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<nettime> Re: [Nettime-bold] discourse and reflexive text of america:::

> this is the reflexive text of
> america:::::

well permit I don't consider first what could be the part of american
idiotism in your piece but just what could be 'trans west cultural for me
(others could do better). in reading your bestiaire as a pet animalerie i
believed you would show to which level animal symbolism was becoming
disgusting, how in what ugly dolphin-long mane horse it was misleading. but
it seems you write this not as a plagued literature, your denegation of any
inheritance (all symbolist taxed till and again of its so desired esoterism
& opacity etc.) show probably you refuse to anyone to be some sense keeper.
so your text would be seen just as so self referential just as a certified
statement based on the proof of some social evidence you could express as
an autodeclared americagramophone or a sort, and without even to speak
about the fact you imagine it's politically legitimate and harmless to do
as well (except for a royalist and a marketing manager) at least you could
cut your loose in saying 'any resemblance to person living or dead etc.
except yourself etc' is it just a bit a la Disney's fair & demon world
stories pet contraband & mortifiary pillage? cause once upon a time the
bestiaire was one of the main jewel of all the popular culture, once upon a
time no one dare to quote it as a thing that belong to nobody, in america
and any country where trot some animals all over the world. if it is
therein where lies your dispossessing american idiotism it's you want to
incarnate some balance sheet or others statement of account..well then take
heart hombre & don't forget so vivid taxes (then use and abuse of % and
other = or -..be sure I split of laugh, really, when one take till sound
for some high-tech ones. hope you care for my laugh)

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