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<nettime> What is Ecological Debt

"We have just heard that our friend from Nigeria and our friend from Fiji,
and we can really see that there are a lot of problems going on on our
planet, and that we could talk about them for days and day and still there
would be a lot of problems that we probably didn't even know about. So many
problems are global in nature, that everyone one way or another is being
Lets talk about CO2 - one of the [global] warming gasses. Before the
so-called industrial revolution we had something like 280 parts per million
of CO2 in the atmosphere, and now we have 365 [parts per million of CO2],
some 30% more. We have changed the whole planet by increasing by one third
the warming gasses in the atmosphere.
We can talk about forests. Half of the forests that were one day on the face
of the planet are now gone. Can you imagine? Half. Fifty per cent of all the
forests in the world have been destroyed.
And we can talk about water, and we can talk about many things, but just with
these two statistics that I have mentioned we can realise that the capacity
of the human being to destroy the planet is global. It is not only that a
given forest in a given country is being destroyed. We're talking about the
whole planet."
- Riccardo Navarro, Chairperson of Friends of the Earth International

Excerpt from the "What is Ecological Debt" forum, held in Melbourne,

All of the recordings from the "What is Ecological Debt" forum are now online
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