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No land on earth may be considered free, if freedom means to engage in
activities that endanger the well-being of corporate enterprise. So
long as, and only so long as, nations understand their place on
earth as being in service of, and at the beck of, the driving forces
of economics, so shall these nations be afforded a place at the right
hand of power. But let the tiniest nation--yea, even Gibraltar, even
the Isle of Man--arise upon the poop-deck of declamation... let it
wield for even a moment the baton of popular power against the
furnace of progress... let it stagger drunkenly into the path of the
train of misguidedness... then, indeed, shall that nation see the full
force of our petulance and our peevishness unleashed squarely upon its
head, and all its head's heads as well.

(Sorry for that rant--we have a bug on our shoulder
since the latest round of dangerous-idea circulation masquerading as

Granwyth Hulatberi-Hulatberi-Smith

You wrote:
>My enquiry was to do with whether Gibraltar has a relationship with WTO that
>was similar to the one we, the Isle of Man, has.  Your response does not
>help me on this.  Can you say anything more e.g. is it free to have its own
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>Yes. Gibraltar is a little plot of land at the tip of Spain, right
>across from Morocco, under the governorship of Britain. The WTO is the
>World Trade Organization, which was created to allow a greater freedom
>for corporate entities to engage in their activities unhampered by the
>protective strategies of democratically elected governments.
>Why do you ask?
>You wrote:
>>Could you advise me of the relationship of Gibraltar to the WTO?  
>>Stephen Carse
>>Government Economic Adviser
>>Economic Affairs Division
>>The Treasury
>>Illiam Dhone House 
>>2 Circular Road
>>Isle of Man
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