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RE: <nettime> Amerika for Theorists (fwd)

Understand first of all that we are intellectuals and as such we are
entitled to judge the rest of society and when we find it lacking to
dictate how it should be properly organized.  Never mind that we live and
work cloistered away in ivory towers, detached from the lives of most the
people of this country and the world.  Understand that real actual reality
does not matter, all that matters is our perception of reality as
distorted by our self-hatred and wish fufilment.

Understand that those who disagree with us will be attacked and demonized
as racists, sexists, homophobes, fascists.  Understand that those whose
lives we feel entitled to shape and distort using the coercive power of
the state are desperately in need of our help, despite what they or anyone
else might believe.  We will disregard the destruction we have brought on
them and instead blame the failure of all of our earlier efforts on the
malevolence of our enemies.

Understand that while living the good life made possible by free markets
and democracy in the most peaceful, free, tolerant and prosperous country
ever to exist in the history of the world, we will attack the very system
and citizenry who make our level of freedom and material comfort possible.  
We will hold our society up to impossible standards, demanding utopia, but
ignoring the day-to-day and year-to-year improvements in the lives of
ordinary people.  We will ignore the freedom and wealth, beyond the
wildest imaginings of our ancestors, which virtually everyone in our
society enjoys.

Understand that we will ignore the 100 million innocents murdered and the
hundreds of millions more who have led lives of poverty and repression in
Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua and
everywhere our beliefs have actually been put into practice.  Understand
that although we defended those regimes and held them up as examples to be
emulated, we will pretend that those crimes had nothing to do with us or
our beliefs.  We will delude ourselves into believing that next time
someone puts our beliefs into practice it will be different, like an
unrecovered alcholic who believes that next time he picks up a drink he
will be able to control himself, despite all past evidence to the

Understand that the death, destruction, poverty and repression we have
visited upon people here and abroad are nothing but abstractions.  What is
truly important is our vision of "social justice," not the actual lives of
the people who have suffered under the conditions our vision has brought
about.  Understand that we will detemine the validity of all truthes
solely on the basis of whether they support our belief system.  We will
ignore all evidence which is contrary to what we wish to believe and
denounce as a bigot and liar anyone who dares to speak against us.

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