Lorenzo Taiuti on Wed, 9 May 2001 13:47:01 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Election Day!!!!

Dear Net/timers
As you already know Berlusconi is the MediaMogul and Big Brother who 
threatens to take over the next elections.Inspite worried articles of 
economic and political observers all over the west , our dynamic 
postmodern leader is in full shape.
Hundreds thousands of copies of a 120 pages booklet has been sent to all 
italians so to have a full sight of the birth & growth of a blessed (by 
god & fortune) (ex) young italian business man.

Let me reproduce a few startling words in the beginning of the book:
"In these years another Italy has been born...humble(?!?)  and tenax, 
proud and honest (?!) moderated ( that for sure...) but firm in 
defending liberty principles ( so to say...) ...that has no past to 
Hide...( he has at least about sixty processes going on in Italy & 
outside for forgering, fraud etc...)  and that above all  has no fear to 
hope and believe ( a slight switch to the necessary inspired catholic 
This Italy is Us, it is called Forza Italia!!" (useless to translate i 
It is a pity we cannot use images in mailing lists because you miss 
oustanding images of Cavalier Berlusconi sprawled in the middle of a 
flower bed ( an interesting mixture of J.J. Rousseau and forties 
pin-ups..). Irresistible images of schooling years (you may recognize 
the bright, alert eyes..).
Intriguing freudian insights seem to come out of the chapter about His 
father Luigi Berlusconi, beeing the title the biblic "In the Name Of The 
Father" .
All dressed in white (a  Fred Astaire souvenir?..) He walks around his 
cute babies (now grown up with a surprising look alike  to the baby 
Alien 1 in the widely famous Ridley Scott Movie).
Passionately embrancing His wife ( a real bleached blonde remembering 
the hunger for rich/blond/beauties of the real hungry italian fifties).
You still miss his Mother, a sweet old lady always ready to fight for 
Him in many different situations. 
Countless other episodes i will have to drop.
Interesting elements for previewing his future politics come out from 
the chapter  "Five Great Missions to change Italy!!" and "Five 
Strategies to make a better life for Italians!"  (Five +Five makes 10. 
Last Title "The Building of an Empire!!".( a Postmodern, post 
Baudrillard quotation from the Lexicon of Mussolini the First?).
If Berlusconi does not win the elections i will sell this booklet 
starting from 1000 dollars on the web.
If He wins i am afraid we will have many more of those.
Dear Greetings & Ciao
Lorenzo Taiuti

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