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<nettime> Announcements [15x]

Table of Contents:

   Webcast 135 with topic "LIPS"                                                   
     Station Rose <gunafa {AT} well.com>                                                  

   DECLARATIONS - Call for participation                                           
     Michael Longford <longford {AT} alcor.concordia.ca>                                  

   Getting Into Your Genes: Protecting Health Information- March 14- Privacy Lectur
     Ana Viseu <ana.viseu {AT} utoronto.ca>                                               

   -- digital work for net-z-lab.de                                                
     francis <francis {AT} hgb-leipzig.de>                                                

   dig-berlin empfiehlt raster-noton                                               
     "D.I.G." <info {AT} dig-berlin.de>                                                   

   R E A L T O K Y O  vol.17                                                       
     Tetsuya OZAKI <ozaki {AT} blue.ocn.ne.jp>                                            

   5th ARTS&Games Festival                                                         
     matze.schmidt {AT} n0name.de                                                         

   Legenden der Telematik Die Biene Maja 82.                                       
     matze.schmidt {AT} n0name.de                                                         

   Hyperdub Speed Tribe  {AT}  ICA, London March 30th                                   
     "Katasonix" <data {AT} katasonix.demon.co.uk>                                        

   NETSTRIKE AGAINST TRADING                                                       
     "ricardo dominguez" <rdom {AT} thing.net>                                            

   next cAiiA-STAR conference in Turin, March 28/29                                
     "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                

   new net.art.pieces by WOLF KAHLEN                                               
     "Ruine der Kuenste Berlin" <ruine-kuenste.berlin {AT} snafu.de>                      

   || | || distance.portal || | ||                                                 
     Tina LaPorta <laporta.interport {AT} rcn.com>                                        

   <aucun objet>                                                                   
     "paraschiv.c" <paras.c {AT} infonie.fr>                                              

   call for papers -- Digital Divide                                               
     "Teri Harrison" <harrit {AT} rpi.edu>                                                

     "Tommaso Tozzi" <t.tozzi {AT} ecn.org>                                               


Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 13:08:30 +0100
From: Station Rose <gunafa {AT} well.com>
Subject: Webcast 135 with topic "LIPS"

STATION ROSE STReaming-Fahrplan:

  dear Gunafa Netizen,

here is the new Fahrplan:

tonight WED/7.3.01, 9pm CET:

NetSTReam - Webcast 135 with topic "My Lips Only"
<Body-STReams> project, Level2
- -------------------------------------------------------------------

topic: "My Lips Only"
content: digitizing parts of my body. step by step.
             <Body-STReams>  level2 : LIPS
extra: the series <Body-STReams> is a project I started with Webcast126
(10.11.00). There I showed my EYES only. Now I move on - to the LIPS.
The STReam contents posing, hiding, playing with the cameras, animations,
sound. This is not Viennese Actionism, but Digitized Body-Data.       Elisa

extra 1: Webcast126 - EYES can be found here:

stay with us & don´t go away!

                                                         "Cyberspace  is
Our Land!"


             station rose   3-2001


Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 16:44:18 -0500
From: Michael Longford <longford {AT} alcor.concordia.ca>
Subject: DECLARATIONS - Call for participation

Call for Participation


We are planning a symposium, DECLARATIONS of [inter]dependence and 
the im[media]cy of design to be held on October 25 - 28, 2001 at 
Concordia University, Montreal. The symposium will bring together 
designers, artists, educators and activists to explore the public 
sphere as a space of democratic voice and citizenship with an 
emphasis on graphic agitation, manifestoes, interventions, 
alternative modes of public address, and culture jamming. We are 
committed to the development of a discourse for a socially engaged 
design practice that seeks to address the complex and contradictory 
role designers play as cultural producers in capitalist societies.

Important in our discussions will be the links from theory to 
practice - the strategies for action adopted by image makers and 
cultural producers working both inside and outside "the mainstream." 
Moreover, the rapid expansion of digital technologies is implicated 
in this discourse as a tool and medium for expression. Digital media 
have transformed the discipline of design - changing the ways in 
which we work, allowing direct access to communication networks, and 
opening the door to cross-disciplinary collaborations.

