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<nettime> Re: Tripod removes activist sites post off-shore pressure
fran ilich on 22 Mar 2001 23:48:53 -0000

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<nettime> Re: Tripod removes activist sites post off-shore pressure

on 19/3/01 5:28 pm, andrew garton at agarton {AT} toysatellite.org wrote:

> According to the webmaster of one of the sites, the free hosting service
> may have removed several other sites which have been accused of "breaking
> regulations" of the company. In its message to the webmasters of the sites,
> Tripod.com said they have abused the facilities on its servers.
> This is the first time the webhosting company has issued such a notice,
> another source said. Tripod.com had experienced a similar predicament
> before, but it only lasted two days, after which the technical problems
> were successfully overcome.

this must be totally standard tripod policy, because when the borderhack
website was being designed, we put it online so the people involved in the
city who where in different citys could comment and work on it. and adter
like 2 days of having it online, it started showing a 404 error which would
redirect you to tripod homepage. then we noticed the login and password for
the account also stopped working. the same happened to us in geocities.

can we call this censure? or should we just keep on smiling, as usual? =)

nos vemos en el futuro.

editor  {AT}  large, sputnik.


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