Lorenzo Taiuti on Sun, 13 May 2001 22:31:17 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Election Day!!!

Dear Paola di Maio,Brian Holmes & The net/izens
Yes Paola, i agree with you that the problem Berlusconi is a problem 
that can only be treated on European Community bases & laws.
If nothing because the law structures in Italy has been powerless to do 
anything.(Powerless because emptied of power...) .
About the call for theories that Holmes does i could not agree more.
But where are the new oppositions? To make new theories you have to deal 
with an emerging new reality.
Not now, not in Italy.
Even great industry ( Agnelli-Fiat) has come out with a helping hand to 
Berlusconi criticizing the critiques made on him around the world.And 
Montezemolo (the hero/manager of Ferrari car races) is presenting 
himself on "Forza Italia" lists.
But now we are on the Eve of the Big Event!!!
In front of the devastating activity of Cavalier Berlusconi let me 
remember an "old sonnet" wrote in the thirties to praise the relentless 
activity of Mussolini:
"Sorge il Sole
Canta il Gallo
Mussolini Salta a Cavallo..."
You could not say more with less.
I will try to translate ( But as you know to translate is to betray...):
"The Sun Rises
The Cock Sings
Mussolini Jumps on the Horse..."
I propose a Net/Game:
Substitute the name Mussolini with Berlusconi in the sonnet.
Expecially in italian the rhyme keeps perfectly the place!!
Election Day.( The Revenge!!)
Lorenzo Taiuti

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