We are actively seeking proposals for interdisciplinary 
presentations, parallel events, interventions, performances, 
roundtable discussions, and workshops. Suggested themes include:

The crisis of meaning in culture and communication design; 
reformulating the roles of consumers and designers as cultural 

* The designer as author
* The role of "content producers" in the new information economy
* Co-opting the language of activist politics in consumer culture
* History and theory - towards a revisionist interpretation of social 
responsibility in design

Strategies for opening public spaces to participatory democracy

* What does it mean to be a visual activist?
* Coalition building - bridging communities of designers, activists, 
artists, and academics for social change
* Virtual unrest and concrete politics
* Activist strategies for street intervention

The methods and means of a dialogic, political, and socially engaged practice

* Self-publishing & alternative press
* How to employ a socially engaged design practice in client-based 
* Non-consumptive forms of visual communication
* When are we selling out? Is there a place for the manifesto in a 
discipline often
characterized by compromise?

Potential contributors should submit a written description of their 
proposal no longer than 500 words together with any relevant visual 
documentation, by April 15th 2001. Please indicate all special 
requirements, such as nature and size of space needed, and any 
equipment necessary for the presentation. Notification of acceptance 
will be made by April 30th 2001.

Submit proposals by e-mail to: longford {AT} alcor.concordia.ca

Michael Longford,
c/o Declarations Organizing Committee
Concordia University

Michael Longford
Assistant Professor,
Department of Design Art
Concordia University
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., VA 244
Montreal, QC H3G 1M8

Vox: 514-848-4249
Fax: 514-848-8627


Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 16:54:44 -0500
From: Ana Viseu <ana.viseu {AT} utoronto.ca>
Subject: Getting Into Your Genes: Protecting Health Information- March 14- Privacy Lecture Series


Getting into your Genes: Protecting Health Information
Wednesday, March 14 2001
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Brendan Seaton
PRIVA-C Solutions

140 St. George, Room 728
Faculty of Information Studies (building adjacent to Robarts Library)
University of Toronto

Of all the information that exists about us, health information is the most 
private. This is because health information describes the very core of our 
being. It speaks to our physical and mental states, and says much about our 
life circumstances and lifestyle choices. In the future our genetic code 
will be available. Whether it will be available for all to see, or 
available to those to whom we choose to disclose it remains to be seen. It 
will be up to lawmakers and technologists to protect our interests.

This presentation will look at the special quality of health information, 
at the ethics of the use and disclosure of health information, and the 
methods we can employ to protect it. Issues concerning the private versus 
the public good will be presented, and hopefully debated in a lively and 
entertaining exchange.

Brendan Seaton is the President of PRIVA-C Solutions, a company 
specializing in information privacy and President of COACH, Canada's Health 
Informatics Association. He is also Chief Privacy and Security Officer for 
Ontario Smart Systems for Health, an initiative to establish a secure 
health information infrastructure to link health care providers in Ontario. 
Brendan has held senior management positions in Veterans Affairs Canada and 
Ontario Blue Cross. He is one of Canada's leading experts in the security 
and privacy of health information.

The lectures are FREE of charge, and there is NO need for registration.

If you would like to receive the announcements from the Privacy Lecture 
Series please register at <http://privacy.openflows.org>

For more info contact:
Ana Viseu <ana.viseu {AT} utoronto.ca>
Robert Guerra <robert {AT} cryptorights.org>
- ----++++----++++----
Tudo vale a pena se a alma não é pequena.


Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 14:53:41 +0100
From: francis <francis {AT} hgb-leipzig.de>
Subject: -- digital work for net-z-lab.de

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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 13:29:22 UT
From: "D.I.G." <info {AT} dig-berlin.de>
Subject: dig-berlin empfiehlt raster-noton

volksbuehne berlin. 12th of march

raster-noton. oacis
optics acoustics calculated in seconds
volksbuehne, berlin, germany
12th of march 2001, start: 9 p.m.

line up:
opiate (thomas knaak, dk)
senking (aka kandis, karaoke kalk, raster-noton,)
robert lippok (member of to roccoco rot)
con (ivan pavlov)
komet (frank bretschneider)
byetone (olaf bender)
cyclo. (ryoji ikeda + carsten nicolai)

+ special guests
dj: pomasl (laton, subetage / austria)
dj: strobocop ( karaoke kalk, cologne)
dj: katzi lenker
visuals by oszo, raster-noton, cyclo.

tickets: 25,- dm



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Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 00:35:01 +0900
From: Tetsuya OZAKI <ozaki {AT} blue.ocn.ne.jp>
Subject: R E A L T O K Y O  vol.17

Hello everybody, (sorry for any cross-postings)

I've just updated the web magazine REALTOKYO!

