hidenori watanave on Sat, 12 May 2001 18:54:33 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> [photongraph]and other projects


I'm hidenori watanave,a game planner / designer in Harajuku,TOKYO-JAPAN. I
had studied ARCHITECTURE in graduated schoool of Science UNIV.of Tokyo,
and had planed / designed PLAYSTATION game at Sony Computer Entertainment
till Last year. Now, I am a member of LOVELINK,Team of...Game
project,echological activity,rave organizer,and so on.

Thank Mr.Lovink very much for let me to join "nettime ML".

In My latest project,[photo oriented movie] - photo'n graph -, I tried to
make movie by deforming,photo[n]mizing,and blurrinng many many photographs
that taken by many anonymous peoples.

website URL is

#QuickTime4.0 or Later is required,
#and Some KANJI-word,
#QuicktimeVR,JAVA,Quicktime MOVIE are included.
NEW_EST movie is

other my ARCHITECTURAL projects,
(Sorry Japanese Only)


Let's talk about Spacial,Architectural,High/Sub-Culturalistic things! (w
See you Later.

++ hidenori watanave (26)
A) 3d-graffitist @ Lovelink
B) Kyoto Univ.of Art'n Design
C) Asagaya college of Art'n Design

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