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<nettime> reinventing the ASCII stream digest - and closing it's source?

> From: integer@www.god-emil.dk
> Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 17:08:02 +0200 (CEST)
> Subject: Re: <nettime> Live ASCII Streaming
> >Live ASCII Streaming of Video
> nato.0+55 converts video. live video. 3d. qtvr + sound to ascii in
> _realtime.
> nato.0+55 converts ascii to live video. 3d. qtvr + sound in _realtime.
> http://www.eusocial.com/242.schone.neue.veLt/
> ciao.nn

re all,

i really appreciate the java applet done by Drazen Pantic: besides it's
use, if he decides to release it under the GNU Public License, that code
is going to be also a good start for the development of a java client
working with codec compressed ascii stream technology, what we're
actually developing with the soon to be released hascii project at

as somebody allready pointed out, Jan Hubicka did a great job with his
aa-project, letting many programmers free to use his well documented
library, in fact multiplying his invention. finally i'm just one of
those programmers.

that sourcecode is covered under the Lesser GNU Public License.

i notice much talk in this mailinglist about this NATO closed source
"artistic" software, brightly celebrated by the Net-Art scene. finally i
saw also this ascii rendering feature into it, and there it came a
doubt: the rendering made by NATO software looks identical to the one
done with the AA-Lib by Jan Hubicka. also the ascii2image rendering
looks much identical to the one done with the Ascii Gimp plugin. it
could be that commercial software is enclosing Free Software, violating
it's license.

true or not, it's interesting to note that there's no way to check this.

concerning this provocation, the most significant point in it is that
such a doubt can be raised on a commercial software that usually gets so
much attention and success from the so called Net-Art establishment:
then - sorry to say - it's a bit naive to wonder why the Free Software
community is so far from it.


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