'Never miss an event again'
With a single mouseclick, save information on films, concerts, plays, 
exhibitions, and clubs to your own personal web scheduler.
The 17th issue of the REALTOKYO web magazine is now on the web.
Check it out at: http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/

R    E    A    L    T    O    K    Y    O
_____09_03_2001_Fri_vol.17___________ http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/

[This Week's Index]

(1) Tokyo, 4 Weeks:
     The Beatles' Project for the New Century
     Recommended by Miyanaga Masataka
(2) Present of the Week:
     Invitation to the preview of 'RUSH !' and many others!

This week RT Recommends:
cinema+stage+music+art+design+others = 50 articles
including 17 new articles! Check them out!

(1) Tokyo, 4 Weeks
The Beatles' Project for the New Century
about the film "A Hard Day's Night"

Recommended by Miyanaga Masataka

'Chaaannn'... the abrupt and unmistakable guitar sound of the
beginning of the theme song reverberates in the air.  It sounds
so much stronger than before.  I was convinced that they purposely
decided to do it.  I'll explain what I was convinced about...


(2) Present of the Week

We've prepared lots of presents!  Send in your name!  Be aware
that each present has a different closing date.
Instead of announcing the winners we just send them their prize.

(* is new!)
*Invitation to the preview of 'RUSH !'
*Invitation to the preview of 'Mighty children creates the new era 2001'
*Invitation to the preview of 'LIES'
* 'LIES' press sheet
Olympus's Sound Object presented by ScanTalk Club
Invitation to the preview of 'American Psycho'
'Ratcatcher' catalogue
Special goods of 'Ed and Ellis in Tokyo'
REALTOKYO stickers (ten per set)

To apply and for further information, please contact:

Please send your ideas and opinions to info {AT} realtokyo.co.jp.
Three users who send us mail will be chosen to receive a little gift

- ---PR---------------------------------------------------------------
ad {AT} realtokyo.co.jp <mailto:ad {AT} realtokyo.co.jp>
REALTOKYO is looking for advertisers wanting to put banners in the
website and mail magazine.  Banners will get lots of hits from people
attracted to a website full of catchy information on cinema, art,
music, the theatre and other fun events in town.
Please contact the following email address for dimensions and costs.
info {AT} realtokyo.co.jp <mailto:ad {AT} realtokyo.co.jp>
- -----------------------------------------------------------------PR-

- --------------------------------------------
Tetsuya OZAKI

Editor in Chief / REALTOKYO

TH Samoncho Bldg. #201
14 Samoncho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
160-0017 Japan
TEL:81(0)3-3356-0353$B!!(B  FAX:81(0)3-3353-6971
ozaki {AT} realtokyo.co.jp
- --------------------------------------------


Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 21:30:36 +0100
From: matze.schmidt {AT} n0name.de
Subject: 5th ARTS&Games Festival

5th ARTS&Games Festival

March 9-11, 2001, at the Humboldt University, Berlin
Department of Cultural Studies and Art
The topic of the upcoming festival is: Spielfeld (playground / 
playing field / playing board)
Location:  K[Punkt]- Aktions- und Medienraum des Kulturwissenschaftlichen 
Seminars der Humboldt Universität zu Berlin - Monbijoustr.3, D-10117 
For further information contact the local organiser: 
Alexander Klose, Rungestr. 13, D-10179 Berlin, Tel.: 0049-30-27593197 
Fax: 0049-30-20931927; e-mail: alexander.klose {AT} rz.hu-berlin.de


Friday, March 9th, 2001

18:00	Manfred J. Holler (Professor of Economics, University of Hamburg):
Welcome to ARTS&Games - "Duchampian Evolution and Darwin's Egg"
18:45	Alexander Klose (HU-Berlin, cultural studies) Welcome to K[Punkt] -
"The Schitzow Shop Experiment" - narration of an experimental real shop
19:45	John Sedgwick (Principal Research Fellow, University of North
London):    "Vertical and Horizontal Differentiation of Film Screens"
20:45	Philipp von Hilgers (Humboldt University), Introduction to "Discourse
Analyzing Machine"

