDC, DK
  h.. Björn Norberg, Beeoff/Splintermind, SE

and by more than 30 session speakers, now available as papers and
abstracts in the proceedings of CULT 2001.

You'll find the CULT 2001 conference site via link from frontsite of
www.kulturnet.dk. The proceedings of CULT 2001 are available in pdf-format
and in a few days also in html-format. The proceedings will be available
until the end of this year.

Please find the entire proceedings at the conference site; due to the
bit-weighty size of the complete pdf-format, proceedings have also been
broken down into smaller files. Please feel free to download them

All papers are published according to an understanding with each author;
some are abstracts, some full papers. Please respect the individual
intellectual rights of the authors!

Kind regards,
Pia Vigh
Tilmelding til nyhedsbrev:

      Pia Vigh

      Kulturnet Danmark
      Christians Brygge 3
      1219 København K

      Tel 33 13 50 88
      Fax 33 14 11 56
      Mo 28 58 03 88

      pia.vigh {AT} www.kulturnet.dk
     Pia Vigh
      Project Manager

      CultureNet Denmark
      Christians Brygge 3
      DK-1219 Copenhagen K

      +45 33 13 50 88
      +45 33 14 11 56
      +45 28 58 03 88

      pia.vigh {AT} www.kulturnet.dk


Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 15:55:39 +0200
From: jimpunk <jim {AT} jimpunk.com>
Subject: a girl in the sound without movie but she knows light redemption

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Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 00:07:14 +0200 (CEST)
From: Geert Lovink <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>

Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 11:49:51 -0500
From: Hermenaut Editors <editors {AT} hermenaut.com>
To: josh {AT} hermenaut.com
Subject: Any friend of Erik Davis...

is a friend of Hermenaut's.

Perhaps that's going too far. I like Erik and all, but I didn't like how
he accidentally sent my email address to a bunch of people I didn't know.

This morning, however, as I was packing up a shipment of Hermenaut #16 to
send to one of our distributors, I was worrying that we're going to sell
out every single copy of the new issue, leaving us with zero copies to
give away to those with-it, media-literate types for whom we write and
edit Hermenaut. That's what happened with #15, to our chagrin. And that
made me think that I should offer a free copy of #16 -- the "Stockholm
Syndrome" issue, featuring writing by Sam Lipsyte, Keith Gessen, Gavin
McNett, Paul Maliszewski, David Mamet, Lydia Millet, Louis Theroux, and
Hermenaut's regular contributors -- to Erik's friends and acquaintances.

If you've never heard of us, Hermenaut is a journal of philosophy and pop
culture published in Boston, Mass. -- we've been described by Wired
Magazine as "a sounding board for thinking folk who operate outside the
ivory tower," by The American Prospect as "a freelance department of
philosophy," and by the Boston Phoenix as "a refreshing challenge to the
cultural orthodoxy of self-conscious advertising, unexamined hipness, and
empty cynicism."

So, here's the deal. I'll send you a free copy of the new issue (I promise
never to follow up with any salesman-like communications) if you do the
following two things:

1) Tell me a little bit about who you are and what you do.
2) Send me your mailing address.

This is a while-supplies-last kind of thing, so if you're interested,
please get back to me quickly.


Josh Glenn
editor, Hermenaut


Hermenaut is a (print) journal of philosophy and pop culture
     write us: 179 Boylston St., Bldg. P, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-4544
     e-mail us: editors {AT} hermenaut.com
     get information: info {AT} hermenaut.com
     visit our Web site: http://www.hermenaut.com
     call us M-F, 10-6 EST: 617.522.7100 


Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 13:49:34 +0200
From: "Garrett Lynch" <garrett_44 {AT} hotmail.com>
Subject: Rhizome ArtBase--_Pause is online


Hello all

_Pause has been added to the rhizome artbase and can be found at the 
following address...




Salut tous

_Pause est maintainent disponible dans le rhizome artbase, vous pouvez 
trouve le a l'addresse suivant...





Garrett {AT} asquare.org


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Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 22:41:34 +0200
From: cdr {AT} pro.hu
Subject: mail art call

> patricia {AT} redshift.com wrote to fluxlist [ 20/10/2001|10.24 PM ]
> Open to Everyone
> Greetings.
> This e.mail is to inform you of the upcoming
> International Mail-Art Exhibition
> entitled:
> to be held at the MACY GALLERY on the campus of
> Teachers College, Columbia University in the City of
> New York in the United States of America,
> from November 5th through November 16th / 2001.
> Please join us for the Reception on Friday,
> November 9th, from 4-6 PM for special performances.
> Title: "Postcards To New York"
> open to interpretation
> size: Postcards only/ no envelopes
> Mail: All postcards must be received through
> the U.S. Mail
> Media: All
> All Entries are accepted
> Multiple entries are encouraged
> There is no fee or Jury
> Postcards cannot be returned
> Names of the participants will be listed
> alphabetically on our web site:
> www.tc.columbia.edu/academic/arts/MACY.html
> following the exhibition
> Deadline: November 1/2001
> Mail your Postcards to:
> "Postcards To New York"
> Macy Gallery
> Box 78
> Teachers College, Columbia University
> 525 West 120th Street
> New York NY 10027
> Postcards are accepted from all Artists and
> Non-Artists from every age group, every country,
> every religion and every body from every walk of life
> who feels they want to say something, write something,
> draw, paint, make or photograph something about what
> happened on September 11/2001 in New York.
> Mail Art continues to be a creative venue for
> collective and communal expression and global
> communication.
> If you have any additional Questions please
> e.mail us at postcardstonewyork {AT} yahoo.com
> We hope that you will pass this along to anyone
> or any organization that will be interested.
> Thank you for your participation.
> We will look forward to receiving your postcards.
> Yours,
> Kendal Kennedy
> Curator
> kendalkennedy {AT} yahoo.com


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