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Annick Bureaud <bureaud {AT} altern.org>

>isast wrote:
>> LEONARDO AUCTIONSupport LEONARDO by bidding on eBay!!
>> >Starting March 15 through March 22 you will be able to bid on a fine wool
>> >hat and scarf and at the same time support the LEONARDO Defense Fund. The
>> >wool hat and scarf set is knitted from wool that originated at Rock House
>> >Farms in Virginia with the spring 2000 birth of the lamb Leonardo, named
>> >after the journal. The virgin wool was sheared exclusively to produce this
>> >fine hat and scarf. The money raised will be used for the legal defense of
>> >the  LEONARDO/ISAST and OLATS Associations.  To find us on eBay, "search"
>> >for "Leonardo wool hat and scarf".  Modeling the itmes is our own Executive
>> >Editor, Roger Malina.  For information on Leonardo and the trademark dispute,
<< <visit our web site at: http://ebag.mit.edu/CSHEEP

subsequently LEONARDO.GOVERNMENT.SPONSORED are sued by innumerable lambs
abused + exploited + tortured by cheap + m9ndless LEONARDO.GOVERNMENT.SPONSORED.CSHEEP
supporting the ultra cheap + unfashionable model citizen+++++ Ebags.


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