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<nettime> festival of resistance, ljubljana, june 16

The Festival of Resistance in Ljublajna, Slovenia
By Globala

16th of june, Ljubljana, Slovenia is going to host the
American-Russian summit. The meeting of the president of the USA
George Bush and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin is going to
take place.

Slovene economical-political elite is greeting the decision to have
the American-Russian summit in Ljubljana. For them this is an
opportunity for Slovenia to show its achievements in the face of the
whole world.

We also think that the summit is an ideal opportunity to show the
achievements of their rule in Slovenia. These are:

- violations of the basic rights of foreigners and immigrants in
Slovenia (concentration camps for illegal immigrants, shooting on
immigrants at the border)

- system and police repression on subcultures and others minorities
(sexual, cultural, ethnical)

- destruction of the social state and gradual diminution of labour
rights in favour of the parazitic capital and its management

- acts that are aiming at preventing any possible resistance through
corporative feudalism, through repressive measures in legislation and
through strengthening of the police

- the establishment of the police state in the border areas which are
becoming the impassable wall of the Europe-fortress

- aggressive ideological polarization of the society on the
patriarchic-catholic camp and liberal camp. Latter proclaimed rights
on the declarative level and denies them on the capillar level by the
fascist administrative mechanisms and measures

- violent, backed by media, pushing into so called Euro-Atlantic
integrations (NATO and EU), which has the aim to militarize the
country, final destruction of the mechanism of the social state,
liberalization of the labour market, restructuration of the
agriculture into big complexes with the proletarization of small

Particular episodes of repression are connected. We have to link
singular struggles against domination and repression to bind them into
the mosaic of refusal and collective desire for alternative meaning
and aim of individual and collective existence. Against the power that
organizes our experiences and relations in the direction of exclusion,
inequality and hierarchy, we fight for experiences and relations that
are going to live in potentiality, plurality and creativity.

We do not attack singular anomalies of the system. Through the
engagement in the particular and local problems we are figting against
global logic of power, which works on micro and macro level. Bush and
Putin are its most exposed representatives. Our desire is to open the
new space for all those that are excluded from the existing power, to
give them visibility and to start the process that is going to define
new space of alternative relations and communications through the
struggle against existing organisation and codification of flows and

We propose you to join us on the 16th of june in Ljubljana, to build a
Festival of Resistance and to compose this mosaic of desire,
creativity and freedom.

Office for intereventions Globala

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