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RE: <nettime> Violent Agreement
rcam on Thu, 11 Oct 2001 22:31:01 +0200 (CEST)

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RE: <nettime> Violent Agreement

And the barriers to the movement of people were strengthened in the same
period, in 1996 in the US, Schengen in the EU, and Australia in 1992.  Also
(and I'm most familiar here with Australia), the taxation take - especially
from incomes - increased, which means a shift in expenditure rather than a
contraction.  The major beneficiaries of this shift were defense, policing,
jails and border patrolling.   I guess those could be called 'core
missions', but it would seem a little ironic to describe them as part of
some neo-liberal project.


: >  > Neoliberalism
: >
: >The more something is repeated, the more it must be true...  What, other
: >than repetition (and a certain perspective), would indicate that the last
: >decade or so might be characterised as neo-liberalism?
: >
: >Angela
: That a lot of barriers to the movement of goods (and finance) across
: countries were removed? That a lot of governments undertook policies
: to shrink their size, and to divest themselves of state-owned
: enterprises in the hope that a smaller government focused on its core
: missions would be a more efficient and less corrupt government?
: Brad DeLong

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