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<nettime> ,nettimeZ in Croatia (annual update) ...

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a long update to goingONs in Croatia CyberSpace

	first a number new commercial activities have started to be more
	interesting within Croatian CyberSpace ---> examples:

	http://www.ponuda.com/ - a small shop 50square meteres in it's
	virtual incarnation within 5 min walk from my house is FIRST
	Delivery service run from Internet in Croatia

	http://www.drstomatolog.com/ - my dentists has a website which
	looks like any other... "news portal"

	http://andreja.iskon.hr/ - first reality show in Croatia,
	made Andreja "average Croatian girl" interested in cooking
	and gues what... chatting ;)
	http://www.klik.hr/ - same company has proven to be the most
	active in the webspace providing both news and services (besides
	being strongest privatly owned ISP fighting exMonopolist
	other then these:
	http://www.vipnet.hr/ - new ISP
	http://www.globalnet.hr/ - also ISP fighting for every user...

	Croatian businesses are gathering around

	while NGOs and independent netactivists/developers prefer

change from one party system of ex presidents Tudjman party, to the
victory of 6 previously liberal & left  coalition proved to be not as
big change as one would hope... for example
government's board has produced strategy for development of Croatia in
21st century http://www.hrvatska21.hr/ and formed office for
"internetisation", however they still think that one of the solution for
crysis in informatisation of society would be giving an island in Adriatic
to Bill Gates for building Microsoft's development center ... No Need 4
Comments here ;)

Other than that:
mama - net.culture club of Multimedia Institute has
taken an central role of presenting international net scene and producing
critical reflection to mainstream consumerism...
Hosting a number of individuals/projects/institutions from
art/activist/theory :
Richard Barbrock, Fran Ilich, Timothy Druckrey, Institute for Applyed
Authonomy, Fredric Jameson, RTMark, Ricardo Dominguez, John Perry Barlow,
Golan Levin, Gerfried Stocker, Chris Hill, Micz Flor, Marina Grzinic,
Keiko Sei, Hito Steyerl, Mark Terkessidis, Alex Galloway, Thomson &
Crainghead and many more ... within programs

http://www.pastforward.org/ - contemporary theory
http://www.mi2.hr/BECOMING_DIGITAL/ - media arts and digital culture
http://www.mi2.hr/cyberkitchen/ - IT + C-theory education for XX
or http://www.mi2.hr/whw/

New label for digital publishing based on "open content" principles,
started within http://www.mi2.hr/radioactive/ media initiative is now
http://www.egoboobits.net/ - producing the most relevant electronic music
in Croatia.

First major books published on topic of CyberTheory,
as compilations of text editied by Kristina Leko (Zivot Umjetnosti), Zoran
Rosko(Knjizevna Smotra) and one translation (cyberspace/cyberbodies/cyberpunk - by M. Featherstone &
R.Burrows translated by Ognjen Strpic).

First data|base|ment + libra/libera project of Attack
collaborative writing.

LABinary has organised
in last September and this years go is to organise next ASU conference
(http://asu.sil.at/) in co-operation with www.Ljudmila.org and www.pro.ba
+ Joanne Richardson + ASU "veterans"
ASU2 = Art Servers Unlimited + Autonomus Spaces Unlimited

... so much 4 the annual update...
in a few hours Croatia will be celebrating yet another"statehood hollyday"
30th of May.

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		.plan as a mission

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