Saturday, March 10th, 2001

14:00	Sofia Blind (Economist, Geilnau) "Piles of Tiles. The Theory of
Tiling in Five Axes, with Practical Exercises"
14:45	Sabine Kramer (Artist, Hamburg): " No game without dirty hands - a
creativity exercise"
15:45	Ben Spencer (Glasgow): "The Glasgow Space"
16:30	Barbara Klose-Ullmann (Munich Institute of Integrated Studies):
"Chromatic Diet Revisited - Dimensions of Interaction"
17:00	S O U P B R E A K (till 18:30)
18:30	Sten Bülow Bredsted (Institute for Ædelmetal/København) "Action
Jewelry: High Speed jewelry making with heavy tools and any available
19:15	Traude Linhardt (Artist, Munich): "Motion-Field"
20:00	Matze Schmidt/Sascha Pogacar (Berlin, Kassel): "Jam: Media Space -
Games Intervals+Connex I/O+"RADIO"
20:30	Werner Wehnert (Munich) - "Moving Spaces / Film Material"
21:30	open playground:
organic-anorganic/organic-organic/anorganic-anorganic interactivity
(fireplace, music, drinks; open end)

Sunday, March 11th, 2001

11:00	 Norbert Leudemann (Art Historian, Munich Institute of Integrated
Studies):    "The Discovery of the Chessboard"
11:30	Jürgen Backhaus (Professor of Economics, University of Erfurt):
"Courbet…L´Origine du Monde"
12:30	Collecting Leftovers Exhibition
13:00	Round Table: Is there fortune in ARTS&Games?

Permanent Installations and Actions:

Yvette Bredsted (Institute for Ædelmetal/ København), "Identification
Badges. - For participants and for those who want to get a sunburn"
Petra Grünig (Artist, Hamburg - New York) "Transparent People"
Mia Rævenstrøm/Simon Sparwasser (Artists, HU-Berlin cultural studies)
"Spielfeld Implosion - Transversive Installation"
M.V.Stein (Artist, Dresden/Berlin), "Electronic Fireplace"


Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 21:33:30 +0100
From: matze.schmidt {AT} n0name.de
Subject: Legenden der Telematik Die Biene Maja 82.

Hier werden (fast) alle Legenden der modernen Telematik nachvollzogen:  
Die Konnotationen dieser Folge reichen von der durch die antizipierte
Katastrophe ausgeloeste Motivation fuer den Bau eines vernetzten
Fernkommunikationsapparats zur Aufrechterhaltung der Befehlsablaeufe,
ueber die dabei nicht einkalkulierte, disfunktionalisierende persoenliche
Nutzung desselben, der massenmedialen Nachfrage und der daraus
resultierenden informationellen Redundanz bis zum schlieszlichen
Zusammenbruch durch exogene und endogene Einfluesse und der daraus
folgenden technischen Novation (das Rohr koennte ja auch unterirdisch

Die Biene Maja 
82. Das Alexandrophon

Freitag 09. Maerz
        Die Biene Maja 
        Folge 82 (Wh.)

104-teil. japanische Zeichentrickserie

Eines Tages wird nach starken Regenfaellen die Wiese ueberschwemmt, und
ihre Bewohner koennen sich gerade noch retten, weil es Puck gelingt, alle
rechtzeitig zu warnen. Das bringt Alexander auf eine Idee. Er laesst
Schilfrohre ueber die ganze Wiese verlegen, so dass, wenn man an einem
Ende in ein Rohr hineinspricht, man in großer Entfernung am anderen Ende
hoeren kann, was gesagt wird. Alexander nennt seine Erfindung stolz das
Alexandrophon. Die Wiesenbewohner sind von dieser neuen Einrichtung


Offline Tage
- ---[:---
im Raum Boxhagener Str. 86
Start Mi., 14. Maerz 2001, 19:30 Uhr
offlinedays {AT} n0name.de


Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 11:45:33 -0000
From: "Katasonix" <data {AT} katasonix.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Hyperdub Speed Tribe  {AT}  ICA, London March 30th

www.hyperdub.com presents

 {AT}  The ICA, the mall, London

7pm - 1am

South London's infamous Hyperdub Kru bring you their first club event at the

Sonix on the night drift between London, Detroit and Kingston, plotting a
course through underground garage, drum'n'bass, abstract soul & hyperdub.

The night showcases the afrofuturist cinema classic 'The Last Angel of
History' (Black Audio Film Collective), live sonix from an unameable
member of the Generation 4 Sound System (Child Genius Recordings) and
concept bombing from the Ccru vs. Kodwo Eshun.

