Daniel Young on Wed, 9 May 2001 13:46:57 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> NewZoid: Computer-Generated Artificial News Headlines

NewZoid might interest you.

NewZoid: World's First Computer-Generated Counterfeit News Headlines

Internet Art & Subversive Entertainment Disguises Itself As Scientific

Daniel Young, an American inventor, designer and artist, has launched
NewZoid, an Internet artwork that is the world's first and only synthetic
news headline web site.

Located at http://www.newzoid.com, NewZoid continuously and automatically
reports computer-generated headlines, allegedly from the parallel worlds
theorized by quantum physics. The continually-changing, up-to-the-minute
headlines resemble real ones and range from the entirely believable to the
absurd, shocking and amusing.

NewZoid is based on Young's proprietary computer software. It ranges over
the internet, transforming its raw material into endlessly amazing,
entertaining and baffling headlines. No one ever receives the same group
of headlines twice. With sufficient endurance a person can theoretically
see hundreds of thousands of NewZoid headlines in a day.

NewZoid headlines cover the full range of human interests including world
events, politics, entertainment, science, business, crime and the unusual.
Although they seem real, there is something odd or unbelievable about many
of them. Some can be so compelling, however, that NewZoid must warn
readers not to act on them.

NewZoid also allows people to explore the parallel worlds (and what they
and others are doing in them) by writing their own headlines and receiving
responses. In addition, visitors can vote on favorite headlines and send
sets to friends.

Young says, "I created NewZoid but now it survives on its own. Like a good
parent, I gave it basic guidance, I check its health once in a while, but
I don't run its life." Young adds, "NewZoid never stops changing, it is
always fresh and unpredictable." Young concludes, "It is a great antidote
to the so-called 'real' news. It is even conceivable that NewZoid is
giving us genuine parallel world headlines." "At the very least, it
presents a healthy challenge to our sense of reality."


NewZoid is at http://www.newzoid.com

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