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<nettime> make world

dear nettimers!

the following is a special invitation to a particular event
taking place in munich/germany from october 17 to 21, 2001.
you may understand it as an early announcer, as a project
outline, a call for contributions, a letter of intent or as
the starting point of a debate. after living some years
together in munich olia lialina and me got the chance, to
organise a major event or a sort of pilot project around the
issues of netcritic, cybercultur, hacktivism, netart, media
theory and so on. it's a matter of course to post the first
publication exclusively to nettime, from where it shall
circulate and be forwarded to whom it may concern. 

the title of the project consists of a command line and a
specification. "make world" is a unix command, which updates
the whole operating system while running. "border=0" and
"location=yes" are two tags used in html or javascript, but
taken literally both may also make a statement or draw a

frankly speaking the idea of that project turned out from a
very personal approach: first of all "border=0 location=yes"
was the title of the first and last joint lecture of olia
and me. furthermore it means much more than combining two
slogans which may characterise our work over the last few
years. maybe it sounds banal, but internet and precisely
nettime and it's community has changed our lifes. we met in
97 in ljubljana at the "the beauty and the east" conference,
knowing each others already since long time on the
mailinglist. we started to work together from apparently two
opposite endings of the world (east and west), of the net
(art and activism) and of nettime (net.art and net critic).
such dualism originated neither from a conceptual ambition
nor an utopian promise. it's weird, but sometimes it really
works. i'm sure, over the last six years very different
people gathered in lists like nettime and they changed. but
what makes a difference?

so, the idea of the festival in munich next autumn is to
explore new forms of subjectivities or lets say: processes
of subjectivation, which are usually covered by the
buzzwords "globalization" and "informatization". this may be
understood as a rather introspective approach and in deed
there is a certain need for reflection and redefinitions.
after the hype it's no longer fashionable to make empty
promises or announce "soon there will be..."
business-models. speculative energy may migrate to other
platforms, it may find it's real potential in the
bio-political dimension of the current, dramatic changes of
the world and how they affect our lifes.

such an attempt has to be an collaborative effort and it has
to happen on various levels and in all directions. one of
the many possible tie-ups between the event and the nettime
list might be a print publication in the tradition of zk
proceedings. in the style sheet of a newspaper it will be
handed out instead of a catalog and in a high number of
copies. It should  consist of revised postings, which are
referring to the project and it's five tracks:
- labor without borders
- virtual borders
- europe under construction
- open sources
- living in a society of control

probably the event would be an opportunity to make a nettime
meeting (the seventh year itch ;) and discuss the
perspectives of the nettime project as a whole. anyway, what
we already can announce is a intriguing conference package: 
1. "Wizzards of OS 2" from october 11-13 in Berlin
2. then a transport to Munich, where we can meet in
workshops and stop by at the Systems fair
3. % make world --with border=0 location=yes event

take care!

florian schneider <mailto:fls@kein.org>
olia lialina <mailto:olialia@teleportacia.org>


% make world
A festival in Munich from October 17-21, 2001

B O R D E R = " 0 "  L O C A T I O N = " Y E S " 

[please forward, make a note of, subscribe, contribute,

0YES is the shortcut to a project, which tries to keep track
of new forms of subjectivity carried out by current and
ongoing modifications of the reality summarized under the
buzzwords "informatization" and "globalization". And in the
return: Which role will borders play in the cultural,
political and social dimensions of the so called information

0YES will take place from October 17 to 21 in Munich
--infront of the backdrop of one of the fastest growing High
Tech- and New Media cluster. So far the constantly renewed
composition of population and working class raised
questions, which are obviously covered neither by
conventional concepts let alone by the multi-cultural
discourse: How do life and working sphere of people really
change? Which possibilities for cultural, social and
political articulation and organization are yielded by the
immaterialisation of labor? With what and how people are
occupied, as soon as they go off-line or in case they are
not on-line eventually at all? Does the merging of work and
spare time in the postmodern industries lead to digital
exclusions and electronic isolation? How can new public
spaces be maintained jointly? What occurs to the dialectics
of high and subculture, own and other culture, as soon as a
global, virtual Mainstream is being developed? 

 < <  I N P U T 

What by now appears as a more or less violent argument
around globalization as well as paradigm shift in the
european migration discourse, virtually means more than a
overdue update: The dramatic technological, political and
economic changes of the 90's cannot only refer to the fluxes
of money, goods and capital, but have enormous, central and
direct effects to the life of the people around the world.
Even in their inconsisteny, diversity and manifoldiness the
processes of globalization and informatization do contain
immense creative potentials. But these are not even partly
forseeable from the apparently participateless observing
perspectives of just "proponents" or "critics". 

At the latest with the fall of the Berlin wall the border
was rediscovered as a subject of aesthetic and
aestheticising production. While in the 90's assisted by the
dissemintaion of the new communication technologies
international and interdisciplinary co-operation literally
blasted former block and genre borders away, a postmodern
border regime was released with semi-permissable and
diaphragmatic filters. The theoretical debate around
"Hybridity" may have caused a boom of trans- and
interdisciplinary projects, which circle in different ways
around the topics of borders. Between a lot metaphoricism,
coquetry with almost unlimited playgrounds for associations
and a badly moralising and essentialising approach today
there are numerous projects, which operate a crossing,
tearing and excebeding of borders with extreme consequence.
They don't  remain there, but pose questions of of
collaboration and productivity, autonomy and commonness. 

> > O U T P U T 

0YES will consist of a three to four-day core event from
17th till 21th of October 2001 in Munich, around which
various meetings, exhibitions, events and workshops are
grouped. Herfore a mix of diverse forms of presentations
seems to be necessary: Exhibitions, installations,
performances, screenings, parties, shows, workshops, panel
debates, lectures. It may blur  the formal and contentwise
borders between conference and exhibition, art and politics,
speech and presentation. 

0YES pursues both the exploration of new and the advancement
of currently existing projects in the political, cultural
and artistic fields. The project covers a multilayered and
ambiguous structure, whose core exists in setting up a sort
of operating system. In the specific context different
interfaces will be conceived and arranged: For the very
beginning this essentially concerns 
 - a congress with renowned key note speakers and panelists
from all over the world;
 - international forums, which bundle and analyse the
experiences of other meetings as a sort of meta-events;
 - one-day fair, where initiatives and projects can present
 - workshops, where experiences are being exchanged and
networking is practically advanced. 

And, on the other hand a series of: 
 - an exhibition focussing not on objects, but processes of
 - performances trying to intervene directly into the
current debate
 - installations, which regenerate and represent a wide
range of available concepts and developments. 

The events are centered around the premises of Munichs
finest concert hall Muffathalle <http://www.muffathalle.de>
and the new media art gallery Lothringer13
<http://www.lothringer13.de>, which act as portal sites to
extensions over public spaces in the entire city. Further on
various locally and temporally shifted remote events will be
attached, interconnected by web reporting and live
streaming. A special notion is attached to the pre- and
reinforcement of the project: Within open structures
co-operation and a dynamic exchange are to be facilitated,
which may be extended far beyond the actual core event. In
the context of the first preparations different European
art-, cultural and media-centers were contacted as well as 
numerous personalities, who shall join an "editorial board"
in order to codesign the event.

base url: http://make-world.org
mailto: contrib@make-world.org
mailinglist: update@make-world.org

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