DJ Rumblism from. . .
In the main room:
Generation 4

In the bar:
Kodwo Eshun
Jade Soulform
Dirty Sanchez
Spice Lee

For more details contact steve {AT} hyperdub.com


Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 15:19:08 -0500
From: "ricardo dominguez" <rdom {AT} thing.net>



>From the 15th until the 17th of March, the tyrannies of globalisation
will partecipate to the third Global Forum about e-government in Naples.
At the same time thousands of peoples will fill the roads and the squares
of the city to protest against this international summit. The sense and
the goals of the counter-Global Forum are the same that characterised the
mobilizations of Seattle, Melbourne, Prague, Nice, Davos, and that we will
find another time in Genova. In Naples, as well as in the other occasions,
we want to contrast the neoliberalist globalisation with the globalisation
of the rights and of the social movements.



by http://www.noglobal.org/blocchia.htm


Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 18:22:16 +1100
From: "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>
Subject: next cAiiA-STAR conference in Turin, March 28/29

From: "roy ascott" <roy_ascott {AT} compuserve.com>
Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2001 1:49 AM
Subject: e-naissance

Our next public conference will be in Turin, Italy, 28/29 March 2001
Further information at:
 Professor Roy Ascott
Tri-band: +44 (0)7967 148719



Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 13:03:27 +0100
From: "Ruine der Kuenste Berlin" <ruine-kuenste.berlin {AT} snafu.de>
Subject: new net.art.pieces by WOLF KAHLEN

presents for your pleasure, use or link activities:
New Internet pieces by WOLF KAHLEN

Perdone, Cervantes

Sorry, Mister Joyce

Verzeihung, Herr von Goethe


In this sound triptych in Spanish, English or German language, classical =
literatures,  which you know for sure, fall apart, like so many things =
today, if you are not sensitive or patient enough to receive them rather =
than act on them. But here you have the chance to re-de-compose them, =
acoustically. Or make your own versions by use of the words of the =
poets. As we anyhow may do in our mind, mindful or absent minded, when =
reading the original texts in a book, the Gutenberg way.

Enlightenment 2=20


What is called enlightenment is an ephemerous phenomenum, everybody, who =
knows it or of it, admits, it's like a blank, vast, open space in your =
mind, giving room for anything and nothing at the same time, like these =
empty pages.

Enlightenment 1


A virtual enlightenment flashes up, impossible to grasp or fix, in =
sensous time. =20

 Infinite piece, changing by every user, in the web since Jan 7th, 2000

Selbst-los /Self-less


Net artist WOLF KAHLEN is dissolving pixel by pixel, user by user in the =
net. On a first page. On the second you see and hear your personal =
pixel, the one, you activated to disappear, solely on the empty page. =
And on the third page you see all the 'lost' pixels arriving back and =
shaping a new WOLF KAHLEN. Look, hear and have the triptych printed out, =
signed and numbered, the way you, only you see the process taking shape, =
nobody else has seen this moment of the RITUAL DEATH.

An exiting piece and a very conceptual one, media concerned and at the =
same time offering the sensuality the net is missing mostly..=20

The RUINE DER KUENSTE BERLIN presents it to collectors as a present, =
which WOLF KAHLEN donated at his 60th birthday. The URL for the piece is =

More about us: http://home.snafu.de/ruine-kuenste.berlin

More to come, stay tuned.


Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 16:23:40 -0500
From: Tina LaPorta <laporta.interport {AT} rcn.com>
Subject: || | || distance.portal || | ||

|| | || distance.portal || | ||

| new net.works |

dystopia (world wide web remix) 2001
( 56k+ )

Re:mote_corp {AT} REALities (world wide web mix), 2001

the conceptual focus of this work explores the impact the internet has on
expressions of identity.

simulating the experience of on-line video chat, this work combines
sequenced screen images from cu-see me reflector sites, text from
real-time chat sessions with sound clips of new york city internet
artists&theorists reflecting on net-based communication. the work as a
whole has the combined effect of functioning like an extended,
self-reflexive conversation taking place in both real and delayed time,
amongst geographically dispersed participants mediated by the surface of
their computer screens.

Re:mote_corp {AT} REALities is part of an an on-going exploration regarding
on-line communication in an era obsessed with technology.

