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/*  hi nn:

| where is madness in art +?
| + certainly must ask - where is madness in all this +?

/*  my guess is that it is in the architecture of the language,
/*  in the way it is designed. i keep thinking of computer
/*  processors and their logic gates as representative for
/*  how ideas/thoughts are processed. everything coming down
/*  to numbers, ultimately, in the flow, but also the design
/*  of the processor (and its machine language and chipset
/*  architecture) itself determining the outcome of the
/*  answers. this, in comparison to beowulf clusters and
/*  co-processing, and even moreso, quantum computing where
/*  ideas can be paradoxical and still computation can take
/*  place, instead of linear (answer1 + answer2 = solution3 ).
/*  the Grand Narrative, while supposedly vanished/vanquished,
/*  is in the very chipset of the cybernetic human-computer
/*  processing of information into knowledge. processors can
/*  not process paradox and contradictory situations, it has
/*  to be black and white, no gray, no color, no spectrum of
/*  possibility. right or wrong. true or false. or nothing.
/*  in this processing, and its architecture of language,
/*  especially with those who are in the rapture of madness,
/*  Loops appear everywhere. loops in thinking, ideas, in
/*  actions, repeating themselves, time and space suspended
/*  in a looped scenario. it is language and ideas and the
/*  thoughts, as much as it is of people and psychology and
/*  philosophy. my loops are probably well enough known, so
/*  i will use a different loop as an example...

| this - a l l this. = but 01 ch!!!!!!p. uneventful
| korporat fascist gullibloon zpektakle.

 char korporat_fascist

/*  this word repeats itself as an identifier in many of
/*  your posts. some event triggers it, and the message
/*  gets sent, identifying the language in this regard.
/*  i consider this a loop (not a judgement of the idea)
/*  and wonder if language could be coded so as to find
/*  the logic of this loop. here's one attempt...

 if (korporat_fascist == person)
     korporat_fascist = power? + authority? + domination?

     korporat_fascist =/= person

/* all of the variables? above would need to be determined.
/* but i wonder if there is a way to code 'what is a
/* korporat_fascist' so that there is a way out of the
/* looping of the language code. what defines a person
/* or an idea as a korporat_fascist will enable the
/* loop to be coded and an entry-exit for the idea,
/* a solution. that is, if it is not paradoxical. if
/* it is paradoxical, then it will be impossible to
/* truthfully define one thing as wholly korporat_fascist
/* if it is indeed not, and the complexity of the idea
/* may need to be reevaluated in this regard. my guess
/* is that language, not people, could be parsed in this
/* regard, by the variables that define the loop, and
/* a coding-experiment could reveal which path(s) will
/* release the language games from the looping function.

|| everything is privatized. even democratic
|| thought.
| + my body. dont touch dze d!zpla!z.
 body = (private + public) body

 mind = (private + public) mind

 body + mind = identity

                        private body            public body

    private mind      1 private mind          2 private mind
                        private body            public body
    public mind       3 public mind           4 public mind
                        private body            public body

 language = identity (i, me, my, we, us, our)

 if "i" = 1,2  then "i" = "private i"

 if "we" = 1,2 then "we" = private we"

 if "we" + "i" = 1, then =/= 3,4

/* purist approach to the private, which is not by
/* itself a problem, but when the private is posited
/* as the public, through governance or speech, meant
/* to represent the whole, beyond "i" as a private
/* individual, then conditions 2,3,4 must be somehow
/* included. likewise, using a total public mind and
/* body could have equally negative effects as can
/* the private, with regard to human rights and the
/* state of affairs amongst peoples.

 public body + private mind
 state representation today

 private body + public mind
 online citizen representation

|| it is by default. it is a trap.
| your body +?

 + language/words

/* anything externalized is privatized. it is auto-
/* matically so, for language and identity (mind +
/* body) have been inherited for many in this way.

 if (we cannot communicate our way out of this condition)

 then (we need to code/program our way out)

 code/program = coding/programming language/words, as
                source, with bugs, to be compiled for
                various machines, more like Java than
                C++, compile once, run on many machines.

/* how can language/communicating be coded more like Java
/* than like C++? or is this even desirable? does it have
/* anything to do with how it is coded, or does it have
/* to do with the technical infrastructure of the chips,
/* the logic boards in our brains by which we process
/* these bits of information. how many 'read' (and then
/* write) to a long piece of nettime code? the code, the
/* millions of lines, are full of bugs. and only more
/* code is added. instead of simplifying the procedures,
/* breaking them down into modules that can be reused
/* and are open for redevelopment by others, instead of
/* proprietary (private) ideas and...

/* what is the difference between patenting an idea
/* and copyrighting an idea? can an idea not be a
/* technical invention/innovation? (not with regard
/* to money or royalties, but to attributing the source
/* of the idea, while still being able to work with the
/* idea, rather than the moat and castle effect of the
/* copyright law in relation to interrogating ideas...)

> the best thing is not being born. being nothing.
> the next best thing is ________....

 if ((energy cannot be created and destroyed)
    entropy redistributed energy))
 then (birth + death = transition between
 being and no-thing-ness)

> what is the dream   the dream that feels   that
> fleshes out emotion  turns the transcendental into
> tangible and visceral     vibrant even perhaps   or
> soft    soft too a means (though subtler) towards
> touch    a dream of or to touch   as if touching were
> the way    the only way   to maintain a space reality
> to capture particle of time    or, more clearly, a
> dreamlike conception of the abstract of time
> flowing empty to full (if you can make that
> distinction) and full to empty
> light and lightness   hence communion of flow

/* minds touch, dreams touch
/* times touch, lives touch
/* ideas touch, feelings touch
/* mystery and emotion, felt
/* pain, burden, misery, yet love
/* all those dead, memories to revisit
/* for those falling daily into graves
/* flower-filled and moist soil, an
/* illusion as worms eat at the body
/* the life of thought-feeling freed
/* reuniting every-thing and no-thing

- the spreading web like rhythm we towards inch with
- each impression yes +?

/* the thought-feeling, a pulse, dying
/* fight to keep alive, keep believing
/* cynics and skeptics and pundits prevail
/* babel and babelfish for expert solutions
/* noise, no sound, no music, no energy
/* sparks of hope, ignite mind, lightning storm
/* skies shine with rain, seeding dreams
/* push forward, embattled, under fire
/* push far enough ahead
/* so we can finally afford to die

 one_order = one_order + many_orders

/* bc

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