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<nettime> Parties to play the media game in elections

Just a thought.

Coordinated parties created in different countries sharing a common
objective: to take advantage of the media impact in the the elections to
air reasoning and debates around global-glocal issues avoided by the
political agendas. 

They make an extensive use of communication and marketing skills to play
the media game and they refuse explicitly to support any political party
before and after the elections. They are not trying to obtain votes,
they are not trying to win, they simply use any free mass media
time/space ovailable during the election's campaign to spread across the
society issues and reasoning that usually mainly stay in clustered or
specialized environments. 

They would be basically integrated by antiWTO-alike groups that are not
interested in stepping to the political arena by their own. Plus media
activists, artists, researchers and basically any individual wanting to
take part in a socio-political adventure.

To define an ideological common ground, the main objectives, the main
targets and a communication & marketing campaign takes a lot of time and
networking, but not necessarily too much money. The Internet combined
with the networks of the physical groups and associations may get a good
impact just recycling and squeezing existing resources. Parties spend
huge amounts of money not to spread a message once but to spread it
thousand times on every citizen's mind through advertising in the media,
billboards, merchandising, big events. 

The more general the elections are, the more sensitive the citizens
might be. There are several national elections to learn, train and have
some fun before trying to play an interesting media game in the
multinational elections of the European Union on 2004. 

Does it make sense? Are there individuals/collectives working in similar

Thank you in advance for any information. 

Quim Gil

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