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>From: "Andreas A. Milles" <>
>Sent: Monday, May 14, 2001 8:58 PM
>Subject: Interview with Clifford Stoll
>Cliff stoll by train on the way to hamburg:
>1st class. Leaving leipzig along the way to hannover. two hours in the
>train. passing dessau, magdeburg, reaching hannover.
>first, we were talking about his new book, about his "Killer Application" in
>the recent years, and about my job at nc3 WEBcreativ, a company that does
>live streams and onDemand Video Productions.
>A. Cliff, what are you thinking of at the moment ?
>C. I<B4>m thinking of peer-to-peer video streaming, peer-to-peer communication.
>Another reason why this is a good way of distributing information is because
>it can take place, when no one is around. unlike central database, where
>everything is stored in one location. You can download it, copy it. Don<B4>t
>have to wait until its free on the central server and you don<B4>t have to
>block the server with hundreds of thousands of requests.
>It has the disadvantage of the more random, less predictible connection.
>I<B4>m surprised, there<B4>s no video, or video streaming equivalent to napster 
>it has to happen. someone must say "oh! instead of just connecting music,
>here is video clips, movies". I imagine, some time people are going to
>exchange video tapes or movies - the same way they exchange music. Seems
>almost obvious. it will take longer, but when T1 or T3 lines get more
>common, how long does it take to download a movie on a T3 line ?

nato.0+55 does that. specifically 242.wto does so.

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