scotartt on Wed, 16 May 2001 03:34:28 +0200 (CEST)

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I think it's more interesting for the fact that here we have a argument of
'Philosophy of Media' which doesn't quote a single philosopher of
media: no literature, film, media, cultural or other theorist. Nearly all
of which contain a large body of work referencing such philosophers as
Neitzche and Wittgenstein, and apply those philosophies to the media at
hand, and develop new arguments, critiques and yes philosphies in regard
to those media.

Generally, I find a lot of 'philosophy' about media (meaning: that which
comes from the Philosophical Department) overbearing. Such philosophers
like to think of themselves as standing apart from mere Theorists of
Media. Those theorists have mostly been in the down and dirty of human
communication for over 50 years, but this of course counts for
nothing; it's not produced by Philosophers so it can't possibly be of any
use in a Department of such.

sorry for being so cynical about it.


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