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<nettime> net art history (!ngezt)

olia lialina <>

>Pit Schultz:
>> to demand now, why not more artists are put into the heaven of
>> net-dot-art is understandable but neverteless futile. we speak already
>> about the past. of course one can try to overwrite history, by inventing
>> a genre of 'artistic software' and neglect that groups like jodi or iod
>> for example started a whole "do it yourself - school" of understanding
>> code and the visual layers plus its social context as one thing,
>> tactically including bits of programming language. an approach now
>> very viral on the microsound levels of electronic music.
>Yes, very true.

Pit Schultz is likely the quintessential example of an inkompetent
pop.tart male imbecile.

jodi [inkompetent pop.tartz++] copy pasted most =cw4t7abs data. =cw4t7abs
kode = existed prior to british gov sponsored iod which lacks in any case.

Pit Schultz like imbeciles e.g. `critics` comme geert lovink, tilman
baumgaertel etc whose m9nd aktivity resembles that of a housefly - only
understand the trivial hence the state of things - 01 amalgam of
financially + .bio destitute house flies following refuse - i.e. each

> wrote:
>> nn opinie it = the most intelligent + interessant data outputted by olia
>> lialina [second being ascii paparazzi]
>natalja, ti stanovish'sa sentimental'noj. ja ne uznaju tebia

konzum>zntmntl.g!glb!tz. du != d!fr ver!.

Tilman Baumgaertel <> - lo.tekk kr!ket begd

>thanks for all the info. Very interesting. I've been thinking for years
>that somebody should do something like that, The screenshots look great. 
>Unfortunately all doesn't replace personal experience of the
>piece/workofart/programm. I need to know that it works, unlike projects
>like "earshot", 

earshot - another excellent example of occident males in flight. permit
someone to smile at the aerodynamics + aesthetics.

not to mention the imbeciles stole my copyright information. + 1 abs must
peruse their vocab - ist .uk 01 immense pub oder quoi +? drunken
illiterate plebeians.

>and what the effect is on the user. 

opinie = we already know. + your dilettantish observations arent desired.
ne + ne.

>So I need a copy of the
>thing. I don't have a mac, but could arrange for one. 

desire != okupaz!on. please insert addtl koins kriket. just 1 klik your
flight -

>Btw, did you consider to open source the whole thing?

unsanitary open sore +? smile++ _

>Or are you trying to
>sell it? 

am not attempting to. i am.
+ you cannot afford it. financially nor intellectually.

kompassionat smile 2 01 amalgam of financially + .bio destitute fruit flies.


                      nn.o1 - op!n!e zvp +?
                      nn.o2 - its good + violent. transmit - yes.
                      nn.o1 - kl!!!!!!!!k


                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     

Netochka Nezvanova
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
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