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<nettime> Autonogram 8: Autonomedia and 9/11
John Armitage on Wed, 3 Oct 2001 20:37:15 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Autonogram 8: Autonomedia and 9/11

[Hi all, here is some information and a few articles on NYC 9.11 for those
whom Ben at Autonomedia in NYC calls 'dissident voices'. John.] 

From: Ben at Autonomedia [mailto:ben {AT} autonomedia.org] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2001 8:18 PM
To: Recipient List Suppressed
Subject: Autonogram 8: Autonomedia and 9/11

Greetings --
On September 11, I made it over to Autonomedia Headquarters at about 
10 in the morning. Our building is about two blocks from the East 
River on the Brooklyn side, and one wall of windows gives a view of 
lower Manhattan that was sometimes described as "stunning." There 
were a lot of other words for it that morning, and as we watched both 
towers come tumbling down, we continually asked each other "what can 
this mean?" and "what's going to happen now?" An interesting aspect 
of that morning was that almost no mainstream media outlets were able 
to broadcast, as their transmitters were downed, and the one TV 
station we COULD get was necessarily improvising -- there were no 
animated graphics or catchphrases yet, no Ground Zero or Infinite 
Justice to shape our consciousness of this day's events. There was 
not yet any meaning to any of it, just images and intensely lived 
time. That long moment of weird purity would end soon enough, of 
course, and since then the struggle for an autonomous media has felt 
even more vitally important.

The "Forum" part of the Autonomedia web site, the Interactivist Info 
Exchange (a joint project with ABC No Rio and the InterActivist 
Network), is a dynamic clearinghouse of articles and discussion 
posted by its registered users and random guests, and has become an 
immensely valuable resource in these last weeks. Dissident voices 
haven't had an easy time of it, but so far over 270 articles have 
been published to our site, some of which have stirred up lively 
discussion within the site. If you haven't explored the Info Exchange 
yet, please take a few minutes to browse its contents, and register 
if you feel so inspired. Registration isn't required to read articles 
or leave comments, but is necessary to post full articles; also, it's 
free, and the information won't be used for anything slimey.

Here's a list of a few articles posted in the last three weeks:

An Anti-Authoritarian Response to the War Efforts

Interview with Afghani Left Revolutionary

Chomsky Responds to Hitchens & Further Questions on U.S. Politics

Three Political Websites Downed After Government  "Homeland Security" Threat

The Anti-Globalization Movement after 9/11 by George Caffentzis of 
Midnight Notes

Short Comment from Michael Hardt, Co-Author of 'Empire', on September 11th

Post WTC Review of Hardt and Negri's "Empire" from the London Review of

One Hundred Raids on Italian Radicals, Sixty Detained, Numerous Firebombings

and the first post on the topic, with some very interesting replies,
World Trade crater

So, have a look, register if you like, and help keep free and 
autonomous media healthy and vital.

Ben at Autonomedia

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