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<nettime> Amusing note from RIAA
Jim Fleming on Thu, 4 Oct 2001 22:37:02 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Amusing note from RIAA

>from http://www.fuckedcompany.com/extras/riaa_email.cfm
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>From: Hilary Rosen <hrosen {AT} riaa.com>
>Sent: 9/25/01
>Subject: Peer to Peer Services
>Dear all:
>It is time to get coordinated and aggressive with the new round of peer to
>peer services. The amount of music being downloaded is, as you know,
>reaching unprecedented levels. Since college started last week Morpheus
>traffic was up to 19 million downloads per day. AND THAT'S JUST MORPHEUS.
>With the imminent launch of legitimate subscription services we have to
>get our customers back.
>I know you want your new businesses to be successful. So do I. Given the
>overwhelming volume of these alternative services, RIAA can't handle all
>of the enforcement alone. If they are not controlled more effectively and
>consumers redirected to legitimate offerings, there won't be new
>businesses. That's obvious.
>You are all competitors, but you have common interests in enforcement.
>Help me help you. I'd like to have a meeting at the RIAA in October as
>soon as possible. If you agree to participate, I will have my assistant
>try and work with schedules to get a date that works.
>I want to keep the meeting small to start (we can expand participation to
>other companies later).
>We need to discuss:
>1. Spoofing and/or interdiction methods for existing peer to peers -
>(perhaps by adding promotional messages about the launch of various new
>2. A PR campaign
>3. We will share the latest legal strategies and RIAA's thinking on
>Please plan on attending. I am cautious about sending alternates because
>we need people who have the ability to make decisions and commit to
>Best regards,

Jim {AT} autonomedia.org

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