Mike Leggett on Wed, 2 May 2001 13:47:19 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Sorry, there's no fee, c'mon it's just a link!

on 2/5/01 2:59 AM, Keith Sanborn at mrzero@panix.com wrote:
> Why should any transaction exist at all between "artists" working on
> a website and a museum might be the better question, unless it's high
> culture institutional validation and a way to a bigger paycheck
> that's at stake. And for museum directors that's that chance to jump
> on the high tech band wagon and solicit funding from high tech
> companies who might just figure out a way to make the artists work
> into some viable commercial product--I mean the museums and the
> companies want to show their generosity and intelligent support for
> cutting edge work.

If it were only that rational Keith..... goin' back to 1973 (again), I was a
prize-winner in the film/video section of an 'art competition' set up by a
regional arts funding body and a local commercial TV station. Prior to the
formal opening of the exhibition and prize-giving (of quite generous
amounts) I asked the organisers how they were planning to screen my
prize-winning film.
They said they had no plans to include it in the exhibition.
I suggested that it could instead be screened on the sponsoring tv channel.
Without additional payment.

So though the work had been judged 'cutting edge', the high tech company (as
it was then) could establish no connection with their commercial objectives
either on-the-air or in the exhibition space.

About ten years later I was again the winner of a competition mounted by the
same sponsors to collaborate with an artist in the production of a program
for the channel. (If a week is a long time in politics, ten years is an
eternity in broadcasting...) It was a tense working relationship, and whilst
keeping their word and keeping 'hands-off', they had the final call,
scheduling it for transmission at 11.30pm and introducing it quite
maliciously as being 'from the strange world of.....'

Mike Leggett

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