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re: <nettime> net art history

Olia Lialiana's comments about interviews seem really off the mark to me. Do
interviews dominate critics' output? I don't think so, certainly not based
on the huge pile of anthologies about online and digital art that are piled
up in my office.  Personally, I do both and think there's a place for both.
But it's ironic hearing that  there are too many interviews, after decades
of artists complaining they never get to put their views forth in a direct

You should also bear in mind, Olia, that there's not that much of a market
out there for criticism remunerative enough that it helps pay the bills.
Interviews are far less labor-intensive, and often research for later, more
in-depth responses. So it's not an either/or situation. More often it's
publishing an interview or nothing at all.

Robert Atkis 

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