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 [if memory is correct, Foucault stated in 'the Archaeology of
 Knowledge' that his use of archaeology was not literal, and
 'archive' was not intended to mean an archaeological archive.
 though this metaphor, when literalized, does provide meaningful
 comparisons in the practical and pragmatic applications of
 digital info archives, especially those of common both to the
 internet as archive and to archaeologists whom use digital
 data and need to re-use it. thus, the online book below
 could be read as substance to this mis-representation of the
 author's intentions, and a way to understand archival issues
 by those whom deal with it in both electronic- and dirt-space].

Digital Archives from Excavation and Fieldwork: Guide to Good Practice

Second Edition  ISSN 1463-5194

edited by Julian Richards and Damian Robinson

with additional contributions by
Tony Austin, Adrian Brown, Duncan Brown, Geraint Coles, David Dawson, Anne
Dodd, Kate Fernie, Julie Gardiner, William Kilbride, Gary Lock, Christine
Longworth, Nick Merriman, Paul Miller, Diana Murray, Jez Reeve and Alicia


Section 1: Aims and objectives
1.1    Digital archives from archaeological excavation and fieldwork
1.2    Background
1.3    Resource discovery and re-use
1.4    Other guides in this series

Section 2: The essentials of good digital archiving practice
2.1 What is digital archiving?
2.2 Planning for the collection or creation of digital datasets
2.3 Digital archiving strategies
2.4 Formatting material for digital archiving

Section 3: Levels of digital archiving
3.1 The principles of archiving excavation and fieldwork digital data
3.2 Data in digital archives

Section 4: Documenting the digital archive
4.1 Introduction
4.2    Documentation of project background, methodology and results
4.3 Documenting file types and formats

Section 5: Depositing digital archives
5.1    Standards and guidelines for depositing digital archives in
5.2    Archiving requirements in project designs or specifications
5.3    Repositories for archaeological digital archives
5.4    Depositing data with the ADS

Section 6: Copyright and reuse
6.1    General copyright considerations
6.2 The rights management framework of the AHDS

Section 7: Implementing these guidelines
7.1 Recommendations for archive curators, funding agencies and standards
7.2 Recommendations for archive creators (e.g. contractors, university and
local society projects)
7.3    Recommendations for archive collecting agencies

Section 8: Summary of objectives and principles
8.1    Objectives for digital archives in archaeology
8.2    The principles of archiving excavation and fieldwork digital data


Sources for further information


Appendix 1: Documenting digital archives: a case study

Appendix 2: ADS Deposit Licence

Appendix 3: AHDS Common Access Agreement

Appendix 4: Data documentation and content standards in Archaeology

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