Artists voices:
ricardo dominguez, joy garnett, robbin murphy, christine nadir, cary 
peppermint, stacy pershall, m. river, shelly silver, cristine wang, 
t. whid

| classic distance.net.works |


distance in real-time (remix)

distance in real-time : eye 2 the ear remix

no access 2 the R E A L

kitchen net.performance + cybersex  {AT}  warhol hijak doc.website coming soon!

- -- 

Tina LaPorta
mailto:laporta {AT} interport.net
ICQ 64314682

|| | || distance.portal || | ||

:::net.works + avatars:::



Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 16:00:29 +0100
From: "paraschiv.c" <paras.c {AT} infonie.fr>
Subject: <aucun objet>

Communique de presse

Apr=E8s les performances: cycle =B3Le noir est la couleur du langage=B2
commenc=E9s en 1990 ( par r=E9f=E9rence =E0 la tonalit=E9 dominante de
l=B9encre d=B9imprimerie) 1999 symposium de sculpture Translatie / Pologne
- Paraschiv s=B9est fait ensevelir sous de charbon (24 minutes) 1999
symposium de sculpture Translatie / Pologne =B3Je me lave les mains=B2
Paraschiv lave les mains de ses deux ensevelisseuses et du publique ( 15
minutes) 2000 Galerie A l=B9Enseigne des Oudin ,Paris / Paraschiv
confronte cette foi= s son corps =E0 du plomb (26 minutes)


Depuis 1995, j'ai comme projet la performance "la peau , le corps" Toute
la surface du corps sera scann=E9e. Chaque carr=E9 de 18 x 18 cm, par
juxtaposition, r=E9actualisera l'=E9pure du corps. Chaque morceau sera
num=E9rot=E9 et pr=E9par=E9 dans le but d'=EAtre imprim=E9 sur une peau
synth=E9tique r=E9alis=E9e en laboratoire. Cette peau sera r=E9aliser =E0
partir d'un petit morceau, pr=E9lev=E9 sur l'artiste= ! Cette peau sera
r=E9alis=E9e =E0 partir des cellules, pr=E9lev=E9es sur l'artiste! La peau
"artificielle" va contenir l'information unique et particuli=E8re de
l'A.D.N.! La performance sera diffus=E9e sur internet .
(http://perso.infonie.fr/paras.c/) Le 24 d=E9cembre 2000, date
anniversaire de l'artiste, le debout de l'action. Tous les 3 jour, un
nouveau morceau scann=E9 sera ajout=E9 sur le site en parall=E8le avec la
culture in vitro de la peau de l'artiste. Un livre en 30 exemplaire, sera
=E9dit=E9 par les =C9ditions Paraschiv. Chaque image, imprim=E9e a
l'=E9chelle r=E9elle, sera num=E9rot=E9e et sign=E9e par l'artiste. Un
texte en fran=E7ais et anglais accompagnera le livre. Un livre objet,
unique, sera =E9diter, avec les images scann=E9es et imprim=E9es sur la
peau de laboratoire, qui contiendra l'A.D.N de l'artiste!( sponsor
L=B9OREAL FRANCE) Toutes les r=E9actions, commentaires ou opinions
livr=E9es sur internet, seront =E9dit=E9s sur un livre compl=E9ment.

Paraschiv et les =E9ditions Paraschiv; en permanence chez A l=B9Enseigne
des Oudin/ Galerie et librairie d=B9art/ 58 Rue Quincampoix Pari= s
75004=20 / t=E9l


Communicate of press After the performances: cycle " the black is the
color of the language " started in 1990 (by reference to the dominant dial
tone of the printing ink= ) - -1999 symposium of sculpture Translatie /
Poland - Paraschiv was made bury under coal (24 minutes) - -1999 symposium
of sculpture Translatie / Poland " I wash myself the hands = " Paraschiv
washes the hands of its two ensevelisseuses and from public (15 minutes) -
-2000 Gallery A l=B9Enseigne des Oudin, Paris / Paraschiv confronts this
time its body with lead (26 minutes)

