Bill Spornitz on 22 Feb 2001 23:06:30 -0000

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<nettime> this might be of interest to someone

Thanks to elvira for this one


>  Most (if not all) Wal-Marts now use Motorola handhelds for in-store
>  communication. These use the interant frequencies of 151.625, 154.570, or
>  154.600. I have also noticed that not all employees have access to the
>  handhelds; only certain "higher level" types. I came to this conclusion
>  after spending an extensive amount of time sitting in the parking lot of
>  various Wal-Marts and listening to their communications. Gossiping about
>  customers and other employees (presumably the ones without "ears") is
>  quite  common.
>  Anyway, here's what you do: first, monitor from the parking lot with your
>  own scanner and determine which frequency is in use at that particular
>  store. Then, go back to the Automotive department. Look at the car stereo
>  display. Along with all the tuners, speakers, CD players, and cassette
>  decks, you'll also find one or two mobile scanners mounted in the rack and
>  operating (usually the cheap Bearcat 16-channel model, and sometimes also
>  a  Beartracker will be there) Make sure the scanner is hooked up and
>  operating,  and then punch in the store's frequency. Set the scanner on 
>  "manual" so that it stays on that channel (or, even better, program it 
>  into all 16 channels!)
>  Set the squelch and then turn the volume up full-blast. Now, get away quick
>  and wait for the radio to go off. Watch the look of astonishment on Wally
>  Salesdroid when he/she realizes that it's his manager/department head/etc.
>  that is blasting from the speakers! Especially effective if Wally isn't one
>  of the "privileged" few that has been issued a Motorola!
>  other fun tricks:

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