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Re: <nettime> Re: net art history

>we in 'vns matrix' (cyberfeminist artist group) were making interactive
>artworks and text based performances on the internet pre web days.... as
>i was recently at an event where some of these artists were calling
>themselves 'the fathers of'
>....i guess the 'father's of' doesn't sound quite as sexy, but i
>think you art historians should maybe point out the difference in your
>texts as you assign male authorship in your art discourses as you have
>throughout history.

yes, same canon making pattern.

but vns matrix is a big impressive mama of not soon to be
forgotten I hope.

and about the offspring of net.artists--the

watching this thread it seemed to focus on writing history based
on the authors/artists, their relations to institutions, resistance or
compliance, avant-garde maneuvers, individual personalities, interviews...

i would like to see histories of take into consideration the
oppositions within the art itself, differentiations and tendencies within
what is not a unified field, ways that proposed new ways and
means, how it adapted strategies from past offline art (josephine berry
made some correlations between mail art and conceptual art, etc.) also i
would like to see histories of look at strategies shares
outside the art world with digital folk art and other forms of networked
authorship like software, writing, music making, gaming, online otaku,

we made a taxonomy back in 97 (seems long in the web time) when i was a
grad student at cadre. we would voluntarilly meet every week as part of
Switch and search around. it was a collective
effort to map tendencies of what was not yet so fixedly labeled
people involved were Lisa Jevbratt,(1:1), Jan Ekenberg, Ben Eakins, Geri
Wittig(C5), Brett Stalbaum, (EDT and other hacktivisms), and others. we
made icons for each category and for many later switch issues Brett posted link collections with these icons attached.

our taxonomy catagories back then were:

-Not Web Art (our response to what led to the term)










-Information Mapping

-Web Event


Perhaps this may be useful to someone.


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