" the SKIN / the BODY "
http://perso.infonie.fr/paras.c /
Since 1995, I have like project the performance " the skin, the body "
All the surface of the body will be scanner.
Each square of 18 X 18 cm, by juxtaposition, D will bring up to date the
diagram of the body.
Each piece will be to number and prepare to be printed on skin of
This skin will be to realize starting from a small piece, taken on the
The " artificial " skin will contain the single and particular information
of the D.N.A.. of the artist!
The performance will be to diffuse on Internet.
(http://perso.infonie.fr/paras.c /)
on December 24 2000, date anniversary of the artist, upright of the action.
Each 3 day, a new scann=E9 piece will be to add on the site in parallel with
the in vitro culture of the skin of the artist.
A book in 30 specimen, will be to publish by the Paraschiv Editions.
Each image, printed A the real scale, will be to number and sign by the
A text in French and English will accompany the book.
A book object, single, will be to publish, with the images scann=E9es and
printed on the skin of laboratory, which will contain the D.N.A. of the
artist! ( sponsor L=B9OREAL FRANCE)
All the reactions, comments or opinions delivered on Internet, will be to
publish on a book complement.
Paraschiv and the Paraschiv editions; permanently at A l=B9Enseigne des Oudin
/ Gallery and art bookshop / 58 Rue Quincampoix Paris 75004 /


Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 17:21:05 -0500 (EST)
From: "Teri Harrison" <harrit {AT} rpi.edu>
Subject: call for papers -- Digital Divide

                            CALL FOR PAPERS
             EJC/REC: Electronic Journal of Communication/
                 La Revue Electronique de Communication

            A Digital Divide? Facts, Explanations, Policies

    Interested scholars are invited to submit manuscripts for a special
issue of Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue Electronique de
Communication (EJC/REC) that will focus on research and theory concerning
the so-called digital divide.  Presently, heated discussions are taking
place in America and Europe, in particular, about whether there is such a
digital divide or not.  And when it is deemed to exist, the next question
is whether it will close or widen in years to come. Most of this
discussion is politically charged.  Solid scientific research and analysis
are scarce.  In the meantime, official statistics are beginning to appear,
like those of the US Census Bureau, summarized in the NTIA's reports
Falling through the Net I, II, III, the Eurobarometer and United Nations
Development Reports.  However, research and analysis based on these
resources and other primarily descriptive statistics does not take into
consideration the multifaceted nature of access, the social, cultural, and
psychological causes for lack of access, the need for theory to explain
these problems and policy measures to address them, and the contributions
that a communicative or psychological perspective can provide.

    We invite manuscripts that address the digital divide and any of the
problems associated with understanding its nature, its origins, and its
potential solutions.  In particular, we welcome:

    * Empirical studies related to the existence of a digital divide
(clearly defined) among one or more of the categories of income,
education, occupation, age, sex, race and ethnicity.  Multivariate
analyses are preferred.

    * Summary statistics and other concise descriptions of distributions
of computers, networks, skills and uses around the world, including
Northern America, European Union, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia and the
Third World.

    * Explanations of (in)equalities based on longitudinal data and/or
multivariate models, new conceptual distinctions, and/or theories of
(in)equality in the information and network society.

    * Studies highlighting problems of attitudes towards digital
technology, digital skills, usage styles and actual usage in different
social contexts, with special attention to the social categories mentioned

    * Studies supporting or refuting popular claims about digital
technology and its opportunities to solve inequalities.  For example, has
digital technology enabled higher rates of political participation in
general or has it benefited the existing political elite and already
politically active with yet another instrument to increase their

    * Descriptions and analyses of concrete policy measures pursued by
governments, corporations, union-, consumer- and user groups and civic

    Manuscripts should be prepared following guidelines of the American
Psychological Association (4th ed.).  Authors should be careful to remove
all personal references from the manuscript to allow for blind review.  
Manuscripts must be submitted electronically.  After acceptance both a
hard copy and an electronic copy will be required.  Deadline for the
receipt of manuscripts is July 31, 2001.

    Notification of (non)acceptance within 5 weeks (receipts in June and
July 2 weeks longer).

Authors should submit manuscripts to the Guest Editor:

J.vanDijk {AT} wmw.utwente.nl

Prof. Dr. Jan A.G.M. van Dijk
University of Twente
Department of Communication
Chair: Sociology of the Information Society

Post Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede

    Contributions will be reviewed by the editorial board of this special
issue:  Jan A.G.M. van Dijk, University of Twente NL, Kenneth Hacker,
State University of New Mexico, Joe Straubhaar, University of Texas,
Austin and a fourth communication researcher from a third world country,
to be confirmed.

    The Electronic Journal of Communication/La revue electronique de
communication, one of the first five electronic refereed scholarly
journals ever created, has been in continuous publication since 1990. For
more information, see http://www.cios.org/www/ejcrec2.htm.

      Please forward this announcement to interested individuals.

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