Terrence Kosick on Fri, 18 May 2001 21:05:32 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> RHIZOME_RAW: a final thought

     [orig To: omjn <eightohm@iinet.net.au>, CC: dstreever 
      <dstreever@netzero.net>, list@rhizome.org]

Terrence writes;

A rare and simply superior Raw cut;

Us bulls on Rhizome Raw have the big salty balls my little moo moo.

T- bone

artnatural + jamon jamon

omjn wrote:

>  hello Terrencelets a start a flame war titled, I post more often than
> you do so I am the superior Raw meat.in countering, we, the parasitic
> lurkers who only feed our ego's in the absence of electronic
> contributions, will retaliate that our posts may be infrequent, but
> are of such INTENSITY so as to heighten all participants intellectual
> involvement for the brief moments that said posts occur.  If we did
> this all the time all you serial posters would have psychic burnout.i
> am the moo moo, you are the bull in the china shoploveomjn
>      Terrence writes;
>      I noticed that the people that suddenly appear to bitch
>      about you and antiorp never contribute much else to the
>      list. Maybe they like it to be perfectly proper or empty.
>      I think all this personal debate is a sort of Raw list
>      community therapy. I m ok you are not ok I am not ok you are
>      not ok. she/he is not ok i am ok.
>      It is funny. Stop attacking mee `1 moo moo moooo!

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