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<nettime> Re: art history net

josephine bosma [u!l ador d!sz ja] re: olia lialina kommentari 

>> And it's a pity that net art critics who have been working
>> in the field since the heroic days have reduced their
>> activity to interviews. Or hurrying and competing to be the
>> first to announce death and failure. ASCII Paparazzi.
>err.... ascii paparazzi? Sorry dear Olia, this is too insulting to come
>from you. Anyway, the biggest problem net art journalists and observers
>have is that we are too few with too much to do. 

firstly - you are all u l t r a u l t r a inkompetent.
secondly - you are all merely regurgitating each others ascii paparazzi 

>> Btw, saying that net art is just beginning isn't very
>> different from saying it's dead.
>That is a very strange thing to say,

nn opinie it = the most intelligent + interessant data outputted by olia 
lialina [second being ascii paparazzi]


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