James Allan on Wed, 23 May 2001 11:38:23 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> "Without branding you're just another commodity."

 I am not the arms on the Victory of Samothrace.
 I am not the cause of the Peloponnesian War.
 I am not Hank Williams.
 I am not the book you left on the subway.
 I am not a rainbow trout.
 I am not repeating: reason over passion.
 I am not missing and presumed dead.
 I am not saying I love you to a perfect stranger.
 I am not 216 colours.
 I am not sharing a palette.
 I am not going up north on highway 35/115.
 I am not Ernest Borgnine in From Here to Eternity.
 I am not driving around Toronto like Glenn Gould.
 I am not as famous as you.
 I am not looking for molybdenite.
 I am not green with envy.
 I am not a fountain of eloquence.
 I am not very good at this.
 I am not saying anything until my lawyer gets here.
 I am not wearing running shoes to the prom.
 I am not going to hang up and try my call again.
 I am not getting a migraine.
 I am not reaching for my gun.
 I am not the discoverer of insulin.
 I am not suitable for framing.
 I am not going to hang myself just to spite you.
 I am not hungover.
 I am not in love with Mary Pickford.
 I am not going to apologise for cross-posting.
 I am not paying for that.
 I am not leaving you anything but guilt.
 I am not making headway.
 I am not spring fed.
 I am not checking the spelleng.
 I am not victim of union busting goons.
 I am not a Great Horned Owl.
 I am not going to slay all first born males.
 I am not just like someone I read about last week.
 I am not going to shake my booty.
 I am not a torrential rainstorm.
 I am not a welfare Cadillac spraying gravel at the door.
 I am not phlegmatic.
 I am not an incredibly ugly Flemish lutenist.
 I am not Barry White.
 I am not Nanook of the North.
 I am not Saint Simon Stylite.
 I am not Saint John the Dwarf.
 I am not Saint John of the Cross.
 I am not Saint Joan.
 I am not Saint Antony, Saint Collumcille or Saint James.
 I am not dreaming of escape.
 I am not scopophilic or is it scopophillic.
 I am not clutching a six-gun to my chest.
 I am not faster, baby, faster.
 I am not impressed with the way this is going.
 I am not a big boy.
 I am not roadkill barbecue.
 I am not going to get stoned in the morning and drunk in the afternoon.
 I am not looking for justification.
 I am not eating walnuts.
 I am not impressed with people who go on and on and on.
 I am not standing and waiting at the corner of Queen and Spadina.
 I am not a ward of the state.
 I am not sleeping on the couch.
 I am not cutting my hair like Franz Liszt.
 I am not good to the last drop.
 I am not an Iroquois warrior.
 I am not beating his head against a wall.
 I am not joining the French Foreign Legion.
 I am not asking questions.
 I am not following domestic affairs.
 I am not an astronaut floating in space.
 I am not 6 feet tall.
 I am not dead.
 I am not a cartoon character.
 I am not talking about guns anymore it's getting embarrassing.
 I am not falling for that trick again.
 I am not aware of any conflict of interest.
 I am not listening to you la-la-la-la-la.
 I am not going to rock and roll all night and party everyday.
 I am not a cigarette butt in the ashtray of your dreams.
 I am not wise in the ways of the force.
 I am not Elizabeth Taylor.
 I am not Richard Burton.
 I am not saying pantaloon in a funny voice at 3 am.
 I am not high-speed internet access.
 I am not running out of things to say.
 I am not dead in a ditch somewhere.
 I am not an opera singer though you'd think so by looking at me.
 I am not telling the truth.
 I am not aware of any precedent.
 I am not leaving work at noon.
 I am not a scientific American.
 I am not the man in a grey flannel suit.
 I am not desperately looking for you in a crowd.
 I am not comfortable with the habits of a monk.
 I am not Norman Vincent Peale.
 I am not Norman Levine.
 I am not telling anyone.
 I am not going to Montreal, I'm broke.
 I am not speaking into a microphone like Fred in Double Indemnity.
 I am not standing in your back yard.
 I am not throwing my vote away.
 I am not a ninja.
 I am not a Thuja Occidentalis on the Niagara Escarpment.
 I am not fresh as a daisy.
 I am not blowin in the wind my friend.
 I am not a U-boat captain.
 I am not going to hurt you or your friend but the dog's another story.
 I am not made in Canada.
 I am not a spy.
 I am not covered in oil.
 I am not moving slowly toward you.
 I am not wearing socks.
 I am not going to kiss you.
 I am not laughing she said.
 I am not living in a foreign country.
 I am not seeing red.
 I am not finished with you yet.
 I am not looking for a ride.
 I am not part of the X-men.
 I am not paying for your drinks.

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