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Re: <nettime> Bush's administration new network
Fred Baube on Sat, 13 Oct 2001 02:09:43 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Bush's administration new network

Thusly spake Ana Viseu:
> [The Bush administration wants to create a new network that runs parallel
> to the internet but has no links to it. This new network would be called
> 'Govnet' and critical information to the govt. would be communicated
> thorough it. It seems like Bush's administration is not really aware of the
> fact that no network is secure, no matter how many 'locks' you put in place
> because there is always going to be an element you cannot totally control:
> people. Best. Ana]

I don't (yet) see how this is any different from what the Pentagon did.  
Years ago they decreed that military/DoD traffic would be taken off the 
net (which was after all originally _their_ net, but they got the hell off 
when they saw what it was mutating into).  They did it, and now it's done.  
I wonder if it _has_ cut down on problems (like viruses and worms and 
spammers and employees surfing for Britney pix and cheese-flavored dog 
food); can anyone comment ?


fred baube

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