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<nettime> Viridian Note 00230: Greening Earth Redux

Key concepts: Greening Earth Society, EPA, Christie Todd 
Whitman, bp, black spin, greenwashing 

Attention Conservation Notice: It's about evil spin-
doctors, big corporations, and Republican bureaucrats.

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(((Viridian readers often ask me why I seem to be so 
kindhearted and indulgent about the "bp" enterprise.  
After all, "bp" (formerly British Petroleum) is 
unquestionably a huge, multinational, ultra-capitalist, 
oil and gas company, so the standard Green response would 
be to insist that they pepper-gas us.  Greenpeace in 
particular has made a minor career out of harassing bp in 
courts and the media, so I often receive plaintive email 
from Greenpeace fans, wondering how come I admire that bp 
logo so much, and why I haven't cottoned-on that bp is a 
greenwashing menace to be culture-jammed at all costs.

(((Here's the story.  Greenpeace is  not where I get my 
news about bp.  Nope, not at all.  Being a Viridian, I get 
my news from a source we can *trust*:  *Greening Earth 
Society*.  That's right: I  always read the rhetoric from 
the *other side.*   

(((You see, Greenpeace can't be entirely trusted, because 
(despite their goofy organizational practices and their 
chronic underfunding) they are sometimes accidentally 
right about some major issues.  Greening Earth Society, by 
stark contrast, is infallibly wrong.  Always.  Faithfully!  
When it comes to navigating environmental controversy, 
Greening Earth Society is like a compass that always 
points south.  

(((Not only are they wrong, but they're actively evil.  
And most directly to the point, Greening Earth Society 
hates and fears bp. Greening Earth Society never even 
bothers to notice sweet little Greenpeace.

(((The hard work of Greening Earth is about three things, 
(1) rightwing fundraising for coal interests  (2) 
logjamming Kyoto and the US Senate, and (3) culture war on 
climate science and scientists.  So their enemy is 
necessarily bp, because bp are (1) British and sold all 
their coal interests; (2) more or less pro-Kyoto and (3) 
bp can read a thermometer and is therefore scientifically 
literate.   BP used to be on the polluters' side, but bp 
have become class traitors. BP has done these clowns more 
damage in two years than Greenpeace has done in thirty. BP 
has damaged their morale and their fundraising prospects, 
and that's damage that Greening Earth takes very 
seriously. That's why I take bp seriously, while I am 
inclined to let Greenpeace be Greenpeace.

(((If you're a fan of Greening Earth, the latest news is 
great.  They are paranoically surrounded by these class 
traitors.  New EPA administrator Christie Todd Whitman 
recently publicly admitted that global warming exists. 
Quelle horreur!   Most Greens presumably think Christie's 
kidding, and that this is some diabolical Republican 
prologue to arresting Ralph Nader.  But Greening Earth 
(quoting their staunch friends and supporters at the 
incredibly evil think very 
much otherwise. Greening Earth's people think they got 
stiffed.   They raised and spent all that campaign money 
for *this*?)))

Source: Greening Earth Society, Feb 28, 02001

"From: "Chris Paynter" <>
"Subject: Christine Todd Browner? 

"You might want to pull your Kyoto Protocol battle helmets 
out of the closet."


"Christine Todd Browner? == Carol M. Browner's reign as 
Queen of the EPA was terminated by the election of George 
W. Bush. Apparently, though, Browner can now channel 
herself through new EPA Queen, Christine Todd Whitman.

"In response to yesterday's disappointing Supreme Court 
decision on the air quality rules that Browner imposed on 
us, Whitman called the decision, 'a solid endorsement of 
EPA's efforts to protect the health of millions of 
Americans from the dangers of air pollution.'

"Adding insult to injury, Whitman commented after an 
appearance before a Senate committee, 'There's no question 
but that global warming is a real phenomenon, that it is 
occurring... And while scientists can't predict where the 
droughts will occur, where the flooding will occur 
precisely or when, we know those things will occur.'  
(((So you might want to strap on your life-vest *as well* 
as your Kyoto battle helmet.)))

"Whitman also said the Bush administration is considering 
imposing limits on carbon dioxide emissions from the 
nation's power plants.

"These pronouncements are amazing considering her lack of 
expertise on the environment. (((Those boys at 
"junkscience" always amaze really easily.)))  When asked 
for her thoughts on global warming several months ago, 
Whitman responded,  'Still somewhat uncertain. Clearly 
there's a hole in the ozone, that has been identified. But 
I saw a study the other day that showed that it was 
closing. It's not as clear, the cause and effect, as we 
would like it to be.' (...)

"Though it's not too late for Christie to exorcise the 
demon spirit of Carol Browner, don't hold your breath.

"Even if Christine Todd Browner nee Whitman knew right 
from wrong on the environment, she likely wouldn't have 
the political courage to do the right thing.  (((Maybe.  
Ask yourself what you would do if you were an ambitious 
politician like Christie Todd Whitman, your Cabinet post 
at the environment was your only bailiwick in the current 
power structure, and your boss was a guy like George W. 

"The environment is a throw-away issue for most 
Republicans. They're typically unwilling to spend their 
limited political capital to fight eco-political 
correctness."  ((("Junkscience" spends a lot of time 
chiding the Republican faithful because they can't imagine 
that anyone else is reading them.)))

(((And check out these helpful links, courtesy of Greening 

EPA Mulls Limits for Power Plant Emissions
Environmentalists Laud White House Effort on Pollution

Global-warming reports put hot issue on front burner for 

Whitman Considers Global Warming
"If this link doesn't work when you click on it, copy and 
paste into your browser's address."  (((Thanks for the 
surfing tip, Chris!)))

Warnings on global warming
CHANGES: Climate expert tells legislators of the dangers 
melting permafrost poses to the pipeline.,2633,243326,00.html

Global warning on climate (2)

CEI Disappointed in Supreme Court's Clean Air Act Decision
Legal Hurdles to EPA's Rules Removed, But Scientific 
Questions Remain

Chris Paynter
Greening Earth Society
4301 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 805
Arlington, VA  22203-4193

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