Ben Moretti on Fri, 4 May 2001 14:19:33 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Collective Unconsciousness Project

((For all you Jungians out there ~ make sure you explore the interface, the
dreaming explorer is quite lovely. It is a very cool project.))

The Collective Unconsciousness Project (TCUP) is not designed to be a
finished project, but an evolving framework that is both created and changed
through interaction with it. It exists as both and online community and
personal space, not as straight forward as an information driven website,
but a nonlinear experience based on chance and the user's interactions. The
purpose is to view connections between our dreams.

Users can contribute to the site by logging their dreams. This has a double
effect, both helping to grow the database of dreams that the project can
explore, and creating a personalized dream log for each user. The explore
section of the site is the realization of TCUP. This is an environment that
allows you to travel from dream to dream in a nonlinear yet interconnected
way -- without being made fully aware of what those connections are, and
without being in control of the path you take.

In this way I hope to make the environment itself very dreamlike. The next
dream that you view will be based on the dream you are currently viewing,
what emotions are related to that dream, etc. Unexpected connections will be
made, and interesting stories will be told. Images will also surface and
pass by. Unable to be viewed for very long, these snapshots of memories aid
to the dreamlike interaction.

This exploration of connections in dreams between different people isn't
meant to draw any sort of conclusion about a particular dream or be any sort
of interpretation. Instead I'm hoping to find interesting and entertaining
similarities amongst a string of dreams that are connected in some way. The
nature of your experience with TCUP will change and shift in the same ways
that a dream often does - unexpectedly, yet somehow making sense at the

TCUP is built to scale well, so the more dreams that are entered into
database, the more accurate and interesting the connections between one
dream and the next will be. The ability for increased accuracy through
natural evolution of the system will help this project mature with time.

In the explore section there is an email list you can sign up for to be
notified of any future changes to TCUP. If you have any questions or
comment, please send them in.

Thanks for your interest.

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